Goat Coughs Up $67.5K To Rape Victim Mirlis

Goat Coughs Up $67.5K To Rape Victim Mirlis

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Rape victim Eli Mirlis was just handed a check for $67,500.00.  The check was signed by the evil Goat himself.  The Goat uses his paw print as his signature.

Mirlis had filed a foreclosure action against the Goat’s house at 133 West Park Avenue that he owns with his Ewe.  The foreclosure case dragged on for about a year.  The Goat finally agreed to settle it rather than go to trial.  After all, this is where the Goat has resided with his Ewe for the last thirty years.  It’s not as if the Goat had any defenses if he went to trial.   The Court would have ordered the Goat to pay up anyway.  The Goat would rather settle it rather than risk the Judge ordering the sale of his stable.  The Goat didn’t want to take any chances.  The Goat didn’t want to undergo the stress of relocating.

The Goat had no problem causing the relocation of the elderly Undertaker from the Goat’s apartment that had been rented for almost 30 years.  The Undertaker runs the Jewish burial society and spent many hours each day learning with the Goat’s father just before he passed away.  The Undertaker provided me with a letter in which the Goat thanked the Undertaker for years of learning with  the Goat’s father when the Goat’s father’s health deteriorated.  In the letter the Goat stated that he felt that it was the Undertaker’s kindness and Torah learning that kept the Goat’s father alive for many years.

The Goat evicted the Undertaker for no reason other than the fact that the Goat thought that the Undertaker was giving me inside information about the compound.   The Undertaker allegedly disclosed such top secret information about who the Goat called up as “Rav” for an aliya.  The child rape lawsuit had already been filed and Avi Hack testified that he had a 13 year sexual relationship with the Goat.  The Goat did not consider such information top secret when compared with the names of individuals who were getting aliyas.  The Goat also accused the Undertaker of having some part in the incident in which I was kicked down the stairs of the Goat’s shul.  For the record, the Undertaker had nothing to do with the Goat kicking me down the stairs.

I am still suing the Goat for assault and battery and infliction of emotional distress for kicking me down the stairs.  The Goat is still suing me for libel for writing on my blog that the Goat paid hush money to keep allegations of sexual molestation quiet.  The Goat never alleged in his lawsuit that my statement that the Goat is a depraved child rapist is false or defamatory.  These lawsuits are still pending before the Superior Court.  The Goat’s attorney David Grudberg has been trying to schedule a date to take my deposition.

You can read a copy of the Goat’s agreement to pay Eli Mirlis $67.5K by clicking this link.  Mirlis won’t be left with much money after attorneys fees.  Attorney Ponvert, from the Koskoff Law Firm, who tried the case, will get a third, and Attorney Beatman, who pursued the Goat in the foreclosure case, will get another third.  Mirlis will be left with about $25,000.00.  The Goat still owes Mirlis about $21 million.  The $67.5K payment didn’t put much of a dent in the Goat’s outstanding balance.

A graduate of the New Haven Yeshiva corrected me and told me that the Goat took fellow student Rafi out for field trips multiple times each week, not just on Sundays.  Sometimes they went to the park.  Sometimes they went fishing or hiking.  He said that the 6 students in the high school had a private meeting to discuss Rafi and the Goat.  The students didn’t know what to do about it.  They were young. They couldn’t grasp that authority figures, prominent rabbis no less, were depraved criminals.  They ended up taking no action.

The Goat never had more than a half dozen boys enrolled in the high school.  If you couldn’t pay tuition that was ok, the Goat would let it slide.  The Goat had 5 different secular and Jewish teachers for his six students.  The Goat never made a profit at his school.  The school was purposely set up in order to attract boys to the compound for the Goat’s sick pleasure.  Avi Hack ran the school and knew all about the Goat’s intentions.  Avi was like a brother to Goat sons Ezi and Dov.  Avi’s sister is married to Ezi.  They all knew what was going on, including Harold Hack, who was the Goat’s right hand job man.

Eventually Rafi’s family suddenly pulled him out of the school.  Rafi told me that the Goat tried to French kiss him at Edgewood Park over a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  The graduate mentioned above spoke with Avi Hack about Rafi getting molested by the Goat right after Rafi was pulled out of the school.  Avi smiled with a big grin on his face and said that Rafi was a little crazy and you can’t believe anything Rafi says.  This is the same Avi Hack who arranged for the Undertaker to pick up Rafi at the train station and deliver him into the paws of the Goat.  Avi Hack lived a double life.  Avi Hack the respectable rabbi.  Avi Hack the Goat’s mistress.


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      1. They reached an agreement that the property value was $285K. If Mirlis foreclosed with such a value he would get one half of that less the Goat’s homestead exemption. So they divided $285 in half and then subtracted $75K to reach the 67.5K

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