Goat Fills His Pews With Lakewood Jews

Goat Fills His Pews With Lakewood Jews

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Rabbi Greer’s next date in the New Haven criminal court to answer charges of child rape is October 18th.  The Goat’s court date did not cause any disruption to his Yom Kippur services this past Friday night and Saturday day.  Many boyz from Lakewood NJ converged into the compound to catch Kol Nidrei services on Friday night.  These boyz weren’t boys.  They were grown men, and appeared to be older than 18 years of age.  A few of them left the compound and wandered into the mikveh ritual bath of the neighboring Jewish community on Friday afternoon.  Nobody seemed to pay much attention to them.  Orthodox Jews living around the compound are now used to seeing unfamiliar Jewish faces every weekend wandering around New Haven. Everyone knows that they are the Lakewood boyz getting paid by the Goat.

There is a mikveh bath also located within the compound.  This bath was run by one of the Goat’s children, either Ezi or Dovie, or the Goat’s adopted child Avi, the one the Goat groomed as a child to be his sex slave.  The mikveh was not owned by the Goat, but he was part of the committee that managed it. After Ezi, Avi and Dovie left town The Goat tried, unsuccessfully, to change the locks on the door to this mikveh.  The Goat may not have any say in this mikveh anymore.  It was closed for some reason during the holidays, forcing the Lakewood boyz to venture out of the compound.

The Goat and his G-men from Lakewood were heard praying long into the night on Friday evening.  You could hear them pounding their chests through the screen windows on the second floor of the Nightmare on Elm Street.  You could hear them all the way on Whalley Avenue.  You could hear the Goat and his G-men shouting out that G-d forgive them for all their sins.

Back in the old days the Goat used to chant these prayers with rape victims Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis at his side.  These victims of the Goat’s depraved acts would stand within ten feet of the Goat, just like the alter boys did with pedophile priests.  They assisted the Goat during the long evening prayers, and daily prayers, which went on for almost the entire next day.  The Goat never sat throughout the entire prayer services.  The Goat stood on his hind legs for about 10-15 hours over the course of 26 hours.  The Goat knew that once fast ended he would engage in numerous depraved acts of sodomy with these young men.

During the civil trial in which the Goat lost a $21 million jury verdict, Avi Hack testified that during one year of Yom Kippur the Goat’s wife, ie., the Ewe, refused to forgive Avi after Avi asked for mechila (forgiveness).  It is traditional before Yom Kippur for an Orthodox Jew to ask another Jew to forgive him for any harm he may have done to the other.  Avi asked the Ewe just before Yom Kippur to forgive him for anything he may have done to harm her during the year.  The Ewe got mad and told Avi that she wanted to have a few words with Avi after Yom Kippur.  The Ewe never forgave Avi and never got around to scolding Avi after the holiday.  It was implied in the videotaped testimony that the Ewe knew that the Goat was raping Avi, and that Avi was asking for her forgiveness for taking the Goat away from his Ewe.  Ironically, when I filmed the Goat and the Ewe walking out of the court house, the only time the Ewe made a sound is when I asked the Goat the following:  “Are you calling Avi Hack a liar?”   The Ewe shook her head and muttered something that was inaudible.

Hugh Hefner paid his prostitutes $1K a week to be his sex slave at the Playboy mansion.  I wonder how much the Goat is paying the G-men from Lakewood to drive all the way out to New Haven to help the Goat keep up this charade.  I don’t know what purpose the Goat has in continuing to spend money to keep up appearances.  The Goat is not impressing anyone.  The Goat’s children have long gone.  The Goat’s friends in New Haven no longer speak with him.  Does the Goat really think that he is going to rebuild the compound when he gets out of jail?




6 thoughts on “Goat Fills His Pews With Lakewood Jews

  1. it is a sad comment on lakewood frumkeit to visibly support greer in his efforts. but then lakewood lives off of the federal and state assistance, and could not exist without the food stamps, the medical assistance and the various supports for indigents which are provided by the citizens of this country via the government. i better not hear any talk about “the schvartzes” from those quarters. in their narrowness they put being a jew above anything and use it as an excuse. it makes me nauseated. there is so much hypocrisy.

  2. bsd

    I was goning to challenge you to connect hefner and the compound, and you beat me the punch. Noodles for President in 2024. Moshiach NOW! Paul Bass is a unicorn.

    1. the difference is that in heifer’s case it was a contract between him and another adult. i am sure there were benefits both ways. the difference in greer’s case is that it involved MINORS ( hack and later mirlis) who, by law, are seen as unable to enter a contract. this is similar to prostitution, which, if it involves an adult prostituent (?) is illegal but morally defensible. this is the basis for people who advocate treating prostitution as a profession, i.e. sex workers.

  3. it would be interesting to find out who is making the “shidduch” between greer and the men who volunteer ( get paid?) to make a minyan. there is something perverted about this effort. i just don’t get it! but then i am just an old jewish mother , and not a macher; or blessed with rabbinic insight and talmudic machinations which are , i am sure, used to justify and legitimize these efforts to enable “rabbi greer” to have a minyan and a soul. G-d help them.

  4. sorry, i meant not a “soul” but a “shul” and the computer autocorrected. maybe there is a wisdom in the autocorrection!!!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LldtyaqMI5w

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