Goat Buddy Zelinsky Should Be Kicked Off Mueller Team

Goat Buddy Zelinsky Should Be Kicked Off Mueller Team

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Harvard grad Bruce Ohr is the latest attorney to get demoted at the Justice Department.  Ohr had ties to the British spy who put together the secret dossier on Trump that was paid for by the Clintons.  Ohr worked down the hall from his boss, Deputy Attorney General and Harvard grad Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein appointed Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Trump.  Rosenstein put his buddy neophyte attorney and recent Yale grad Aaron Zelinsky on the Mueller team, which was hailed as a team of veteran criminal litigators.  Zelinsky is the son of Ed and Doris Zelinsky, who used to be close with the Goat and the Ewe many years ago.  Doris and the Ewe were business partners in many New Haven real estate transactions.

Rosenstein and Ohr have been served with subpoenas by Congressional investigators looking into why the FBI dropped the Hillary investigation.  Rosenstein won’t release one file.  Congress is trying to hold them in contempt.

The Justice Department is in turmoil.  FBI agent Peter Strzok was caught sending ten thousand texts to Mueller FBI attorney Lisa Page laced with anti-Trump messages. Page was having an affair with Strzok.  Page was reassigned. Strzok was canned.  Strzok helped former FBI Director James Comey draft the memo that put an end to the Hillary investigation.  Comey was appointed by Obama.  Comey lives in Westport, Connecticut, the land of limousine liberals.  Comey sends his kids to GFA, ie., Greens Farms Academy, where the tuition is about $35K a year per rugrat.  I grew up in the next town, and Greens Farms was referred to as “the Gold Coast,” well known as a mecca for liberal movie stars and wild parties.

Hillary buddy Harvey Weinstein lived in Westport with his young English model wife Georgina.  The Weinstein and Comey kids are probably in classes together at Greens Farms Academy.  Georgina recently kicked her one-eyed troll out of their Westport waterfront mansion.  See what happens when you marry a shiksa.  They only marry you for your money, and once things go bad, they are out the door.  If Harvey had married a nice Bais Yaacov girl who worked as a nursery school teacher, like Daniel Greer did, she would have stood by his side, just as the Ewe has been there for the Goat throughout his legal troubles.

Attorney Jeannie Rhee was just outed on the Mueller team as a Hillary Hatter.  Rhee is a Yale grad and worked for fellow Yale Grad Hillary at the Clinton Foundation.  Rhee donated heavily to the Democrats.  Democrats and Yale grads Rhee and Zelinsky are still on the Mueller payroll.

Zelinsky got his start with the Democrats when he was hired by Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh at the State Department.  Koh, a rabid Democrat, was appointed by Obama to the State Department.  Zelinsky’s father, ie., Yale grad and law professor Ed Zelinsky was a Democratic power broker in New Haven back in the old days when Ed was close with the Goat, ie., Daniel Greer.  Ed Zelinsky is currently a defendant in a million dollar civil lawsuit where it is alleged he improperly took almost a million dollars from an estate.

Rhee and Koh are both Yale grads and both Asian Americans.  Secret British spy buddy and disgraced US attorney Ohr is Asian and a Harvard grad.  I suspect an Ivy League Asian-Jewish left wing conspiracy trying to take down The Donald.  This cabal meets annually at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve, invite only.  Harvard grad Mark Zuckerberg has his Asian wife Harvard grad Priscilla Chan lick the envelopes, while Yale Law Prof Jed Rubenfeld has his wife Yale Law Prof & Tiger Mom Amy Chau put the envelopes in the mailbox.  So far I haven’t been invited to the secret meeting, even though I am a Jew who hopes that one day I will get the perks that go along with world domination. But I did not graduate from Harvard or Yale, so I will never be part of the secret society.  If you are a Jew who graduated from a State school you end up getting locked up in Federal prison with Negros, Mexicans, Hasidim, Ukrainians, and other reprobates like I did.

Mueller’s apologists are defending their leader for packing his team with a bunch of Hillary Hatters.  Mueller’s people point out that Mueller is a lifelong Republican.  But Mueller is no Trump supporter.  Mueller is part of the East Coast-West Coast Ivy League Establishment.  As a child Mueller attended the exclusive boarding school St Paul’s that costs $61K a year.  Mueller went on to graduate from NYU and Princeton. Mueller’s wife graduated from Porter’s Academy in Connecticut and Sarah Lawrence College.  Porters costs $61K a year. The Muellers are Episcopalians, the wealthiest and most liberal of all Protestant denominations, yet not as liberal as the Jews. You know the old joke, Jews earn like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans.

Mueller worked for a white shoe law firm in Boston, as well as the US Attorney’s Office in Boston.  He played lacrosse at Princeton, and probably played tennis with the Bush family, the arch enemies of Trump. Mueller even did a stint at the US Attorneys Office in San Francisco, of all places.  I wonder if Mueller ever met the Goat in San Francisco when the Goat was visiting his old Yale dorm mate California Gov Jerry Brown. Why are all the best government jobs doled out to this wealthy East Coast-West Coast Ivy League Establishment who are just as incompetent, if not more incompetent, than dirt poor State school graduates?  Nobility, American style.  Force State grads to pay high Federal taxes to support this nobility.  Let them eat cake with whatever they have left over.

There needs to be a Special Counsel appointed to investigate Robert Mueller, Aaron Zelinsky, Ed Zelinsky, the Goat, the Ewe, Jerry Brown, and Attorney William Ward.  Actually, I don’t think William Ward is guilty of anything, other than trying to get me kicked out of the Goat case, and tearfully hugging the Goat in the court parking lot after the $21 million jury verdict.  EWWWWWW!!!!!

My sources spotted the Goat in his usual perch in the second floor window of his Nightmare on Elm Street house of ill repute over Shabbat.  The Goat’s beat up old black Mercury Sable was parked in his reserved spot in front of his school building, ie., the Yeshiva of New Haven, which is currently the defendant in foreclosure proceedings initiated by the attorneys for rape victim Eli Mirlis.  The Goat was spotted waiting for a minyan well past 9 AM.  In the winters the Goat would normally start at 8 AM because the days are so short.  There were a few out of State cars parked around the compound.  It was quiet on the compound.  The Goat hasn’t spent a Shabbat in Rhode Island since I reported that I was contacted by the Jews in Rhode Island who told me that they had debated whether to kick the Goat out of the historic Newport Touro Synagogue.

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