Goat Appeal Of $15 Million Verdict Moves Forward

Goat Appeal Of $15 Million Verdict Moves Forward

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Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA, the Goat, appealed the $15 million child rape verdict entered against him in Federal Court.  With interest the verdict has climbed to close to $22 million.  The attorneys for Avi Hack recently filed their appellate brief on the appeal.  The brief was signed by Attorney Steven Errante of the powerful law firm of Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante.  Avi Hack must have saved up a lot of goat money to be able to afford to pay Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante.

Avi was the Goat’s mistress for many years.  Avi earned his keep.  The Goat taught Avi how to molest boys at the Goat shul.  Pedophile priests in Pennsylvania put special gold crucifixes on weak children in order to notify other pedophiles of easy targets.  I wonder if the Goat and Avi discussed which bochurim (students) they preferred to molest.

One student who I spoke with, Rafi, told me that the Goat tried to French kiss him in Edgewood Park while he plied him with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  The Undertaker told me that Avi used to instruct the Undertaker to pick up Rafi at the New Haven Train Station and deliver him to the Goat.

The Goat allowed Rafi to miss as many classes as he wanted.  The Goat offered to personally tutor Rafi.  While Rafi was being “tutored” the Goat patted Rafi on the shoulders as the Goat read from papers on his desk.  Eventually the Goat’s paws patted Rafi between his legs.  Rafi said he had to keep adjusting and moving his seat to avoid getting touched by the Goat.

Rafi was only 13 years old.  Rafi didn’t know what was going on.  The Goat was an authority figure and highly respected by such devout religious men as Rabbi Harold Hack, Rabbi Avi Hack, Rabbi Dov Greer, and Fake Rabbi Ezi Greer.  Eventually Rafi figured out that the Goat was behaving like a depraved animal.  Young Avi Hack never figured this out when he was 13.  Avi still hasn’t figured it out.

Rafi complained to his family.  Avi somehow got involved.  Avi expressed heart felt concern.  Avi didn’t want the Goat to be exposed as a pedophile.  The Goat’s demise would also mean the demise of the entire Hack and Greer extended families.  Avi didn’t flip on the Goat until Eli Mirlis served him with a lawsuit accusing him of conspiring with the Goat.

Avi employed various methods to determine which student would make for an easy target for his sick pleasures.  Avi nibbled on ears, massaged shoulders and massaged thighs during Halacha Yomis class.  A bochur who liked having his ears nibbled would be an easier target than a bochur who was repulsed by Avi’s mouth sucking on his ear.  One such student told me that he jerked his head so fast from the clutches of Avi’s mouth that Avi almost bit his ear off.  Shortly thereafter, this student was kicked out of the Goat school.  I wonder why.  Avi wrote the parents of this student a letter informing them that their son was no longer welcome at the Goat rape center.  I obtained a copy of this letter.  Avi stated in this letter the following:  “As I have indicated, while your son has begun to take steps scholastically, he has yet to fully integrate himself with the value system and ethos at the Yeshiva of New Haven.”

The most recent correspondence between the attorneys on the Goat appeal indicates that there has been some discussion between the attorneys about a settlement offer made to Mirlis in exchange for the Goat dropping his appeal.  Unfortunately I was not privy to these conversations.  Even though Judge Shea added me to the Goat case as an interested party, and ruled in my favor on my right to obtain Avi Hack’s videotaped deposition, I still don’t get the kind of respect I deserve.  You can read the transcript of the hearing on my request that I be provided with a copy of the videotape deposition of Avi Hack by clicking this link.

Mirlis should not agree to cut the Goat a break and accept less than what he deserves.  At this point in time Mirlis has nothing to lose and everything to gain by continuing to pursue the Goat.  The Goat can’t take his money to the grave.  The Goat has a criminal matter pending.  The Goat is sickly.  The Goat is pushing 80 years old.  Every day after morning services the Goat crawls into his 3 story, 10,000 square foot empty office building on the corner of Whalley and Norton and ingests alcohol all day. The Goat doesn’t return to his shul until evening services.

The Goat is living on borrowed time.  When the Goat leaves this world and checks into the one bedroom roach infested slum apartment waiting for him in Gehennim, Mirlis will have an easier time collecting his money.  The Goat’s estate, property and non profits will be managed by someone other than the Goat.  Someone who does not feel like a jilted lover.  Someone who is not enraged because Mirlis, and Avi Hack, double crossed him and took him to court and obtained a $20 million jury verdict.


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3 thoughts on “Goat Appeal Of $15 Million Verdict Moves Forward

  1. Who shall become rich, who will become poor? REPENTENCE , prayer and acts of charity, can overcome the bad decree.

    1. Doesn’t seem like much is going on, but boys have been seen there this past Shabbos, and a local New Haven guy goes there to help with the minyan. It’s not much of a yeshiva, I don’t know what you can call it at this point, just a place for wayward boys to pick up some easy cash.

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