Goat Criminal Case May Go To Trial In October 2019

Goat Criminal Case May Go To Trial In October 2019

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Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA the Goat, is happy that his criminal trial is coming up in the Fall. The Goat expects to be acquitted of all charges

Two years ago Rabbi Daniel Greer sued me for defamation. I had posted a blog in which I accused the Greer Goat of molesting a student and paying off the student millions of dollars in hush money. My source was Rabbi Muroff, a teacher who worked for the Goat for seven years. Muroff skipped town when he learned that the Goat was a depraved animal. I called Muroff and asked him about Rabbi Avi Hack, whom I thought was a depraved animal. Muroff told me that the Goat molested Hack as a teenager. Muroff also told me that the Goat paid a former student millions in hush money. Muroff was the same rabbi who found $98K in cash in a desk he purchased in New Haven on Craigslist. Muroff had taken the desk apart so that it would fit through his front door. When Muroff found the money hidden in the desk he called the seller of the desk and told her that he found $98K in her desk and he was going to return it to her. Muroff appeared on all the talk shows and was hailed as the “most honest man in America.” Personally, I think he is the stupidest man in America.

The Goat alleged in his defamation case against me that my statement that the Goat paid millions in hush money was false and defamatory. The Goat never claimed that my statement that he molested teenage boys was false and defamatory. The Goat’s lawsuit against me is scheduled for this trial this Wednesday, May 2nd. The Goat’s attorneys filed a request to delay the trial until October of 2019 on the grounds that the Goat’s criminal child rape trial is supposed to be “reached by Fall, 2019.” If the defamation case goes forward this Wednesday the Goat will be forced to take the Fifth Amendment and not testify in his own case. Whatever Rabbi Goat says in the defamation case can be used against him in the criminal child rape case. The Goat’s lawyer argued that his client shouldn’t have to be faced with such a “dilemma.” The Goat is trying to portray himself as the victim. Everyone knows by now that the Goat has always been the perpetrator, never the victim.

It was a couple of months before Passover three years ago that I posted my blog accusing the Goat of molesting children. A few weeks after my blog was posted Eli Mirlis filed a Federal lawsuit against the Goat for assault, battery and molestation. Mirlis won a $15 million judgment against the Goat after a three week trial. Mirlis is still trying to collect on the judgment. With interest and costs the judgment has swelled to over $20 million. After the lawsuit was filed the Goat’s family fled New Haven just before the first Passover seder. The only one who remained was the Goat’s wife Sarah Greer. Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Avi Hack and Harold Hack all fled the Goat compound with their families. They had invited a few locals for their Passover seders. These locals had to scramble to make alternative plans because the Hacks and Greers never told any of their guests that they planned to vanish in the middle of the night aboard a Black Goat helicopter. They eventually resurfaced. Dov Greer settled in New Jersey and then moved to Long Island. Ezi Greer and Harold Hack settled in Waterbury, CT. Avi Hack landed in Providence RI. They have never been spotted in New Haven since their departure, other than Ezi Greer. There have been sightings of Ezi reported to me, but no sightings of Ezi in the compound. Ezi works for a real estate company so it is possible he has some business dealings in New Haven.

I just heard from a very good source that the Goat will flee to Israel if he is convicted in criminal court. Israel has protected child molesters in the past from extradition to the United States. The Goat should be spending his goaten years in a Connecticut State prison doing teshuva (repentance), he should not be treifing up the holy city of Jerusalem. The State’s Attorney should demand that the Goat surrender his passport. I did not see anywhere in the Goat’s criminal file that the State’s Attorney required the Goat to surrender his passport. I have represented many Connecticut criminals and have never seen a Judge or Prosecutor require a defendant to surrender his passport, unless the defendant is a foreign national or a high flight risk. The Feds always demand that defendants surrender passports. I guess the State’s Attorney figures that the bondsman will track the guy down if he skips bond. The Goat posted a $100K bond with a bondsman. If the Goat skips town the bondsman can track the Goat down and get him extradited. As a practical matter it can take a bondsman years to track down an ornery Goat who flees the country. The bondsman’s insurance company usually gets stiffed. I only live a few blocks from the Goat. If I see the Goat driving his grey minivan heading to JFK airport packed with luggage I will forced to contact the animal control officers and rat out the Goat.

You can read a copy of the Goat’s Motion for Continuance below:

May all the Jews, even lowly inmates, be redeemed before Lag B’ Omer, tonight is ten, Moshiach NOW!

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8 thoughts on “Goat Criminal Case May Go To Trial In October 2019

  1. Larry if he leaves town you will call the animal control officers, that’s a grate line almost as good as “it ain’t Zaybars “ as stated on I’ll Maher’s show.


    1. The entire point of using the acronym, the Goat thinks he is the Greatest of All Time. Nobody else thinks that, other than the Ewe

  3. Did you read the news report that retired goats are being brought to the west side of Manhattan to graze in Riverside Park? Is that something to do with the new haven goat.

    1. The Goat was raised on Riverside Drive in the Upper West Side. He was considered a great catch after he graduated from Yale Law School. All the women were chasing him. The Goat was engaged to Bleema Rubin back in 1969 but the engagement fell apart for unknown reasons. The Goat instead married the Ewe, ie., Sarah Bergman. The Goat was very liberal in his religious practices at the time, the Ewe turned the Goat into a rabbi. The Goat had more opportunities to pursue his interest in young boys as the rabbi of his New Haven yeshiva / compound / prison camp. The Goat enjoys grazing at Edgewood Park in New Haven. The Goat has many fond memories of trying to seduce boys with bottles of wine and bags of peanuts in Edgewood Park. I don’t think he would be willing to move back to Manhattan to graze in Riverside Park, unless there were a few religious boys available to him.

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