Goat Copy Looking At 2 Years In Otisville Prison

Goat Copy Looking At 2 Years In Otisville Prison

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For ten years Ira Malkin and Lou Goldberg were laughing all the way to the bank.  They avoided paying taxes of hundreds of thousands of dollars on $1.5 million in income.  Eventually a bookkeeper at Good Copy caught on to their scam.  The bookkeeper sent an email to the outside accountant describing in detail their crime.  It was only a matter of time before the Feds raided Goat copy.

Six months ago Goat Copy salesman Ira Malkin was indicted.  The Feds spared Goat Copy owner Lou Goldberg.  From the paperwork filed in Federal Court, it appears that the Feds decided not to indict Goat Copy owner Lou Goldberg because that would cause the company to go under, which would result in 20 people out on the streets collecting unemployment benefits, welfare, title 19, food stamps, section 8 housing and other Federal benefits.  The Feds decided to lock up Malkin and keep Goat Copy alive rather than pay out millions of dollars in benefits to former Goat Copy employees.

Goat Copy’s crime also implicated Comcast Cable Co.  Malkin somehow convinced executives at Comcast to pay him directly for the postage on a Comcast mailing that was printed by Goat Copy.  Goat Copy then reduced Malkin’s income by the amount of postage he was paid by Comcast.  Talk about leaving a paper trail.  Talk about stupidity.

Comcast Cable Co was never indicted.  The Feds never indict large corporations.  Large corporations contribute to the campaigns of politicians, Senators and Representatives who approve billions of dollars of funding for the Department of Justice every year.  Its called the Full Employment Act for prosecutors, cops, FBI agents, investigators, marshals, judges, law clerks, secretaries, prison wardens, and prison guards.  Nobody wants to stop the gravy train.

You can read the memo submitted by the Federal prosecutor setting forth in more detail Goat Copy’s years of criminal behavior by clicking this link.

The Feds argued for 18-24 months of incarceration.  Malkin submitted his own sentencing memo arguing for leniency.  Malkin wants home confinement because he is morbidly obese.  Good luck with that argument.  Prison will be the best way for Malkin to shed the pounds.  I knew guys in Otisville who lost 60 pounds in less than six months.

Malkin is a Jew so he will try to get into minimum security Otisville prison.  But Otisville is also a “work camp.”  If Malkin argues that he is too fat to work he will not get sent to Otisville.  He could end up at MDC or MCC in New York, places worse than gehennom.

Malkin also argued that big clients at Goat Copy would leave if he is not there to handle their accounts.  Malkin argued that a few Goat Copy employees could lose their jobs.  Talk about chutzpah!  The Feds spared Goat Copy and Lou Goldberg from indictment in order to keep Goat Copy afloat and keep jobs at Goat Copy.

Malkin submitted a number of letters of support from friends.  Lou Goldberg, Malkin’s uncle, did not submit a character letter for Malkin.  The silence is deafening.  The Feds repeatedly referred to unindicted co-conspirator Lou Goldberg in their sentencing memo:   “With Malkin’s knowledge and assent, Goodcopy improperly reduced Malkin’s earned commissions by the amount of personal expenses paid for Malkin by Goodcopy.  Goodcopy’s owner (Goldberg) has indicated that, if Malkin is incarcerated, there is some risk that Goodcopy would lose the major client’s business, although the owner indicated that Goodcopy would make every effort to keep the long-standing business if Malkin were not available. The owner conceded that Goodcopy would retain the ability and capacity to service the client. The major client is apparently aware of Malkin’s current circumstances and has to date stayed with Goodcopy. The odds of retaining the client would apparently be much greater if Malkin was willing to smooth any transition during any period of incarceration. However, if the Company did lose a large portion of the major client’s business, it would probably have to lay off between 5-7 people. The owner suggested that what will happen remains in large part unknowable, but that Goodcopy would do everything it could to keep the business.”

Malkin doesn’t have a chance in avoiding prison.  He wasted his money on the high priced Sklarz Law Firm.  The Sklarz boys are also defending Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA the “Goat” in his battle with rape victim Eli Mirlis.  The Goat won’t voluntarily part with a dime to satisfy the $22 million judgment.  The Goat wants to be buried with his money. The Sklarz boys are fighting Mirlis tooth and nail, making him fight for every penny he gets out of the depraved Goat.

The Sklarz Law Firm fumbled the ball on the Goatcopy case.  The Sklarz boys have done a better job representing the Goat.  The Sklarz brothers submitted a copy of Malkin’s medical records to the Judge Hall.  They didn’t even file it under seal or redact it, as was done with the Goat’s medical records and financial records.  Would you want your private medical records to be examined by the likes of Larry Noodles?  The medical records won’t help Malkin.  An APRN signed a letter indicating that Malkin can’t get a hip replacement until he loses 160 pounds because his body mass index is 59.  The letter wasn’t even signed by a real doctor.  There must have been a typo.  From Malkin’s photos it does not appear that he weighs 300-350 pounds, which would be his weight with a 59 BMI.  If you want to read his medical reports and provide a second opinion, click this link.  Malkin is going to have to gain as much weight as possible before sentencing.  If the pants don’t fit, you must acquit.

Malkin faces Chief Judge Janet Hall for judgment day on August 7th.  I also appeared before Judge Hall when I was sentenced.  She will show no mercy for Malkin.  The Feds bring very few indictments for tax evasion.  The Feds have to show that they are doing their job and putting people in jail for tax evasion.  They have to justify their budget. Judges also have to justify their positions.  If they put nobody in jail the public would complain.  Punishment for the sake of punishment.  If you steal from the government you will pay the price.  Retribution.

I hope Lou Goldberg does the right thing and comes clean.  Lou needs to turn himself in to the Feds, admit his crimes, and disclose everything he knows about Rabbi Daniel Greer the Goat.  Short of that, I hope he is man enough to smuggle Malkin some chocolate bars into Otisville prison.

I can demonstrate to Lou Goldberg all the latest techniques of prison smuggling.  I got the name Larry “Noodles” because I got caught smuggling a bag of cooked spiral noodles into my bunk.  The bag of noodles was kept in the guard’s office while the officers were drafting the charges against me.  I am not lying when I say that another inmate, named Jewmark, smuggled the noodles out of the guard’s office and returned it to me.  I told him it passed through too many hands, I wasn’t going to eat them at that point.  There were plenty more fresh noodles back at the warehouse.

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