Goat Criminal Case Continued to July 10th

Goat Criminal Case Continued to July 10th

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Rabbi Daniel Greer, the Goat, once again had his criminal case rescheduled.  The Goat was scheduled to appear in court this past Wednesday.  The Goat never appeared.  The Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow, one of the most highly paid criminal defense attorneys in Connecticut, appeared and had the Goat’s criminal case rescheduled for July 10, 2018.

The Goat must appear on July 10 during the three weeks of the month of Tammuz.  In 1981 Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor, which Iraq named “Tammuz I.”  I have sent the Israeli military the coordinates to the compound in case they wish to rid the world of another menace to the Jewish people.

The Goat never appears at these court dates, that go on every month. The highly paid attorney Willie the Dow appears on the Goat’s behalf at all of his court dates.  The Judge allows the Goat to graze in the grass behind the courthouse building, while Black and Hispanic defendants line up one by one to appear before Judge Patrick Clifford.  Willie Dow III must have an Irish bond of omerta with Judge Patrick Clifford.  They agreed that the Goat will not have to lower himself and appear before the Judge with convicts from the hood.  Talk about Goat privilege.  The Goat cannot be interrupted from his position as Dean of his summer sleepover school of Sodomy and Gemara.  The Goat’s Joke, Rabbi Notis, cannot be trusted to run the compound while the Goat is defending himself in criminal court.

The mainstream liberal media has stopped reporting on the Goat criminal case.  They got sidetracked by Harvey Weinstein and all the Hollywood rapist movie stars.  The Goat case is unique.  Not one Hollywood animal movie star has been arrested for child rape.  Lassie, Mr. Ed, Flipper, Mickey Mouse, Benji, and Toto are all clean.  Even King Kong didn’t rape anyone.  Compared to the Goat, King Kong was a perfect gentleman when he held Jessica Lange in his right hand.  Her wardrobe malfunction was a total accident.

The Goat makes the apes on the Planet of the Apes look like gentle creatures.  None of the apes raped anyone.  The worst that happened was one of the apes had a consensual relationship with a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Child rape is no joke.  This blog was the only media outlet that published a complete copy of  the Goat’s arrest warrant affidavit. The New Haven Register and the New Haven Independent sliced, diced and censored the original document.

I have now gained access to the Goat’s search warrant affidavit.  If you wish to view a copy of the Goat’s arrest warrant affidavit or the Goat’s search warrant affidavit, click each link below:



On another note, the Goat’s attorney Sklarz, of the New Haven Jewish Federation, filed documents today in the civil case in which the Goat owes Mirlis $21 million.  Sklarz requested that Judge Shea seal the Goat’s deposition that was taken on June 5, 2018.  The attorneys for Mirlis took the Goat’s deposition in order to ask the Goat about whether he is hiding any assets.  The attorneys also asked the Goat about officers who served on the Board of Directors at the Yeshiva of New Haven.  Skarz objected to the Goat answering any questions about members of the Board of Directors.  Rabbi J. David Bleich, a Professor of Jewish Law and Ethics at Cordozo Law School, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Yeshiva of New Haven.  Why has the Goat refused to answer questions about J. David Bleich?  You may wish to ask Rabbi Bleich this question.  You can reach Rabbi Bleich at his Yeshiva University email: bleich@yu.edu.

You can view the motion filed by Attorney Sklarz by clicking the link below:




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  1. Larry OMG the warrants

    and the discriptoons
    in such detail. Were the gotten using freedom
    on information?

  2. Why dont you publish the no trespass order Congregation Jeshuat Israel (Touro) got from the Newport police against Greer which prevents him from praying there??

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