Goat Spending The Summer In the Catskills

Goat Spending The Summer In the Catskills

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The Goat surrounded himself with the New Haven Chief of Police as well as other New Haven VIPs at his annual fundraising events

If you are driving your kids up to the Catskills for summer camp heed the wise words of Larry Noodles. Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” has been spending Shabbos in the Catskills at the kosher Raleigh Hotel. The Raleigh is located in the heart of the Catskills in South Fallsburg. There is a $20 million outstanding child molestation civil judgment against the Goat. The victim in the civil case, Eli Mirlis, testified for hours about how he was raped by the Goat as a teenager at the Goat’s yeshiva. The rabbi who used to run the yeshiva for the Goat was Avi Hack, the son of the Goat’s lifelong friend Harold Hack. Avi testified for hours about how he was raped by the Goat as a teenager. Avi formed a bond with the Goat as an adult and didn’t leave New Haven until after Mirlis filed his lawsuit. You can read a transcript of Avi Hack’s deposition by clicking the link below:

There is a third victim of the Goat’s depravity. This victim told me about how the Goat took him to Edgewood Park where the Goat offered this victim a bag of peanuts and a bottle of wine. The Goat then tried to French kiss this young child. This victim left the Goat school, never to return.

For the last year or two the Goat has been paying young Jewish guys to make his minyan. Most of the guys were recruited by a stocky ginger from the Ohr Someach yeshiva of Monsey. This red heifer never told the recruits about the Goat. Once these recruits arrived they were stranded in New Haven. They couldn’t drive on Friday night. They quickly learned about the depraved Goat and vowed never to return. Some wayward young men did return week after week. The Goat paid $75 for Friday night and Saturday. If you stayed til Sunday you got an extra $25.

In the beginning of the summer the Goat’s shul was been shuttered. There was no activity in the compound for many weeks. Recently the Goat reopened his compound for a Shabbos or two and then there was no activity. This past Shabbos there was no activity at the compound. My sources told me that the Goat stiffed some of the drifters out of their $75 payments. The Goat’s checks got lost in the mail. I was also told that the Goat has been spotted at the Raleigh Hotel in South Fallsburg, in the heart of the Catskills. In past years the Goat spent his summers at his swanky $800K condo in Newport, RI, and recited Shabbos prayers at the historic Touro Synagogue in Newport Rhode Island. The Goat was banned from the Touro Synagogue when the Board got a protective order issued by the Newport police:

The Goat has been forced to spend the summer attending minyans in the dumpy Raleigh Hotel rather than spend the summer at the exclusive Touro Synagogue in wealthy Newport. Good for the Jews of Newport but bad for the Jews of the Catskills. The Raleigh Hotel should be notified that a pedophile Goat is lurking it’s dingy halls. The Raleigh should also get a restraining order issued against the Goat.

The Goat grew up on Riverside Drive in Manhattan. The Goat is used to a high standard of living. The Goat’s house at 133 West Park Avenue, New Haven, is immaculate. The Goat was always very anal about cleanliness. The Goat is now forced to live in a dumpy hotel. Here are some of the on line reviews of the Raleigh Hotel:

Claifer wrote: “One of the last remaining original hotels on the Borscht Belt, (now under Hassidic ownership), this place is in great condition, for the 1950s. We stayed here for a school shabbaton, from Thursday to Sunday. Bugs, holes, blood, and mold are words I’d use to describe this hotel. The sheets looked like they had never been cleaned, ever. There was blood and stains to the extent you could barely see the white on the sheet. The locking mechanism on the door was a simple bathroom lock, to the extent where it could be easily kicked down. I do not recommend keeping any valuables unattended in this room. Holes in the walls were cheaply patched up, especially in the area where the door slams into the wall, a simple doorstopper would be a better fix. The television is stored in the closet, and is what you’d find in your parent’s attic. The cable wires have to be manually pulled out of the window, and most of the wires to connect the TV to the cable are broken. There are holes in the wall where something used to be connected to, but instead it was just a peephole. Through this, you were able to see and talk to other rooms. Live and dead bugs pass through the broken bug screen on the window. The bathroom was in terrible condition, mold and blood covered the walls and floor. I do not recommend using it doing your stay. They have begun renovations on some of the facilities, including the lobby, beis midrash, and Levine social hall. The food was ok at best, some meals were actually tasty, while others were simply inedible, I found multiple hairs in my mac n’cheese, in addition to the TERRIBLE aftertaste. I have been told if I saw the condition of the kitchen, I would not want to eat the food. While renovations are occurring, they are only starting with the public areas. In conclusion, I would not recommend staying here, a Days Inn, Motel 6, or even a tent would be better than this dump.”

Fallsburgrox wrote: “I heard every sound from the next room.. Even the smell came into my room! And I found a unidentified object in the lobby in the couch and it was dated October 12th 1896 and that right there my friends is just about when this place was booming.. Its time for this place to close down and sell it to Hollywood.. They could make some serious movie outa that building..” Concerned613 wrote: “This hotel is crumbling. It is very old and very poorly maintained. It is a dump! Check out the Super 8 on Broadway in Monticello for a better place! They keep fridges in the rooms. Avoid Shwarma king. It is also a dirty place and a dump.” Gveret26 wrote: “I really wish I didn’t waste my time and money on this place. I was hoping for a nice relaxing vacation and all i got was rude staff, dirty, stinky rooms, the food was ok, but too greasy and unsanitary. I could not wait to get out of that place. i was afraid to feed my kids with that food because i was worried of how it was prepared, i found a hair in my soup! The smell in that hotel was so disgusting, you could see right away and it has not been renovated in ages. Moreover, they really should advertise themselves that they only cater to the Orthodox community. We could not use the pool as a family because they have separate schedules for men and women. DONT GO THERE!!! you will be highly disappointed, this place is a dump!! Department of health should really pay them a visit as soon as possible before someone really gets sick from the mold, unsanitary food preparation and maybe even unsafe buildings and grounds.”

For G-d, For Country, For Moshiach Now!

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  1. It was the section they sent out for the high school getaways for school trips I mean why slander innocent Hasidic people you’re getting shallow

  2. Larry, you are brilliant! I really admire your goat writing skills. As a Fallen Catholic I am repulsed by the Catholic church and its policies on sexual abuse. Please keep writing and I live in Monticello and my town and block are being taken over by the Orthodox Hebrews. This small town doesn’t have the infrastructure to accommodate a mass population movement. Please write an article about that .

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