Goat Causes Bridgeport Diocese to Settle Four Child Rape Cases

Goat Causes Bridgeport Diocese to Settle Four Child Rape Cases

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On May 18, 2017 the Goat was slammed with the largest child molestation jury verdict in Connecticut history:  $15 million plus $5 million in punitive damages.  Three weeks later, on June 5, 2017, the Diocese of Bridgeport settled multiple child rape cases with a number of victims.  The amount of the settlements was not publicly disclosed, but the Connecticut Post reported that the Church paid out millions of dollars.  What are the odds of the Catholic Church settling these Connecticut child rape cases, that have been dragging out for years, three weeks after the Goat’s $20 million verdict?

The plaintiff victim in one of the Diocese cases filed an offer to settle his case two years ago for $850K.  Another victim filed an offer to settle in the amount of $750K.  Mirlis filed an offer to settle in the amount of $2.9 million.  It appears that getting raped by the Goat is worth far more money than getting raped by a Catholic priest.

The Catholic Church cases were all handled by the legendary law firm of Tremont & Sheldon, out of Bridgeport.  This firm has settled numerous child rape cases over the years against the Catholic Diocese in Connecticut. The aggressive attorney Paul Tremont started this law firm.  His son took over after he passed away.  I used to have an office next door to their office in Bridgeport.  Their parking lot was always packed with brand new high end European automobiles.  You can always tell how good your lawyer is by the automobile he or she drives.

The facts in the Diocese cases were very similar to the facts in the Goat case.  The Catholic Plaintiffs alleged in their complaint that the Diocese:   “induced the Catholic Faithful to entrust their children’s moral and spiritual well being and safety to its priests and failed to protect children who were without their parents;  allowed and encouraged Father Federici to freely interact and have one on one contact with minor parishioners;  knew that Father Federici was sexually abusing the minor plaintiff by virtue of the frequency with which Federici freely interacted with minors;  failed to enforce rules prohibiting clergy from having children in private rooms and places, and systematically covered-up sexual misconduct by its priests so as to further endanger minor parishioners.”

Jewish children who attended the Goat school could make the same allegations against Avi Hack, Dov Greer, Harold Hack and Ezi Greer that these Catholic kids made against the Diocese.  These Hack and Greer men “induced the Jewish Faithful to entrust their children’s moral and spiritual well being and safety unto the Goat, allowed and encouraged the Goat to freely interact and have one on one contact with Jewish children, knew that the Goat was sexually abusing minors by virtue of the frequency with which the Goat freely interacted with minors, looked the other way while the Goat confined children in private rooms with minors upon premises the Goat owned and controlled, and systematically covered-up sexual misconduct by the Goat so as to further endanger minors.”

8 thoughts on “Goat Causes Bridgeport Diocese to Settle Four Child Rape Cases

  1. this really summarizes the situation at the yeshiva of new haven: it was long term sexual abuse by an individual -greer- who was protected via cover ups by a coterie of other individuals who knew, tolerated, facilitated and somehow rationalized the abuser’s behavior. there is a collective guilt here. this is different from the lone sexual predator who grooms kids and acts all by himself. what happened to mirlis and others is not just a crime by an individual but also by an institution and its key members. the difference is that in the catholic church it was the higher ups who protected the abuser– i assume for the sake of the reputation of the church and a fear of loosing members. at the yeshiva of new haven it was the lower members who protected the higher up — i assume for the sake of their livelihoods and financial gain, and a sense of being chosen. that i think defines what happens in cults where the leader is sexually exploiting minors of the cult and the members tolerate and facilitate it.

    1. I think it is even worse than you state. Greer was on the Police Commission. He intimidated mayor DeStefano regularly during the 20 or so years he was in office. There was not a housing / remediation grant in the world he was not awarded for one of his 40 properties. Cripe, the police dept rented a space he owned on / near Whalley as a substation. Place was a shit show. The city rehabbed the interior, the roof, the massive a/c – heating system for the ENTIRE building, the plumbing. Who knows what else. At the mayor’s direction. FOI the contract summaries from Corporation Counsel or Purchasing. Interesting reading. Greer wove himself into the fabric of everything to demonstrate control and power to his victims. DeStefano and company put the Seal of the City right on it. And Hack senior was running around city hall, getting paid for a city job, but actually a minion for pedo Greer. Would Hack senior have done that if he knew that Greer’s penis was in Hack junior’s mouth every day? Or maybe he did know.

  2. I figured out one reason why the Goat may have been in Rhode Island so often. Maybe he was visiting the Ewe’s brother who lived there for many years. The brother recently moved from RI to New London CT. And his observance level has really gone downhill as he has joined a non-Orthodox temple in New London. Poor fellow. He was probably negatively influenced by the Goat’s non-Orthodox behavior. The Goat has a lot to answer for because some people will think to themselves why do they need to be religious if a fraud like the Goat who is masquerading as a rabbi is not in fact religious.

    1. thanks for adding the context of new haven politics to the equation. it clarifies the trajectory of a person who for many years has been able to get his way by intimidation and showmanship. no wonder he felt secure. the action of mirlis must have been a shock to him and based on his past experience he felt that he could bend things in his direction. i am sure ow that greer was certain that the case would cave in and that he would, as in the past, be able to bully people to his will.

    2. My sources have told me that the Ewe’s brother from RI hasn’t spoken with the Goat in many years, other than a few Goat grunts. My sources also have told me that the Goat alienated most of the Ewe’s family, over the years, and the Ewe doesn’t have much of a relationship with her own family, the Goat won’t permit it.

    3. “The Men Who stare at Goats” are off base.
      The Ewe and her brother have not socialized – or really spoken – in more than 30 years.
      When their mother was aged and infirm the Ewe would visit her weekly while her brother, who lived nearby, visited her daily. They would sometimes be there simultaneously – and I believe behaved civilly to each other. The brother is a member of three orthodox and one conservative congregation. He generally attends orthodox services. If you know the Goat and the Ewe I think you’ll agree that being judgmental about yiddishkeit and poskim (in their own minds) are not positive traits.

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