Goat Celebrates $20M Jury Verdict at the Compound

Goat Celebrates $20M Jury Verdict at the Compound

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One day after the jury slammed the Goat with a $20 million dollar verdict the Goat celebrated.  An arsonist also celebrated.  A house located across the street from a couple of goat buildings was torched early Friday evening.  The house that was torched was painted the same drab army green as Goat houses in the neighborhood.  For many years the Goat convinced neighbors in the compound to paint their houses the same color as his houses.  At times the Goat organized protests in front of neighbors who did not comply with the color code of the compound.  Twenty years ago reporter Paul Bass wrote about how neighbors would receive letters from the Goat pointing out issues the Goat had with their houses.

The house that was torched was not a Goat owned house.  Since it was Friday evening, the local Orthodox Jews could not use their cell phones to determine whether it was a Goat building.  Many local Jews converged upon the house as there were emergency vehicles all over the compound.  The students at the Goat school also went to watch the fire, and roast marshmallows.  The locals told the Goat students about the $20 million dollar verdict.  The wayward teenage boys didn’t seem to care.  They still believed in the Goat despite the verdict.

It is possible that the arsonist intended to attack a Goat owned building but got the wrong building, as they both looked the same.  Arsonists are not known to be very bright.  The biggest arson attack in the State of Connecticut, and possibly the entire United States, against Jewish institutions and Jewish persons was committed by a 17 year old Jewish teenager named Barry Dov Schuss.  In 1983 Schuss set fire to a number of synagogues, the home of a Rabbi and the home of a Jewish political figure, all located in West Hartford.  At the time of the fires Schuss was enrolled in the Torah Academy in New Haven.  At this time the Goat was just starting his operation, which was very small.  The Torah Academy was also very small. The Goat and his early followers shared space with the Torah Academy.  The Goat and his followers prayed with the Torah Academy three times a day.  Schuss would have seen the Goat on a daily basis.  Schuss may have been living in a Goat apartment while he attended Torah Academy.  Did Schuss come back to New Haven in order to take revenge on the Goat a day after the verdict?

Yesterday, ie., the Sabbath, many local Jews walked over to the compound to speak with the teenagers and the young “rabbi” who operates a boarding school in the compound.  This yeshiva for at risk teens is run by “rabbi” Nodis.  Nodis didn’t seem to care that he is exposing at risk teens to a known pedophile.  Nodis is more interested in picking up golden goat eggs at the compound.

The boys at the yeshiva told the locals that they sang Shabbat songs with the Goat to celebrate his victory in court.  Attorney Ponvert argued that the Goat should pay $48 million.  The jury only slammed the Goat with a $20 million verdict.  This was a big victory.

The Goat will never have to cough up $20 million.  The verdict was only against the Goat personally and the Yeshiva of New Haven.  The Goat owns the following property: his residence on Edgewood Park, two condominium units in Newport, RI, and a building lot in Wareham, MA.  These properties are owned jointly with his wife.  Mirlis would only be entitled to half the value of these properties.  Plus the goat would be entitled to a $75K homestead exemption on his residence.

The Yeshiva of New Haven owns two building lots in Bethany, CT.  The Yeshiva of New Haven does NOT own the Goat nightmare on Elm Street building.  That building is owned by the Gan School, a completely separate entity.  Mirlis would not be able to force the Goat to sell the very building where he raped Avi Hack, where he hid pornographic magazines in a room right above the synagogue, where he and Avi locked up boys for many days at a time in the shalos suedah room and fed them nothing but bread and water with a giant challah knife left in the room, and where he raped Eli Mirlis.

In the old days the Goat and Avi Hack tortured and abused teenage boys into submission.  Now that the Goat is exposed as a pedophile, he must employ a new business model.  The new school is run in such a way that these boys do whatever they want.  They smoke pot and drink alcohol whenever they have the urge.  Plus many are from broken homes and have mental problems.  One had a breakdown and was admitted to the Yale Psychiatric Unit.  Perfect targets for a wealthy pedophile sugar daddy like the Goat.

The Goat doesn’t have to pretend that he is a legitimate rabbi anymore.  He is out of the closet, with the full blessing of “rabbi” Nodis.  In closing arguments Attorney Ponvert told the jury that Mirlis was raped by the Goat, and now is being victimized again by having to endure a trial.  Ponvert implored the jury not to put their hands on the knife that is being twisted into the back of Mirlis by the Goat and his lawyer William Ward. The Goat still has a knife in his hands, waiting to stick it into a teenage boy.  Will “rabbi” Nodis put his hand on the Goat knife?

Back in the Old Country the Goat would have been tarred and feathered by now.  There wouldn’t be a trial.  Here in America money talks.  The Goat got to keep most of his gold, despite the $20 million verdict.  American jails are mostly filled up with people who are either poor, minorities or mentally ill.  The Goat can pay off Nodis, and anyone else for that matter, in order to avoid justice.

There are other victims of the Goat out there.  A man in his seventies came forward and said that the Goat molested him while he was a Yale undergrad and the Goat was a Yale law student.  There is another student out there who was supposed to be part of the Mirlis case, but who declined to come forward.  I know of a former student and another individual who were each offered a bottle of alcohol and a cup of nuts by the Goat when he attempted to seduce them.  Mirlis testified that he was presented with a bottle of alcohol and a cup of peanuts when the Goat first made his moves.

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