Goat Get Hit With $20 Million Dollar Verdict

Goat Get Hit With $20 Million Dollar Verdict

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The jury was deadlocked all day. They kept sending notes to Judge Shea.  It looked as if the Goat was going to scurry away.

Attorney Ward was walking around with a big smile on his face.  The Cheshire cat smile.  Ward even smiled at the Goat’s arch enemy Larry Noodles.  This was the first time Ward even glanced in my direction.

Attorney Amanda Nugent was yukking it up with Sarah Greer in the hallway.  Attorney Grudberg was more reserved.  Grudberg knows the game.  He was raised by the legendary criminal defense attorney Ira Grudberg.  He knows you don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.  Even the Goat was more reserved.  The Goat may be evil, but he is not stupid.

Attorney Ponvert was on pins and needles.  He couldn’t sit still.  He was pacing the halls.  He looked very nervous.  It didn’t look good.

It was getting late in the day.  Attorney Ponvert’s assistant had to leave the courthouse.  Ms. Mirlis had to go home to her family.  The only people left in the courthouse on the Mirlis side were Ponvert and Noodles.  A Larry Noodles fan who works downtown in Hartford strolled in around 3:30 PM.  She was following Facebook updates I had posted.

The jury sent a note to Judge Shea.  We have a verdict.  Judge Shea called in the jury.  Judge Shea read the verdict.  $15 million dollars in compensatory damages awarded to Mirlis.  Another $5 million for punitive damages.  Daniel Greer and the Yeshiva of New Haven liable on all counts of the complaint.  Ward and Nugent looked like they were going to throw up.  The Goat remained calm, but he looked very angry.  Ponvert was ecstatic. Ponvert ran out of the courthouse to celebrate.

The Goat scurried out of the courthouse as fast as he could, escorted by Ward.  Larry Noodles was there to film the Goat running to his car.  Grudberg was nowhere to be seen.  Neither was Nugent.

Chris Peak from the New Haven Independent followed the goat to his minivan.  Chris reported that the goat hugged Ward before he got into his minivan. The only friends who remain for the goat are people whom the goat hands wads of cash.

Larry Noodles is scheduled to appear in court with the goat on Monday for a hearing that is scheduled for the Goat’s restraining order.  We shall see if the Goat follows through with this hearing.

21 thoughts on “Goat Get Hit With $20 Million Dollar Verdict

  1. Justice is served! Now this criminal needs to be locked up! Thanks Larry Noodles for all you did in exposing this sick depraved huckster!

  2. Larry, thank you among other things for reporting on all these nuances that the newspapers miss.

    It is very interesting that Greer reacts with anger. A lot of evil men go on trial yet only a handful are so arrogant to think they are still above the Court & the victims.

    The only other example I can think of who reacted with anger at being found guilty for his horrendous crimes is Romanian despot Nicolae Ceaușescu.

    In dismissing the Court & his entire nation of victims, he angrily shouted: “This is the Putsch!”


    Definition here

    1. Thank you for finally allowing me to feel closure from literally the worst two yrs of my life. I have always hated both of them. They hurt me, my friends. They caused my parents grief. Your work is appreciated.
      I hope he gets whats coming to him in this world. Her too.
      Thank God.
      The reason he gets angry is because this is a YUGE narcissistic injurt to him. He exists on control, power and appearing enviable. Now, well, now he has nothing left internally. His ego is fractured because people will no longer respect him. He is officially a hollow shell of a shitshow.

  3. thank you, and more thank you for your courage to enforce transparency. and for your courage of not shying away from being hated. my son just spoke to the mother of his roommate in new haven –she had not idea of the trial and the accusations ( so much for transparency on part of the “from ” media). he got his roommate’s phone number. his roommate was one of the students who was locked up in an empty apartment as a punishment. i am proud of my son who smuggled a radio to him.
    i am delighted to hear the verdict. i think is says i pirkei avon that there is wisdom among all the nations. this was clearly the case today. thank you jury who took its track seriously ( al the recalls) and who found this evil “rabbi” guilty. also many thanks to mr. mirlis who had the courage to speak out and to his wife who 9 i assume) supported him.

  4. Thank you for finally allowing me to feel closure from literally the worst two yrs of my life. I have always hated both of them. They hurt me, my friends. They caused my parents grief. Your work is appreciated.
    I hope he gets whats coming to him in this world. Her too.
    Thank God.

  5. I just watched your video segment. I agree with you that Greer will drag out the appeals process. He could do so for many years while eating up his assets with legal fees.

    The New Haven Police are compromised. They have already given a phony excuse to a newspaper through unofficial back channels that they are using to justify closing the criminal investigation. But Greer transported children across State lines to rape them. Has anyone spoken to the FBI?

    Does anyone know by the way if Greer had interaction while at Princeton with the university’s long time moral cretin aka professor of “ethics”, Peter Singer?

    Singer is an infamous proponent of




    Sex abuse of the disabled


    and infanticide

    1. somebody reported Greer to the FBI on their web site. A 72 year old man came forward and wanted to tell the jury that Greer molested him when he was a Yale undergrad and Greer was a Yale law student. There is another victim out there who could have been part of the lawsuit, not sure why he declined to go public. If there are other recent victims who come to the police department then they have a better case.

      1. The FBI is much more likely to take it seriously if an attorney familiar with the case like Ponvert approaches them. I think that Ponvert would do it pro bono even if it wasn’t free advertising. He can hold a press conference outside the FBI field office after he briefs them. His phone will be ringing off the hook with potential clients after that.

        With the FBI on the case, Greer will go from bitter old Goat to Tzigenneh Bupkis, an expression in the Old Country that literally translates from Yiddish as goat excrement.


    ty for your coverage. Following these events closely have brought back many memories and has given me many “aha” moments.

    1. His lawyer said he was going to appeal. To win an appeal after a trial is very difficult in a case like this

  7. What might happen to the many homes his organizations own? What rights might the renters have?

  8. THANK YOU LARRY you, Ponvert and Mirlis are real heroes— you three have done more to protect jewish children than all the so called child protective agencies and organizations!
    Where have all the jewish websites, blogs, newspapers etc. If they cover this at all its only been today. Yasher koach!

  9. You deserve a lot of credit for pursuing this story when other media outlets have not. I hope that the Pulitzer Prize committee has noticed this.

    1. i definitely think that Larry has a book in the making. he touches on so many angles in his reporting of this twisted case, many of which were not part of the court case; such as the conspiracy of silence at many levels, the financial entanglements between greer and the hacks, the cult like atmosphere of the compound ( personally i think that greed’s abuse is best understood in the context of the dynamics of a cult), money matters in general. this is indeed a sordid affair.

  10. larry, could you elucidate me on the whole question of criminal prosecution in a case such as greer’s. a separate blog entry on this question would be great.
    it seems to me that he should be prosecuted for sexual abuse criminally where the punishment would be incarceration as opposed to money. i thought this was automatic, but i am obviously wrong.
    also, the fact that a mandated reporter ( hack) did not report, and that hack and the young greer “conspired” to keep the abuse secret, this also seem to me criminal crimes and should now be treated as such in a criminal court.
    thanks, in advance.

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