Goat Gets Criminal Case Rescheduled

Goat Gets Criminal Case Rescheduled

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The Goat’s criminal case was scheduled for court today in New Haven for a pretrial conference.   The Goat’s attorney got it rescheduled for January 3, 2018.  Today Daniel Greer was able to stay in his Nightmare on Elm Street shul with his new family of Lakewood guys angling to get some Goat gold.  Why else would these guys hang out with an openly gay “rabbi” charged with child rape?

The Goat’s sons Dov and Ezi hung around the compound for the same reason.  They waited 30 years for the Goat to crash.  After the Mirlis lawsuit was filed their wives told their husbands that it was time to leave town.  They couldn’t risk exposing their children to this monster.  More importantly, they couldn’t handle the stares and questions from their friends and neighbors in the Orthodox Jewish community.  Orthodox Jews live in very insular communities.  There is no personal space, no privacy.  Everyone knows each other’s business.  How do you explain to everyone why you lived in the Nightmare on Elm Street for 30 years?

Psychologists say that the fear of public humiliation is greater than the fear of death.  Like so many former teachers, students, and families, the Dov, Ezi and Avi packed up and left town, never to return. Even Avi’s father Harold Hack left town.  Ironically, the Greer and Hack families watched the Goat abuse and chase families out of the compound for years.  Yet they subjected themselves and their own children to the Goat’s daily abuse for 30 years.

Were the Goat boyz and Avi Hack suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome?  There are many cases where kidnap victims consciously choose to remain imprisoned.  Victim Elizabeth Smart could have escaped from her kidnapper.  She said she stayed because she was raised a religious Christian and felt impure and worthless after getting raped, and couldn’t handle the stigma.  Talk about mind control.  The stigma attached to a  man getting raped by another man is far worse than the stigma of a woman getting raped by a man.

During trial the Goat’s attorneys attacked Mirlis for going back to the compound to visit, and even honor the Goat who raped him.  Did these attorneys ever wonder why the Goat boyz and Avi Hack chose to remain on the compound for 30 years?  The expert doctor who testified at the trial stated that it was possible that Ezi Greer was raped by the Goat.

On occasion Mirlis came to New Haven and spend a Shabbat on the compound.  His wife testified that she got in a fight with Mirlis every time he wanted to visit the compound.  She testified that she never left her kids alone with the Goat. Judge Shea told the Goat’s attorneys that it was not uncommon for child rape victims to continue a relationship with their tormentor long after they are no longer being victimized.  When Judge Shea was a lawyer he represented a doctor who had raped at least 50 children at St. Francis Hospital.

Mirlis used to visit the compound on occasion.  I used to see him at the compound.  Every time he came to New Haven he spent most of his time with Ezi and his family.  He never spent any time with the Goat or anyone else.  It was rare to see visitors in the compound.  Most who left never came back.  You only got to see Greer or Hack family members or their in-laws come to visit the compound.  And these visitors couldn’t wait to leave.  Some of them weren’t even on speaking terms with the Goat.  It was like an episode from the Adams Family.  Visitors from the outside never knew what to expect.  During the hottest days of the summer bats would fly down into the shul building from the rafters.  I still remember seeing a giant shadow of a bat on the floor of the shul hallway.  I looked up in horror to see Ezi Greer running down the hall with a net trying to catch the bat, all the while smirking with a devilish grin.  He tried to get me to help him catch the bats.  I ran out of there as fast as I could.

Mirlis may have come for an occasional visit, but Ezi, Dov and Avi were at the compound 24/7.   They were up at 6:45 AM for morning services with their kids.  After morning services they let their kids spent time with the Goat learning, even sitting on his lap and going into his private office.  After services Ezi spent most of the day in his office on the first floor of the shul building managing the Goat’s 40 or more properties.  You could hear the Goat bellowing down the hall in his office.  The Goat spent most of his day yelling at his secretary Jean Ledbury.  Dov Greer would spend much of the day in the next room preparing for Talmud classes that nobody attended other than the Goat and Ezi.  Avi spent the day teaching the boys in the high school on the second floor of the building.  The Goat, Ezi, Dov and Avi all met again during afternoon and evening prayer services.  Between afternoon and evening services Dov gave his Talmud class, ie., the Daf.  True to form the Goat constantly interrupted the class with his own interpretations, and started arguments with his son Dov.

After evening services the Goat had late night learning until 10 PM.  Dov, Ezi and Avi spent almost every moment of the day with the Goat, or within earshot of the Goat.  This went on for close to 30 years.  I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of mental damage that the Goat caused Dov, Ezi and Avi.  Why did they stay for so long?  They must have been suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome.

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  1. I hope the criminal caseflow clerk in new haven JD (Lipman) isnt shuffling Slick Willie’s cases around and having continuances granted that are filed less than 24 hours before the scheduled event for GRATIS!

    Merry Merry

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