Goat Criminal Rape Case Moves Forward

Goat Criminal Rape Case Moves Forward

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The criminal case in which Daniel Greer is charged with multiple counts of sexual assault has been scheduled and rescheduled numerous times.  The Goat had court dates on Nov 7, Nov 8, Dec 12, Jan 3, Feb 28, March 7 and March 8.  The Goat’s next court date is scheduled for a week after Passover on April 14, 2018.  It was erev Passover of 2016 when the Goat’s family fled the compound, leaving the Goat’s friends, such as Goat copy, holding down the fort.

The Goat’s attorneys have filed a number of motions in the criminal case asking for “Brady” materials.  Brady materials refers to any information in the possession of the State of Connecticut that could be material to the Goat’s case, and more importantly the Goat’s defense.

I don’t believe that the Goat will have much of a defense in this case.  He has no alibi witness other than the Ewe.  In the Khan case the defendant had a much better alibi witness, his highly intelligent and beautiful girlfriend, who spoke softly and politely on the witness stand.  The Ewe, on the other hand, is anything but intelligent.  The Ewe has stuck by her depraved child molester husband who may have raped her own children.  How much more stupid can one be?  When the Ewe testified she had her reading glasses perched at the end of her nose and sneered.  The Ewe shook her head and argued with the attorneys.  She spoke with a shrill of a voice:  “This is who we are, we give wine to an eight day baby, of course we gave Mirlis wine.”

The Ewe made ewe noises when I tried to interview the Goat as he walked with his Ewe to his car from the Federal courthouse.  The Ewe was completely silent throughout the entire perp walk, but when I mentioned Avi Hack’s name she perked up.  I asked the Goat, “Are you calling Avi Hack a liar?”  After I said those words the Ewe shook her head a bit and I heard her muttering some Ewe like noises.  Avi Hack testified that the Ewe would not forgive him one year on Yom Kippur because she knew that Avi was the Goat’s mistress.  Lets go to the videotape.

I have obtained a copy of the Goat’s arrest warrant affidavit.  This affidavit has not been published anywhere.  The New Haven Register and the Communist New Haven Independent posted snippets of it, but not the entire affidavit.  Caution, the affidavit is EXTREMELY graphic.  Please consult with your rabbi, priest, iman or minister before you view this affidavit.

I mentioned an iman because my blog has seen an increase in views in the Muslim community since my postings about the Khan trial.  I may have unintentionally caused a fatwah to be issued against me because of one of my recent posts, but these are the risks I take to bring my readers the latest news and developments.  I am not sure whether the fatwah called for my beheading or just a stoning.  I cannot read Arabic so I couldn’t understand it. The only community that I am still on good terms with is the good Christians.  I sent an email to the Donald, who is a Christian, asking for secret service protection, but he still hasn’t responded.




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