Goat Attacks Larry Noodles in Court Filing

Goat Attacks Larry Noodles in Court Filing

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Attorney David Grudberg recently filed a reply to the motion filed by Attorney Ponvert, the attorney who represents rape victim Eli Mirlis.  Ponvert is asking Judge Shea to order the Goat to identify the mystery school teacher that Attorney Ward claims contacted him after the $21 million jury verdict. Grudberg stated that he is willing to name the mystery teacher to Attorney Ponvert but does not want the mystery teacher’s name publicly revealed.

The Constitution guarantees that the public have access to information contained in court files.  The government built the courthouses.  The government runs the courts.  The taxpayers pay the government employees who work in the courthouses. The public is entitled to know what is going on with taxpayers money.

Grudberg is claiming that this mystery teacher, who didn’t sign an affidavit, is entitled to privacy.  With that logic the entire Goat trial should have been closed to the public.  The public should not be allowed to know that a depraved monster roams the streets of New Haven looking to rape teenage boys.

Grudberg is trying to protect the identity of a person who hasn’t even signed an affidavit.  This person allegedly told Attorney Ward that he noticed some bizarre behavior between Mirlis and Avi Hack twelve years ago.  Attorney Ward signed an affidavit attesting to what this mystery witness allegedly told him.  Grudberg hasn’t submitted a redacted affidavit signed by the mystery witness.  Any first year law student knows that Ward’s affidavit is inadmissible hearsay.

Grudberg claims that he wants to protect this mystery person’s identity because of the “intense publicity and scrutiny of persons associated with the case.”  Grudberg logic would dictate that all cases of intense publicity be shielded from the public.  Grudberg cited this blog as an example of the “intense publicity” that the Goat case has attracted.  Grudberg wrote:  “For an example of such publicity, we refer the Court to the following blog posting regarding the filing of this motion, drawn from larrynoodles.com: https://larrynoodles.com/goats-mystery-witness-attorney-ward-threatened-with-defamation-lawsuit/”   Grudberg has directed Judge Shea to read this blog.  I should be flattered.  The last time a Federal Judge took an interest in what I was doing I was sent to Otisville prison for 18 months.

In his motion Grudberg complained about the release of Avi Hack’s deposition just before trial.  Grudberg took aim at the New Haven Independent:  “This highly sensitive document quickly made its way to the internet, at the newhavenindependent.org site, weeks before trial was scheduled to begin.”  The videotaped deposition of Avi Hack was played to the jury.  How could the release of the deposition transcript before the trial improperly influence the jury when they got to hear and see the entire deposition anyway?

I watched Avi Hack, along with the jury, testify on the videotape.  It was very sad to watch.  He frequently stopped to compose himself.  Meanwhile the Goat sat at his table with a cold stone expression on his face.  He looked at me throughout jury selection with that same angry look, as if he was trying to intimidate me.  The Ewe walked the court halls with a big smile on her face, as if the entire trial was a joke.  Pure evil.

My blog is not mainstream media.  My blog should not be mentioned along with Yale grads Paul Bass and Chris Peak from the Communist New Haven Independent.   I publicly demand that Grudberg retract any mention of my blog on his legal documents filed with the Federal Court.  I also demand a public apology from Attorney Grudberg, Attorney Ward, and the Goat, and a promise that they never mention my blog again.



3 thoughts on “Goat Attacks Larry Noodles in Court Filing

  1. Sheesh! Another legal “argument” worthy of the Seinfeld finale. Crudberg might smarten up if he figures out that thanks to his outburst, all the Court employees & Judicial Marshalls in the building ran home as soon as work was over to look up & read the Larry Noodles blog.

    And speaking of the Commie Independent, has homeboy Paul Bass ever covered this molester who has ties to BEKI?:


    Sexual Assault 3rd

    1. Daniel Edward Copeland: Date of plea: 01/22/1998 Original Charge: 53a-71 SEX ASSAULT 2 Date of incident: 12/31/1996
      Charge reduced to 53a-72a SEX ASSAULT 3 Sentence: 0005 Year(s) suspended, five years probation Case No. 7MCR970181581S

      What is Mr. Copeland’s relationship to the Bass man and BEKI?

      1. I believe that Daniel’s grandfather is Willis Copeland. I believe there is only one Willis Copeland in New Haven. BEKI’s Nov. 1994 newsletter available online mentions a member Willis Copeland giving a few bucks in memory of Rev. Louis Friedman who was appointed BEKI shamash in 1946, and who had retired the year before in 1993 after a nearly 50 year run, passing away shortly thereafter.

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