Goat Donated $50K To Rabbi Notis’ Yeshiva in Lancaster

Goat Donated $50K To Rabbi Notis’ Yeshiva in Lancaster

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The Yeshiva Meor Dovid, of Lancaster, PA, which is run by Rabbi Avroham Notis, was paid close to $50K by convicted pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer back in the fall of 2017, after a civil jury returned a $15 million child rape verdict against Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat.” This was also after the Goat had been arrested by the New Haven police and charged with multiple counts of child rape and risk of injury to a minor. Daniel Greer’s best friend’s son Avi Hack, and Eli Mirlis testified that the Goat molested, sodomized and raped them over several years. Others male students came forward and testified that the Goat molested them as well.

Rabbi Notis was recruiting young men to Daniel Greer’s New Haven yeshiva at the time the Goat made donations close to $50K to Meor Dovid. Notis testified in criminal court that the Goat helped to start the Notis yeshiva in Lancaster, PA. Notis was never asked by the State’s attorney the amount of money that the Goat donated to the Notis yeshiva. Notis also testified that the Goat fired him from his job in New Haven and evicted him from the compound. I guess Notis failed in his attempt to recruit child rape victims for the Goat. Willie Dow, the lawyer for the Goat, called Notis to the witness stand to testify for the Goat. Willie argued to the jury that Notis was under subpoena, was not getting paid by the Goat to testify, and was kicked out of the compound. How can you tell if a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving.

Unfortunately the State’s attorney did not inquire as to the amount of money that the Goat had paid Notis over the two years that he worked for the Goat. Notis may have been paid tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, in salary and in donations to his Lancaster yeshiva. The Goat may have donated even more money than the $50K that I discovered in recent court filings in the Goat’s fraudulent conveyance case. Checks numbered 6901 and 7010, see bank account below, add up to about $50K.

The bio of Rabbi Notis states that Notis learned under Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel in Yeshiva Zichron. Rav Wachtfogel is the son of Rabbi Nosson Meir Wachtfogel of Lakewood, NJ, a family of prominent Orthodox Litvish Rabbis based out of Lakewood NJ. In April of 2017 child rapist Daniel Greer made a donation to Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel. See check number 1101, below. From the 1960s until the present day Rabbi Nosson Wachtfogel worked directly under Rabbi Shneur Kotler. Kotler, who is deceased, is revered, and even worshiped, by hundreds of thousands of religious Jews in the Litvish sect throughout the world. Kotler started the kollel movement, in which young Rabbis spend years engaged in full time Torah study. Their full time status as Torah students is financed by charitable donations and by taxpayers like yourself, as most of them are on the government dole. Wachtfogel was appointed by Kotler to overee the opening of kollels community throughout the world, in Passaic NJ, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Los Angeles, Toronto and Melbourne. Pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer wrote a check to Wachtfogel before Wachtfogel passed away. Greer probably also wrote many donation checks to Rabbi Kotler. Pedophile Greer wrote a check to the wife of Avroham Notis, a Jewish mother who gave birth ten children, more or less, but who wouldn’t allow her children anywhere near the depraved Goat. See check below made out to Chaya Notis. Everyone was on the pedophile Greer gravy train.

The Goat also made donations to Rabbi Shlomo Feivel Schustal, another big name in the Litvish Jewish world. Feivel runs Yeshiva Neos Yaakov. See check number 1100 in the above link. The Goat also made about $2K in payments to Cohen’s Key Shop, in one month. See checks numbered 7041 and 7094 below. Cohen’s key shop is owned by the wife of Gary Lynes, who has been friendly with the Goat for years, although Gary and his wife never wrote letters in support of the Goat after the Goat was convicted. Gary saw action in the Korean War, he probably suffered from PTSD. I knew Gary from the Goat shul and asked him why he continued to fraternize the Goat’s shul after the Goat was sued for child rape. Gary didn’t have much of an explanation other than to say that the Goat was “a friend.” I asked Judge Keys, who was a former friend of the Goat, about the Goat after the Goat was sued for child rape. Judge Keys told me that the Goat is no longer his friend as his friends do not rape children.

Gary passed away on May 8th. See link. His funeral service was officiated by “Rabbi” Harold Hack, the father of Avi Hack, who was raped for years by Mr. Greer. Harold became a Rabbi in 2015. I heard that Harold has been getting booked for rabbi gigs lately. If you need a former pedophile protector to officiate your child’s bar mitzvah Harold Hack is ready, willing and able to do the job. Harold Hack supported the Goat for years, and even helped run the Goat’s sham non-profits. Harold is just as much as a fraud as the Goat. Harold wasn’t bothered when news broke that his son was raped by his best friend. I frequently saw Harold in various synagogues and he didn’t look the least bit upset. Harold’s wife was devastated. You could see it on her face under her black veil she wore all the time. She was in mourning. Harold must have known that the Goat was a depraved pedophile who molested boys for 30 years at his yeshiva. Harold was his right hand man throughout those years. Harold was probably also the Goat’s right hand job man.

The Goat also cut checks to guys named Alexander Charles Levin, Saul Hernandez, Hegal Abramowitz, Yitzchok Felt, and Shlomo Epstein. These were probably guys Notis recruited to fill the pedophile pews in the Goat’s synagogue. They were typically paid between $100-200 a weekend. If they put out for the Goat they got bonuses. See checks in the above link. The Goat also wrote checks to Josue Zarata, Raphael Aulov, Borys Havrlyin, Igor Shestakov, Israel Meir Edert, and Ronan Banurow. These guys were probably also recruited to make the Goat’s minyan. See checks below:

Daniel Greer is a convicted child molester. Greer is an uncharged sex trafficker, no different than Jeffrey Epstein, who recruited minors to his New Haven yeshiva in order to rape them. Greer raped Avi Hack when Avi was a teenager, and continued to rape Avi as an adult. Avi was groomed to worship this depraved Goat. Avi got a job as the principal of Greer’s school, where Avi was in charge of recruiting teenage boys for his master Goat. Avi recruited extra boys, so that Avi could get in on the fun. Avi also molested and abused teenage boys but victims never came forward. Avi initially defended the Goat against the child rape lawsuit but eventually came to his senses and changed sides and testified for rape victim Mirlis. Mirlis initially named Avi in his lawsuit as a co-conspirator, but dropped Avi after Avi decided to help Mirlis against the depraved goat.

After I broke the news in this blog that Daniel Greer was a pedophile back in 2016 Greer sued me for defamation. A month after I broke the news Eli Mirlis filed a federal lawsuit against Greer and obtained a $15 million verdict. A month or so after the verdict Daniel Greer was arrested for child rape. Two years later Daniel Greer was convicted and sentenced to jail for 20 years.

After I broke the news about Daniel Greer, all of Greer’s co-conspirators scattered like roaches. Greer’s children Dov Greer and Ezi Greer skipped town with their families. Greer’s right hand job man Avi Hack skipped town. Greer’s best friend forever “Rabbi” Harold Hack hung around the Goat’s compound in New Haven for a year and then finally decided to skip town and join his son in law Ezi Greer in Waterbury, where he and Ezi are trying to start their own compound in the growing religious Jewish community of Waterbury, CT. Harold’s daughter married the Goat’s son. “Rabbi” Avi Hack lives Providence RI and teaches at a public high school where he teaches and trolls for teenage boys every day. Avi Hack also hangs out at the yeshiva in Providence, where he offers to tutor teenage boys.

After child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died in jail the Federal government charged his Jewish gal pal enabler Ghislaine Maxwell with conspiracy to traffic minors. Had Epstein not died Maxwell would have never been charged. The public was looking for someone to pay the price for Epstein’s crimes. Law enforcement agencies are run by government employees, by definition these agencies are breeding grounds for corruption and incompetence. They only respond to public pressure. I would not have been indicted for mortgage fraud, along with hundreds, if not thousands of others throughout the country had the real estate market not crashed in 2008. None of the big banks were ever indicted. Maxwell was indicted because of public pressure. The enablers of Daniel Greer should also be charged with conspiracy to recruit minor children to the Goat. The enablers include Avi Hack, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, Avroham Notis, Chaya Notis, Harold Hack, and the big name “Rabbis” from Lakewood, ie., Wachtfogel and Schustal. These mini goats would pimp their own children for the right price. They should all be behind bars.

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  1. Hi Larry,

    There is an interesting story about Ari Teman who committed bank fraud. You can look on Rabbipruzanskys blog or just google. It is an intersting story

    1. Correct, but the checks to the Notis yeshiva in Lancaster added up to about $50K. The Goat obviously didn’t want Notis to testify that he received $50K from the Goat at the Goat’s criminal trial. Notis could truthfully testify that he received $25 from the Goat. As far as Wachfogel is concerned, why is this “prominent” Lakewood rabbi accepting any money from a pedophile who had been arrested for child molestation? If Notis got $25 on paper and $50K funneled through other channels, what makes you think the Goat didn’t funnel $50K to Wachfogel through other channels?

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