Goat Gets Another 45 Days Of Home Confinement

Goat Gets Another 45 Days Of Home Confinement

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Back in the day “Rabbi” Daniel Greer commanded the respect of politicians, police chiefs, and followers of his religious cult in the Edgewood section of New Haven. Daniel Greer was known as the “Mayor of Edgewood.” Daniel Greer was close with Mayor John DiStefano, who ruled New Haven for over 20 years. Daniel Greer held fundraiser dinners in which he surrounded himself with politicians and top brass of New Haven, as well as the State of Connecticut. Senator Richard Blumenthal was a regular at these Goat gatherings. I attempted to contact Blumenthal and ask him about the Goat but he has refused to return any of my phone calls.

The Mayor DiStefano years were mired in controversy, political corruption and Federal investigations. New Haven was the perfect city for the Goat to use his gold to manipulate sleezy politicians. The Goat greased the palms of politicans, who in turn awarded the Goat millions in State grants and City money. The City of New Haven’s Police Department rented the Goat’s building for years as a police substation. The police substation was located one block from the Goat’s synagogue and school, where he raped and molested teenage boys for years. This past week 5,000 protesters showed up in front of New Haven City Hall and Police Headquarters in order to demonstrate against police brutality. They should have also protested police stupidity.

The picture above is of New Haven chief of police Dean Esserman getting a community achievement award from a Rabbi pedophile. I dug through the family court files of Chief Esserman a couple of years ago and discovered that his ex-wife filed a motion for contempt accusing him of not abiding by a court order to pay her $100K. I forwarded this information to the mainstream press but nobody would run the story even though Chief Esserman was under pressure to resign because he was completely incompetent. Esserman frequently publicly berated and insulted anyone who disagreed with him.

Like the Goat, Esserman graduated from Princeton University and has a law degree from NYU. The political and law enforcement establishment protected Esserman for years. After he resigned from his job as chief he was able to land a job at Quinnipiac University. That job didn’t last very long. Esserman is now a “senior counselor” at the Police Foundation located in Washington DC, of all places. Esserman is just another example of a ruthless, incompetent, and powerful member of the law enforcement community who enforced a culture of hostility against the public whom they serve. I have never had my head bashed in by the cops but I was subjected to a mortgage fraud prosecution, and incarceration, by the Department of Justice that probably cost taxpayers a million bucks, a complete waste of money, especially when the Feds and the banks could have tapped into my malpractice insurance policies and got paid in full. Meanwhile violent criminals, like the Goat, roam free. I spent 18 months in Federal prison because the Obama administration was looking for scapegoats for the mortgage meltown of 2008. The few times that I have been pulled over by a cop I was subjected to anger and outrage, as if I had just run over a baby. When I sat through jury selection in the Goat’s criminal trial every juror was asked whether they were biased in favor or against the police and whether they were ever molested or knew someone who was molested as a child. Almost every juror stated that they had bad experiences with the police. Almost every juror stated that they were either molested or knew of a friend or family member who was molested as a child.

The Goat got a slap on the wrist with his 12 year sentence imposed by Connecticut State Court Judge Jon Alander. The Goat was exposed to 80 years in jail. Penn State Pedophile Jerry Sandusky got 60 years. Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in jail. Olympics pedophile Dr. Larry Nassar was sentenced to 175 years.

In most cases pedeophiles and rapists, such as Harvey Weinstein are currently rotting in jail cells, even though they may risk getting the coronavirus in prison. Almost all violent criminals have been denied release because of the virus, but the Feds allowed Michael Cohen to go home and finish his 3 year sentence in home confinement. I heard from the inside of Otisville that Cohen and the Donald reached a truce. The Donald let Cohen out early in exchange for Cohen keeping his mouth shut until after the November elections.

The Goat somehow managed to get released from prison because of the coronavirus. Connecticut State Court Judge Hon. Jon Alander sprung the Goat a month and a half ago. Alander ruled that he would review the Goat’s case in 45 days to decide whether to leave the Goat out or send him back to his pen. Alander just ruled that the Goat will get another 45 days of freedom, in spite of objections filed by the State’s Attorney and the victim Eli Mirlis. It is very rare for a judge to go against the wishes of the victim of a violent crime. But the Goat is not your typical criminal. The Goat is not African American, poor and uneducated. The Goat has goat rabbi privilege.

The Goat is comfortably residing in his house at 133 West Park Avenue in New Haven. Judge Alander gave the Goat permission to leave his house and visit his lawyers, doctors, and attend religious services. The Goat’s connections with the head of the Innocence Project Attorney Darcy McGraw may have been a factor in Judge Alander’s decision. Judge Jon Alander is a career Connecticut State employee. After Alander graduated from Yale he headed up the New Haven Legal Assistance Association and the Department of Human Resources before he was appointed to the bench. Alander must have known of the Goat before he was appointed to the bench. The New Haven Legal Assistance office is located a couple of blocks from where the Goat had his law office in downtown New Haven. I wonder if Alander has a soft spot for the Goat, like career Connecticut State employee Darcy McGraw, who heads up the Innocence Project. McGraw signed a letter asking Alander to go easy on the Goat. See link.

Daniel Greer was not your typical lowlife pedophile ultra Orthodox rabbi who ran a small cult of freakish uneducated followers. You will find plenty of deranged cult leader rabbis in Lakewood, Boro Park, Upstate New York and the Holy Land. Some of these guys lead their cults, and abuse their followers, from a trailer park or an outpost in disputed land in the West Bank. The Goat is unique in that he is a graduate of Princeton University and Yale Law School. The Goat was an up and coming lawyer on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where he had connections with rich and powerful Jews who ran the City of New York. The Goat even had a job with the City of New York for a brief period of time. The Goat settled in New Haven and used his money, power and influence to take over an entire New Haven neighborhood.

I refer to Daniel Greer as the “Goat” because Daniel Greer turned his garage into a barn, complete with bales of hay, ducks, goats, and chickens. Much like Michael Jackson used his Neverland Ranch to attract minors for molestation, Greer used the Greer Garage to attract children to his compound, which consisted of 40 properties located in a couple of square miles, surrounded by eight foot high stockade fencing that was constructed by the Goat in order to hide his activities. Plus the Goat sincerely believes that he is the Greatest Of All Time. This blog is about crime. Everyone in prison has a nickname. Now that the Goat has actually done some time in jail, his nickname is now official. He will forever be known as “The Goat.”

The Goat was allowed to roam the streets of New Haven for 40 years committing massive fraud and rape right under the nose of the New Haven Police Department, the State Police and the Justice Department. If I never brought attention to the Goat’s connections to the politicians and the police department the Goat would still be a free range goat. Shutting down the Police Department and the Justice Department may not be such a bad idea. There needs to be an alternative to the current system of uncontrolled power, brut force, incompetence and corruption.

Hopefully in 45 days Judge Alander will send the Goat back to jail where he rightfully belongs.

For God, For Country, For Skull & Bones, For Yale!

Tune in for more news from the inside, and the outside…

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  1. Hi Larry, you say: The picture above is of New Haven chief of police Dean Esserman getting a community achievement award from a Rabbi pedophile. But there is no picture above whatsoever. Maybe you forgot to attach it ?

    1. I had a “cache” problem. It wasn’t a conspiracy by Chief Esserman and the Goat.

  2. Darcy McGraw, Seth McFarlane, Billy McFarlane.

    I have to rethink this “Mc” thing. Whodathunk I was under the impression “Mc” meant Mick (irish).

    Apparently the wanderers co-opted “Mc” too. Clever girls.

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