Goat Files Motion To Reopen $20M Civil Judgment

Goat Files Motion To Reopen $20M Civil Judgment

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Pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer is currently residing in a jail cell in the basement of the Connecticut Correctional Institution in Cheshire. The Goat was forced to sign a 12 year lease with the State of Connecticut. The Goat gets free room and board for a period of 12 years.

The Goat has a $20 million judgment hanging over his horns. The Goat has hired the best lawyers money can buy and has appealed the $20M judgment to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The Goat’s appeal was DENIED by the Appellate Court. The Goat also appealed the foreclosure judgment against his yeshiva building that he purchased from the City of New Haven for a dollar 40 years ago when the Goat’s nickname was the Mayor of Edgewood. The Goat’s appeal of the foreclosure judgment was recently ordered DENIED by the State of Connecticut Court of Appeals. Its only a matter of time before the yeshiva building is sold to the highest bidder. New Haven’s growing Chabad community is looking to purchase this building. Purchasing the building will be the easy part. Getting rid of the squatters and deadbeats will be the hard part. Even though the Goat is locked up in Cheshire, he will order his wife the Ewe chain herself to the building.

The Goat recently filed a motion to reopen the $20 million civil judgment on the grounds that Avi Hack recently appeared before a beit din, a Rabbinical court, as a defendant, on a matter unrelated to the Goat case, and was asked questions about the Goat case before the Rabbinical court. Avi’s attorney in the Goat’s civil case, ie., Steve Errante, also appeared before the Rabbinical court and offered testimony. According to Rabbi Notis, who apparently is one of the Judges in this Rabbinical kangaroo court, Avi and his attorney testified at the Kangaroo Court that they had an agreement with the victim in the Goat case that Avi would testify against the Goat in a videotape deposition in exchange for Avi not having to appear at trial. Rabbi Notis doesn’t have a transcript of the Rabbinical Kangaroo Court proceedings, but he does have an affidavit signed by Attorney Errante stating that Avi agreed to testify in exchange for not getting sued by the victim for Avi’s role in failing to prevent the Goat from raping the victim. Avi knew that the victim was being repeatedly raped by the Goat. Avi ran the boys high school at the time.

Rabbi Notis signed an affidavit attesting as to what Errante said before the Notis Kangaroo Court. Any first year law student will tell you that an affidavit signed by Notis attesting to something that Errante said is deemed hearsay, and not admissible in any court proceeding. I guess the Goat’s attorneys forgot about the hearsay rule. Notis will say anything to get the Goat off. Notis got paid at least $75K by the Goat.

Its not clear what Avi or his attorney said before the Rabbinical Court as Notis has no transcript of the proceedings. Obviously Notis and the Goat are working together to try to get the Goat’s judgment overturned. Notis appeared at the Goat’s criminal trial and testified that victims of rabbi rape are either drug addicts or mentally defective and that the Goat’s victim was a liar. Its not clear why Avi Hack was a defendant in the Rabbinical Kangaroo Court or what the case was all about. The Goat’s attorneys failed to provide any details. Rabbinical Court proceedings are completely private and not accessible to the public.

The Goat’s attorneys seem to acknowledge that they don’t have much of a chance to reopen the Goat case. They argued in their motion the following: “With respect to the merits, defendants recognize that Rule 60(b)(6) sets a very high standard. We respectfully submit, however, that the preliminary showing in our supporting papers provides a basis for the Court to permit further inquiry into the circumstances of Hack’s cooperation agreement, and his non-appearance as a witness at trial.” The Goat’s attorneys are hoping that the Federal Court will allow them to subpoena Avi Hack into Court to allow them to ask Avi about this “cooperation” agreement between Avi and the Goat’s victim. That will never happen. The Federal District Court is not a Kangaroo Court. The lawyer for the Goat’s victim, as well as the State’s Attorney in the criminal case, both failed to haul Avi into court to testify. Avi is sly and cunning. Avi ran out of a classroom full of children when he saw the Marshal walking down the hall with a subpoena. Avi’s wife covered up for him when the Marshal appeared at his house to serve the subpoena.

See the goat’s motion below:


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