Goat Evicting More Jews From the Compound

Goat Evicting More Jews From the Compound

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The last wave of Goat evictions drove out most of the Jews living in the compound, which included the Undertaker, a Yale Mathematician and historian, Andrea and her elderly mother living on social security, a pious Jew who sheltered homeless animals, and a few others who I was unable to interview.  The Goat’s eviction attorney Stuart Margolis has just filed two new evictions against Jews living in the compound.  One eviction is against a guy named Greenblatt, and the other is against a woman named Shapiro.

The case against Greenblatt alleges that Greenblatt didn’t pay the rent over the last couple of months.  The case against Shapiro alleges that Shapiro lived in the Goat building for a year, and now her lease has expired.  The Goat wants Shapiro out.  The Goat Nazi told Shapiro, “No lease renewal for you!”

My preliminary research has revealed that Shapiro is a student at the Yale Law School.  The Goat is a graduate of the Yale Law School.  The Goat has no respect for fellow Yalies.  The Goat also evicted a Yale mathematician. The Goat only has respect for Yalies who he groomed for sexual abuse, like Avi Hack, who is a Yalie.  But the Goat no longer has any respect for Avi Hack.  Avi left he compound after Mirlis filed his rape case against the Goat a little more than a year ago.

Other Yalies also left the compound over the years, taking their Goat secrets with them.  The Goat’s right hand man Harold Hack had Yale educated children who fled the compound, never to return.  Did they know that their brother Avi was getting repeatedly raped by the Goat?  Why didn’t they say anything?

Local New Haven political muscle and Yale Law Professor Ed Zelinsky left the Goat many years ago.  Ed’s Yale educated children also fled the compound.  One became an Assistant United States Attorney, ie., Aaron Zelinsky.  Aaron should put his Yale law degree to good use and indict the Goat and charge him with transporting minors over State lines in order to rape them.  The Goat regularly took Avi Hack to Massachusetts in order to rape him in Provincetown.  The Goat took Mirlis to a hotel in Pennsylvania in order to rape him.  The Goat’s right hand man and Yale Law graduate Mordechai also fled the compound, many years ago.

The people who fled the compound had to have known what was going on. The Goat case is no different than the front page stories about Harvey Weinstein, another depraved monster.  The media was silent while Harvey Weinstein raped innocent victims for 30 years.  The Yalies who fled the compound were silent while the Goat continued to rape teenage boys for decades.  Why did it take 30 years for victims of these monsters to come forward?  Why did Dov Greer and Ezi Greer remain silent for decades while they knew that their Goat father was a depraved child rapist?

There are close to fifty lawsuits pending in the Supreme Court of the State of New York against Yeshiva University alleging sexual abuse of minors.  These lawsuits allege a massive coverup by the Board of Directors and Trustees, who knew all along about rampant abuse and molestation going back to the 1970s.  There are at least 32 guys who filed under the pseudonym “John Doe” suing Yeshiva University.  The Goat’s wife, the Ewe, is listed as an instructor in Judaic studies at Yeshiva University.  Does the Ewe lecture about Jewish laws relevant to being married to a farm animal?

The Goat listed J. David Bleich, a prominent 80 year old rabbi who is a professor at Yeshiva University, as a character witness in his civil child rape case, the case in which the Goat got hammered with a $21 million jury verdict.  The Goat’s attorneys told Judge Shea that they expected Bleich to testify about “Jewish faith, customs, rites, rituals and Hebrew terms pertinent to various exhibits and the case generally.” Bleich is on the Board of Directors of the the Goat’s Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc.

Bleich has held a prominent position at Yeshiva University for the past 50 years.  Yeshiva University paid a law firm millions of dollars to conduct an internal investigation of child sexual abuse at the University.  The law firm concluded: “numerous students were sexually and physically abused over the course of many years by a number of individuals in positions of authority… members of YU’s administration were aware of the abuse, and did not act to protect students.”

Bleich never showed up to testify at the Goat’s civil trial.  It remains to be seen whether Bleich shows up to testify at the Goat’s upcoming criminal trial.


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  1. I wonder if the Goat has something like this up his sleeve, I mean hoof.

    What about if he is trying to repopulate the compound with yeshiva / kollel people who are obedient to him, like Notis.



    He could be trying to place them in these houses under ghost buyers that he controls while reaping the benefits.

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