Ghislaine Maxwell Hires Defense Attorney Mark S. Cohen

Ghislaine Maxwell Hires Defense Attorney Mark S. Cohen

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Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo femme fatale partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell just hired high powered Jewish New York white collar defense attorney Mark S. Cohen to represent her in the criminal case brought against her by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. The US Attorney’s Office put former FBI director James Comey’s daughter Maurene Comey and US Attorney Alison Moe in charge of the prosecution. The Justice Department wants jurors to see female faces prosecuting Ghislaine Maxwell. Comey only has five years of experience as an assistant US Attorney, but she has star power in New York City, being the daughter of the man who tried to bring down the Donald.

Ghislaine was transferred from a holding cell in New Hampshire to Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, also known as MDC. I knew many guys who spent time at MDC. I don’t know any female criminals who did time in the female wing of MDC. I assume the female wing is not any better than the male wing. I was told by a female prison guard at Otisville that female prisoners are more violent and unstable than male prisoners. Prison tends to bring out the worst in people. Ghislaine is not locked up at the same facility where Jeffrey Epstein took his own life, ie., Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan (MCC). MCC and MDC are both run down facilities where inmates don’t get much movement and rarely see the sunlight. Hell holes.

The US Attorneys Office filed a motion yesterday asking US District Judge Alison Nathan to “schedule an arraignment, initial appearance, and bail hearing in this matter for the afternoon of July 10, 2020.” The US attorney’s Office indicated in its letter that Ghislaine’s attorneys consented to the scheduling of the court proceeding on July 10th. The Court proceeding should be open to the public on line when Judge Nathan schedules the hearing.

Attorney Mark S. Cohen is a former US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Attorney Christian Everdell is a partner in Mark Cohen’s office and also filed an appearance on behalf of Ghislaine Maxwell. Everdell is a former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Two former US Attorneys may not be enough legal fire power for Ghislaine to defend herself against the power of the Justice Department. Ghislaine is going to need to hire additional high powered attorneys. She may want to put a few female faces on her wet dream team.

Ghislaine may want to consider putting Larry Noodles on the payroll as a prison consultant. I could write blogs about Ghislaine’s experiences in the women’s facility at MDC. Ghislaine may also wish to reach out to the Aleph Institute, a Jewish prisoner advocacy organization that supplies Jewish inmates with matzah on Passover, challah rolls on the Sabbath, kosher prison meals, and trips to the mikvah bath before major Jewish holidays. My prison experience at Otisville was far more meaningful and spiritual thanks to the Aleph Institute. Jewish inmates almost killed each other over the extra free kosher food sent to Otisville by Aleph. I learned self defense techniques and how to smuggle kosher food out of the prison warehouse to my Spanish inmate friends who sold it on the black market. These were very meaningful experiences for me and helped me grow in my Yiddishkeit. Ghislaine may wish to rediscover her Jewish roots at MDC with the help of the Aleph Institute.

Ghislaine’s defense attorneys have extensive experience defending corporations in white collar prosecutions involving securities fraud and violations of Federal corporate laws such as trademarks and tariffs. They are not street lawyers with any any experience defending murders, rapists and sexual deviants like famed Jewish criminal defense attorney Ben Braffman. Ben Braffman was the most popular criminal defense attorney in Otisville. Most guys hated their lawyers. Nobody spoke badly of Ben Braffman, an Orthodox Jew from the Five Towns. Connecticut guys were were not happy with high powered lawyers Norm Pattis and Hubbie Santos, who charged them six figures to negotiate a plea deal. Six figures for 20-30 hours of work. Not a bad gig. Guys begged, borrowed and stole from friends and relatives in order to raise money to pay their lawyers. Most criminals are not good at saving money for legal fees or retirement. They spent their money on drugs, booze, women, fancy apartments and sports cars. Defense attorneys who charge six figures to negotiate a plea deal are no less guilty of thievery than the criminals whom they represent. These self absorbed mentally challenged blowhards feel they are entitled to take ill begotten gains away from lowlife criminals.

Attorney Ben Braffman’s fees were sometimes in the seven figures. Braffman priced most guys out of the market. You had to be a billionaire or worth at least tens of millions to afford Braffman. I was locked up with Helle Nahmad, a billionaire art dealer / playboy and the best friend of Leaonardo DiCaprio. Helle hired Braffman to cut a deal for him to do a year and a day. He said he paid Braffman a million bucks in legal fees. Some of the very wealthy Russian Jews from Otisville also hired Braffman. Wealthy Hasidic Jews hired Braffman. You would never know that these Hasidic Jews were wealthy, they never spent their money on booze, fast cars or fast women. Every dollar they earned was “off the books.” They got off on impressing their friends at shul by sponsoring big kiddushin, making big donations and marrying off their children very young into other wealthy Hasidic organized crime families.

Today Judge Nathan issued the following order: “In its July 5, 2020 letter, the Government on behalf of the parties requested that the Court schedule an arraignment, initial appearance, and bail hearing in this matter in the afternoon of Friday, July 10. In light of the COVID public health crisis, there are significant safety issues related to in-court proceedings. If the Defendant is willing to waive her physical presence, this proceeding will be conducted remotely. To that end, defense counsel should confer with the Defendant regarding waiving her physical presence. If the Defendant wishes to waive her physical presence for this proceeding, she and her counsel should sign the attached form in advance of the proceeding if feasible.If this proceeding is to be conducted remotely, there are protocols at the Metropolitan Detention Center that limit the times at which the Defendant could be produced so that she could appear by video. In the next week, the Defendant could be produced by video at either 9:00 a.m. on July 9, 2020 or sometime during the morning of July 14, 2020. Counsel are hereby ordered to meet and confer regarding scheduling for this initial proceeding in light of these constraints. If counsel does anticipate proceeding remotely, by 9:00 p.m. tonight, counsel should file a joint letter proposing a date and time for the proceeding consistent with this scheduling information, as well as a revised briefing schedule for the Defendant’s bail application.SO ORDERED.”

Ghislaine’s only hope is to rat out the sick, deviant criminals who were part of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking conspiracy. She could get a walk just by making small talk. Federal prosecutors are always looking to get into bed with career criminals. The first to drop a dime gets no time. Snitches get stitches.

For G-d, For Country, For Ben Braffman, For Judge Nathan, For Moshiach!

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  1. Larry,
    How common is it for DOJ bigwigs to nepotise their family and relatives such as Comey has done with his prosecutor daughter?

    1. almost as common as it is for judges to get their whole family deep state juwdiciary jobs.

      are they ALL getting FULL uninterrupted pay for working 0 to 18 hours a week during the pandemic?

      must be nice…. but the deep state is a myth, it does not exist.

  2. Ghislaine’s mother wasn’t Jewish* – would Aleph still be interested?

    * Ghislaine was brought up Anglican, see: “McFerran, Ann (11 April 2004). “Relative Values: Elisabeth Maxwell, the widow of Robert Maxwell, and their daughter Isabel”. The Sunday Times. Archived from the original on 19 December 2019. Retrieved 27 August 2019″

    1. Rabbi Washington – If you have been a regular reader of this blog you should have learned that a transfer of hard currency is the quickest and easiest way to get people to do your bidding. The desire for money is also the root of all evil. You should have deduced that it is possible to open the Gates of Heaven with a small donation to the Aleph Institute. Rabbi Jefferson understood this, why can’t you???

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