Goat Agrees to Pay Mirlis’ Attorneys Fees

Goat Agrees to Pay Mirlis’ Attorneys Fees

Back in January, the Goat refused to respond to questions as to whether he raped Mirlis and Hack as children, and whether he had a relationship with prominent Agudath Attorney Mordechai.  The Goat sat on the paperwork for a month and failed to respond.   The Goat then attempted to submit late answers.  Mirlis filed an Objection to the Goat’s motion to allow a late response.

The Goat’s Attorney told a Federal Judge that the Goat was late because the Goat claimed he never got the paperwork.  The Federal Judge told Attorney Ward to file a motion to allow the late paperwork.  Ward filed such a Motion.

Ward’s motion argued that the Goat was “offended” by the questions posed by Mirlis.  The Goat was especially mad that Mirlis asked the Goat if he had a homosexual relationship with Mordechai.  Mordy spent a number of years in New Haven while he was at Yale.  Mordy stayed on to work for the Goat at the compound for a few years.

Mirlis argued that the Goat cannot use two different excuses as to why he didn’t respond.  The Goat cannot claim that he lost the paperwork and then a few days later claim he didn’t respond because he was offended by the questions.  Mirlis asked that the Judge for attorneys fees for all the extra work caused by the Goat. The Judge told attorney Ponvert to submit an affidavit of attorneys fees and there would be further hearings.

Rather than submit an affidavit of attorneys fees, Ponvert submitted a court document that says the Goat agreed to pay Mirlis a set amount of attorneys fees.  The Goat is supposed to pay these fees by today.  This agreement must have been worked out between the attorneys in order to avoid even more attorneys fees being awarded against the Goat.

This is the first time the Goat has agreed to anything in this case.  The Goat wouldn’t even agree to be served by the marshal when the case first started.

The Goat’s jury trial is coming up in May.  The only defense the Goat has asserted is that he was blackmailed by Mirlis, Hack, and his own sons.  They all wanted the Goat to step aside and turn everything over to Mirlis and Hack.  I doubt the Goat will settle.  The Goat’s ego will never allow for it, as any settlement means that the Goat is guilty.  The Goat would rather go to trial and let a jury find him liable.  The Goat can always claim that the jurors were anti-Semitic reprobates.

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