Goat Files Appeal to Second Circuit

Goat Files Appeal to Second Circuit

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Daniel Greer’s attorneys have officially filed a notice of appeal of the $21 million dollar jury verdict.  The Goat’s attorneys tried to get the jury verdict set aside by filing a number of motions asking Judge Shea to throw it out.  The Goat even dug up some mystery witness who said he was a former science teacher.  This nameless witness said he saw Mirlis sit on Avi Hack’s desk ten years ago.  The Goat’s motions to set aside the verdict were shot down a few days ago by Judge Shea.

On December 15, the fourth night of Chanukah, the Goat’s attorneys filed a document with Judge Shea indicating that the Goat is seeking to have Judge Shea’s orders reviewed by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan.

Where is the Goat getting all this money to spend on attorneys?  The filing fee for the appeal was $505.00.  The Goat’s team of attorneys must have charged close to a quarter million at this point.  The Goat is paying a group of Lakewood misfits to occupy the compound.  The Goat is paying attorneys to evict tenants from the compound.  The Goat is paying attorneys to litigate over 40 tax appeals against the City of New Haven.  The Goat is paying a prominent criminal defense attorney to defend him in his ongoing criminal battle.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals is made up of mostly old Ivy League White men, who may have crossed paths with the Goat back at Yale or Princeton.  Probably a third of the Court is Jewish.  Many of the judges are former prosecutors from the Department of Justice.  Most worked at big white shoe law firms that only hire Ivy League graduates.  CUNY grads may have passed the same bar exam, but they are not qualified to work at a white shoe law firms.  The bar exam doesn’t test in such areas as how to sneer down at losers who didn’t attend exclusive East Coast boarding schools or who didn’t graduate from an Ivy League law school.

A good number of judges on the Second Circuit are former Connecticut District Court judges who work out of offices in downtown New Haven.  The Second Circuit meets to hear arguments in Foley Square, but the individual judges do not work out of downtown Manhattan. The ones from Connecticut work out of offices on Church Street, assisted by law clerks supplied to them by Yale University.  UCONN and Quinnipiac law students are not qualified to assist these men of great wisdom who sit on the Federal Second Circuit. The lowly UCONN law students work down the street at the Connecticut State courthouse and assist the State court judges.  The State of Connecticut is less discriminating in hiring law clerks than the Feds.  The Feds must answer to a higher authority, ie., the Ivy League grads who manage the Foggy Bottom in DC, such as Connecticut Senator and Yale grad Richard Blumenthal or Princeton grad Robert Mueller.

Recently Second Circuit Connecticut Judge and Yale grad Guido Calabrese was honored at a fundraising event at a local New Haven synagogue.  New Haven Jews have claimed Calabrese as part of the tribe, even though his first name is Guido.  Not many Jews are named Guido.  Some have said that his mothers side has some Jewish blood. Others say he was a kidnapped baby.  I will have to ask him about it at the next fundraiser.  I am sure Guido has heard of the Goat.  I would think that an Italian family man like Calabrase would be repulsed by a man like the Goat.

Connecticut Judge Christopher Droney is also on the Second Circuit.  Droney is the former United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut.  Many judges at the Second Circuit worked as United States attorneys.  I am sure Droney will not cut the Goat a break, especially with criminal charges pending against him.  The Second Circuit will defer to the wisdom of Judge Shea, who has extensive experience litigating almost 100 child sexual abuse cases when he defended a depraved doctor who worked at St Francis Hospital in Hartford.

Yesterday was Shabbat and Chanukah all rolled in one.  A big day to celebrate.  The Goat was in his glory.  From Whalley Avenue you could hear the Goat and his group of Lakewood misfits singing songs from the second floor of the Nightmare on Elm Street.  Most Lakewood guys are so politically and religiously right wing that they wouldn’t dare to engage in a conversation with a homosexual, let alone join a shul run by an openly gay man who is battling a $21 million child rape verdict and criminal charges.

I don’t understand what is going on in the mind of Rabbi Notis, a yeshivish guy from a prominent rabbinical family from Cleveland.  Notis must be a patsy for a few powerful Jewish criminals from Lakewood, New Jersey.  They must be looking to somehow cash in on the Goat, or scam the Goat out of his millions.  I should know, I was locked up for almost two years with some of the biggest Jewish criminal minds from Lakewood.  I knew guys who were part of the $200 million Facebook IPO scam orchestrated by Lakewood Jew Eli Weinstein.  I also knew guys who were part of the Dwek conspiracy, from Deal, NJ, not far from Lakewood, who ran a $150 million ponzi scheme.  If I were the Goat I would be very careful in dealing with Notis, I would grow eyes in the back of my head and sleep with one eye open, as the guys used to say in the Big House.

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  1. The man has no shame. Hey goat, shave your fucking beard and take off your yarmulke you sick piece of shit.

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