Goat Drives More Jews Out Of The Compound

Goat Drives More Jews Out Of The Compound

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A few weeks ago another Jewish family fled the compound because of the Goat.  This is in addition to many other Jews who have left the compound since the child rape case was filed against the Goat just before Passover of 2016.  The Goat’s children Ezi Greer and Dov Greer packed their bags, after living in New Haven for the last 30 years, and left for Waterbury and New Jersey.  Avi Hack left to become a rabbi in a little shul in Providence, Rhode Island.  Avi’s father Harold, and Avi’s mother, left almost a year after Avi, and moved to Waterbury.

The Goat then proceeded to evict all non-family members out of the compound.  It took the Goat a year to evict the Undertaker.  The Undertaker had rented a Goat property for almost thirty years.  Even though the Goat booted the Undertaker this past summer, the Undertaker’s apartment still remains vacant.  The Goat did nothing to try to rent out the Undertaker’s apartment.  The apartment needs a considerable amount of work to bring it up to Code.  I am surprised the City hasn’t condemned it for blight.  The Goat and the City may discover a few body parts buried in the basement.  Just a hunch.

The Goat then kicked out the Jewish Harvard / Yale PhD Mathematician / Connecticut historian  This young man stayed with the Goat until the very end.  After that the Goat kicked out an impoverished Jewish woman and her elderly Jewish mother.  Ms. Riskin is currently suing the Goat trying to get her security deposit back.

The Goat recently tried to kick out a young female Yale student named Shapiro.  The Goat started the eviction process but then stopped after I blogged about it.  I would like to know how this young girl was able to stop the Goat.  Such information could be helpful to future victims. The Goat brought a few eviction cases against a guy named Greenblatt.  There currently is an eviction case pending against Greenblatt, with a trial date scheduled for January.

A few weeks ago the Siev family sold their home and fled the compound.  The Siev family even fled the State of Connecticut, out of the jurisdictional reach of the Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys.  Dr. Moshe Siev and his wife lived at 165 Norton Street for almost thirty years and raised their children there.  They had a big house with a clear view of the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street Child Rape Building located on the corner of Elm and Norton.  Their house was a bit outdated and cluttered, but they still managed to get $285K for it.  I would think that houses located near the compound would be decreasing in value.  Who would want to live down the street from a depraved child molester who dresses up as an Orthodox Jewish rabbi every day?

The Goat named Dr. Moshe Siev, a pediatrician, as a character witness in his child rape trial.  Dr. Siev never showed up to the trial.  The Siev family was very upset that I posted a court document showing that the Goat listed the doctor as a witness.  As if I had anything to do with a court document filed by the Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys in the Federal court.  I never told the Goat to file that document.  I am not even on speaking terms with the Goat.  The Goat kicked me down the stairs when I went into his shul to pray.  I am still suffering emotional distress from that incident.

Dr. Siev supported the Goat up until the very end.  When I first got out of jail, which was a few months before the child rape case was filed, there were many rumors flying around the compound.  I had no idea what was going on.  I asked around but couldn’t get a straight answer.  I spoke with Dr. Siev a number of times about the rumors.  He told me that Dov Greer was trying to take over the compound.  In Dr. Siev’s opinion Dov was not qualified to run the compound. Siev felt the Goat was the big macher.  It was the Goat who built up the compound.  Dov never came close to the greatness of the Goat.

Dr. Siev laughed off the rumors of physical abuse against children perpetrated by the Goat.  I was confused.  I heard from former students that the Goat was abusive.  I watched the Goat publicly humiliate his own grandchildren in the shul during religious services.  I was shocked that this pediatrician, who had observed the Goat’s insanity for the last 30 years, would shrug off allegations of abuse.

Eventually Dr. Siev came to his senses and realized the Goat was a madman.  I often wondered if it was the Goat who got all the kids from the compound into Yale.  The Greer, Zelinsky, Siev, and Hack rugrats all got into Yale.  One of the mothers of these rugrats told me that the Jewish tiger moms should get all the credit, not the Goat.  It was the tiger moms who tirelessly drilled and tested these kids from the day they were born.   A tiger is much smarter than a dumb goat anyway.  If these tiger moms knew what was going on with the Goat at the time, the Goat would have been the victim of unspeakable horrors. The Goat would have been found impaled by the Doris Zelinsky spite fence.

The Mathematician told me that the Goat school could have been a Yale feeder school, much like exclusive private boarding schools such as Choate Rosemary Hall, Miss Porters or Philips Academy.  I could see the similarities to the Goat school.  These exclusive schools also sexually abused their children for many decades. And their parents paid far more in tuition than what the parents paid at the Goat school.  To get raped at the Goat school was a bargain compared to those high priced private schools.  Jews are always looking for a good bargain.

But I am still not convinced that the Goat was not influential in getting all those rugrats into Yale.  I am cynical by nature.  The best proof I have is an angry 2010 letter written to the New Haven Register, penned by one of the Jewish tiger moms, in which she blasted the Department of Motor Vehicles because her daughter, who got admitted to Yale University, failed her driver’s test.  She wrote to the Register: “She failed due to a nasty tester with no patience and not a drop of kindness in him. He didn’t like the way she straightened out when pulling into a parking space.  She retook it out on the Shoreline, I think in Old Saybrook, everybody was friendly and pleasant. She passed easily. When it was her kid brother’s turn, I knew to schedule his driving test anywhere but Hamden.”  This tiger mom tried to get the drivers license test rigged for her children!  Is it possible that she tried to do the same to get her kids into Yale University?


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  1. bsd


    Did you drop tools, you slacker hack, and take the last week of December off from your amateurish, gonzo-like, mau-mauing, bullshit journalistic hobby?

    Otherwise, provide your snivelling, crack-addled readership with new blog posts.
    They are starved for reportage.

    Especially since the eminently respectable and humane New Haven Independent staff does not return from Palm Springs until the second week of January.

    Moshiach NOW!

  2. I agree. Time for some new reporting and also add in other other issues in our corrupt city. How about running a story on the judges who got political from friends at 66 years old 4 years ago and now have mandatory retirement and 75% pension who were not even fit to be judges to begin with.

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