Goat Building Vandalized

Goat Building Vandalized

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The office building Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA “the Goat” owns on the corner of Whalley Avenue and Norton Street was vandalized last week.  I noticed the graffiti when I was putting mail in the mailbox located in front of this Goat office building located at 376 Whalley Avenue.  The Goat purchased this building from the City of New Haven for a song back in 1998.  The quit claim deed was signed by Goat buddy Mayor John DiStefano.

376 Whalley Avenue is appraised at $614K.  The owner of 376 Whalley Avenue is the Goat non profit organization known as Edgewood Corners.  The building has about 30K square feet of mixed use space for offices and apartments.

The Goat building is off the New Haven tax rolls. If you look at the front door of the building, next to the graffiti, you will notice that there are no tenants in the building.  There are no mailboxes.  A section of the ground floor of 376 Whalley Avenue is occupied by the Goat.  The Goat works out of this ground floor every day.  The Goat and his secretary Abby Rhode have offices in this building.  You cannot walk into the Goat office building without hitting a buzzer and getting buzzed in.  The Goat always maintained high security.  The Goat knew that pedophiles are frequently subjected to violent attacks by angry family members of victims.

When the City of New Haven transferred 376 Whalley Ave to the Goat it was part of a neighborhood rehabilitation plan.  The Goat agreed to renovate the building and rent out the building to businesses in order to improve the neighborhood.  The Goat has had 20 years to rehab the building.  According to City property records approximately 8,000 square feet is renovated with approximately 24,000 square feet “unfinished.”  The only renter in the building is the Goat and his secretary Abby.  The Goat and Abby cannot occupy more than 500-1000 square feet of office space, if that. The Goat and Avi Hack signed the redevelopment agreements with the City of New Haven that are filed with the town clerk.

The Police Department of the City of New Haven used to rent space in this Goat building. A police substation was set up inside this Goat owned building, right across the street from the compound, where the Goat was committing crimes every day, right under the noses of police officers.  It wasn’t until 2015, after twenty years of occupancy, that the New Haven Police Department moved their substation out of the Goat building.  It was moved only because rumors were swirling around town that the Goat was a child rapist.  The Goat angrily and publicly fought the move.  At this time there were only rumors about the Goat.  No lawsuit had been filed.  Nobody had been arrested.  It was about this time that I posted my first blog about the depraved Goat raping Avi Hack.

At the time Avi Hack signed the redevelopment agreement for 376 Whalley Avenue, in 1998, the Hack family was consolidating its power in the compound.  In 1998 Avi was getting raped repeatedly by the Goat on a weekly basis.  Avi described it in his deposition as no different than the sun rising and setting.  At this time Mordechai Biser had just sold all his interests in his real estate holdings to the Goat and Harold Hack.  Biser left the compound, never to return.  Biser used to run the compound for the Goat.  Biser purchased properties in the compound.  What happened that caused Biser to sell all his properties and leave New Haven, never to return?

Avi Hack testified in his deposition that during the Nine Days he never showered.  Avi testified that his not showering was a way to repel the Goat, for nine days, at the least.  After the nine days it was back to business as usual.  Avi also testified that he was also able to repel the Goat during the days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.  Mirlis testified that the Goat refrained from raping him during Shabbos, but once the sun set it was back to business as usual.

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