Ghislaine Maxwell Asks to Post $28.5M Bond to get out of MDC

Ghislaine Maxwell Asks to Post $28.5M Bond to get out of MDC

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The attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell filed a motion to free Ghislaine from Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) while she awaits trial. The living conditions in MDC are deplorable. Public defenders have filed a number of lawsuits against the Bureau of Prisons on behalf of inmates at MDC. Ghislaine’s attorneys have argued: “Ms. Maxwell has spent the entirety of her detention—now over five month in solitary confinement, under conditions that rival those used at USP Florence ADMAX (the supermax) to supervise the most dangerous inmates in the federal system and are tantamount to imprisonment as a defendant convicted of capital murder and incarcerated on death row.” The Unibomber, Terry Nichols, the Boston bomber, the World Trade Center bombers, and other terrorists are locked up in ADMAX. Maxwell filed prior motions in which she complained of excessive surveillance, excessive scanning and strip searching, deprivation of food, deprivation of sleep, deprivation of communication with family and friends, and compromised communication with legal counsel. Maxwell argued that MDC cannot control an outbreak of COVID19: “Within a two-day period from December 1 to December 3, 55 inmates tested positive, compared with 25 from March to December 1. As of the date of this filing, the BOP reports 80 inmates and staff with COVID.”

Maxwell’s lawyers argued that Madoff got released on a $10M bond while his case was pending. Madoff ended up getting a 150 year jail sentence. High powered Park Avenue lawyer Marc Dreier got released on a $10M bond while his case was pending. Dreier ended up getting sentenced to 20 years in 2009 for securities fraud and money laundering. According to the BOP inmate locator Dreier is currently either in the Brooklyn halfway house or on home confinement. Marc has 6 years left on his sentence. I never heard of someone getting 6 years of halfway house and home confinement. Even if Marc got two years off for good behavior, it still doesn’t seem to add up. Marc may have got released under the First Step Act or under compassionate release as he is 70 years old.

Maxwell has offered to pay her private security team to monitor her while she is on home confinement. One of her security guards will stay in her residence with her, which will be located in Brooklyn somewhere, while another guard will be posted at the door. Maxwell had her security team guarding her at her house in New Hampshire after Jeffrey Epstein was indicted. After Epstein got busted Maxwell was harassed by the media and feared for her life as she got numerous death threats. Her attorneys presented charts showing she got ten times more media coverage that Bill Cosby, El Chapo, and Harvey Weinstein. Maxwell’s lawyers argued the following: “She faced a deluge of threatening messages on social media in the days immediately following Epstein’s arrest. The hatred directed towards Ms. Maxwell in these posts is palpable and unsettling. Despite the fact that Ms. Maxwell was not charged, indeed not even mentioned, in the Epstein indictment, and had not been charged with any crimes, the authors referred to her as a ‘crazy, pedophile, pimp, bitch’ and a ‘subhuman c*nt,’ and called for her to ‘rot in jail.’”

Maxwell’s lawyers argued that they reached out to Federal prosecutors after Jeffrey Epstein’s indictment in order to determine whether Maxwell would be arrested. Federal prosecutors met with Maxwell’s attorneys and discussed the case over several months. Maxwell’s attorneys offered to self surrender Maxwell to the authorities. The Justice Department wasn’t interested in a boring self surrender. The Justice Department raided Maxwell’s New Hampshire home with helicopters and a team of fully armed FBI agents. Maxwell’s security team thought that the helicopters were reporters. They weren’t sure whether the guys in FBI jackets were members of the media dressed up in FBI jackets. They had set up a safe room for Maxwell inside the house in the event of such a confrontation with the media. Maxwell was told to go into the safe room and lock the door. Maxwell went into the room and wrapped her cell phone up in tinfoil. Maxwell feared that the media would track her phone. Maxwell’s attorneys argued that Maxwell is not a risk of flight as she never attempted to flee from the FBI. The Justice Department in prior motions argued that Maxwell tried to evade arrest.


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2 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell Asks to Post $28.5M Bond to get out of MDC

  1. Media reports are more interesting. Maxwell attorneys claim that she will not flee because she is attached to her American husband. But at the time of the arrest she said she was in the process of being divorced. Mysteriously the husbands name is not disclosed. On one hand he claims deep attachment but on the other hand refuses to be publicly associated with Maxwell. Go figure. Can you shed some light on this?

    1. According to the media, Maxwell was married to Scott Borgerson in 2016. At some point after the Espstein case blew up Maxwell moved out of her home with Borgerson and into a house in New Hamphire, probably in 2019 Borgerson also stepped down from his job as CEO at a hedge fund due to the publicity. I would guess Borgerson couldn’t handle all the pressure of being married to Maxwell, especially where it appears she would spend the rest of her life in jail, and she was being aggressively stalked by the media. Filing for divorce may have been very messy and very public. Their net worth is approximately $25 million, and it appears most of it was from Maxwell. Victim claims, government claims and attorneys fees can easily eat up most of that money. If he filed for divorce and they were only married for 3 years the judge would award most of the money to Maxwell, if all the money originated from Maxwell. Since she moved out in 2019 he is keeping whatever money he is earning now and not sharing it with his wife. Better to walk away from uncertain money in a costly and bitter divorce battle, which would probably mostly go to the attorneys, and possibly the victims as they will try to prove that the money originated with Maxwell, and move on with his life and distance himself from Maxwell. Maxwell may have some dirt on her husband, which may be the reason that he is helping her get out on bond. Maxwell cannot testify against her husband due to the rule of marital privilege, if not for marital privilege you would have to give your spouse Miranda warnings before he or she said anything potentially incriminating. If he objected to the bond request claiming that the assets were not hers to post, the media would attack him as it would look like he knew she was guilty and he didn’t do anything. Better to help her with the bond, if she wins or loses it won’t make a difference six months from now, nobody will remember her husband, he will be old news. If he objected there would be more drama with court filings and the disclosure of personal information. He clearly wants to avoid the media attention that comes with litigation.

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