Goat Criminal Case Moves Forward

Goat Criminal Case Moves Forward

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The next Court date for the case of State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer is August 29th at the Superior Court located at 235 Church Street, New Haven, CT.  The case is open to the public.  If you wish to see Mr. Greer appear before one of the criminal court judges you are welcome to enter the courtroom and watch the show.  The Goat will not say anything.  The Goat’s attorney will most likely tell the judge that he needs more time to investigate the matter and to reschedule the case for another day.  The judge most likely will set another date for the Goat to come back to court in about a month or so.

The Goat has the constitutional right to a speedy trial, but it is doubtful that the Goat will assert this right.  If the Goat waives his right to a speedy trial, a trial on his case may not be scheduled for well over a year.  Most defendants do not want a speedy trial.  Time can work in the defendant’s favor.   A complaining witness could change his story, get arrested, or get run over by a bus.  Anything can happen.

The picture above is the court docket that hung on the wall when the Goat last appeared in the criminal court.  The Goat’s name is at the bottom of the list below the name of John Giammattei.  Giammattei had pleaded guilty to a sexual assault back in 2015 and had violated his probation.  Giammattei is a registered sex offender.  The Goat will soon join Giammattei on the list of registered sex offenders.

The Goat will face one of a number of judges assigned to the criminal high court of New Haven.  The list of criminal judges includes Jon Alander, Jon Blue, Brian Fischer, Joseph Licari and Bruce Thompson.  Having appeared before these judges for the last 20 years as an attorney, I can attest that these guys are known as no nonsense judges.  They don’t cut breaks at sentencing, unlike some of the Federal judges that I have followed.  These Judges have been around for years and will have no sympathy for the Goat at sentencing.

Judge Blue recently sentenced 65 year old John Elliott Sr., to 18 years in prison for having raped his own daughter over the course of 15 years.  Elliot’s attorney told Judge Blue that Elliot had worked for the Special Olympics and volunteered to help drug addicts, and contributed much to  the community.  Elliot pleaded with Judge Blue that he not be sentenced to die in jail.    Judge Blue had no mercy for this miscreant and told him: “You’ve been convicted of a truly heinous crime. Your suggestion that these matters should be eclipsed by ‘the good you’ve done,’ I can’t accept.”  The Goat’s attorney Willie Dow told the press that he “proudly” represented the Goat, and “Rabbi Greer has a long history of positive contributions to the New Haven community.” That argument won’t fly in Judge Blue’s courtroom.

The Goat raped Avi Hack, practically his own son, over the course of 12 years.  The Goat is only being charged with the rape of Eli Mirlis, but you never know, Avi Hack could come forward.  Avi Hack should come forward, but his mind has been so damaged by the Goat that he is not brave enough to face the Goat in court.  The expert who testified in the Mirlis trial said that victims of such abuse suffer Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which basically makes them mentally handicapped for the rest of their lives.  They never recover.

You would think that at this point in time the Goat would only be focused on trying to avoid getting hammered with 18 years in prison.  You thought wrong.  The Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis filed papers this past Friday in eviction court seeking to have the Undertaker physically removed from the apartment that he rented from the Goat for the past 28 years.  The Goat started eviction proceedings against the Undertaker late last year.  The Goat and the Undertaker reached an agreement where the Undertaker would vacate the property.  The Undertaker had moved almost everything out of his apartment by Thursday night. This didn’t stop the Goat’s attorney from filing a summary process execution on Friday morning to have the Undertaker physically removed from the apartment, by the police if necessary.  The Undertaker rented this apartment for close to 30 years.  The Goat wanted him out because the Goat thought that the Undertaker was a spy for Larry Noodles. Not only did the Undertaker lose his apartment, but he also lost his job at the Edge of the Hood, all because of the Goat.

The Goat evicted a number of other Jewish tenants since the child rape case started, including a PhD from Yale and Harvard University who is currently podcasting interesting and entertaining information about the history of the State of Connecticut.  I blogged about how the Goat evicted a number of elderly and impoverished Jews from the compound.   The Goat also kicked out Jews whose leases had expired.  The Goat wouldn’t renew their leases.  There still remains a few Jews left renting from the Goat.  I don’t know why the Goat is allowing a few to stay while kicking out the rest for no reason.  I cannot get into the mind of a Goat.

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