Goat Gets His Own Appraisal Of The Goat House

Goat Gets His Own Appraisal Of The Goat House

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Daniel Greer the Rabbi Goat filed an objection to the foreclosure case filed against the Goat’s personal residence that he shares with his loyal Ewe.  The Goat’s Objection was filed by the Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys from the Sklarz Law Firm, the same firm that represents Goat Copy, the company owned by Goat buddy Lou Goatberg, which recently got raided by the Feds for evading over a million bucks in Federal taxes.  The Goat’s business partner Attorney William Gallagher, the goyish Goat, stole over a million bucks from his clients’ trust funds accounts.  The Goat’s former business partner and law professor at Cordozo Law School, ie., Ed Zelinsky, is currently a defendant in a lawsuit in which heirs claim that Zelinsky stole a million bucks from their estate.

Zelinsky and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito were bunkies at Yale Law School.   Larry Noodles was bunkies with old timer Jewish mobster Neighborhood Mitch at Otisville.  Actually I was never bunkies with Neighborhood Mitch.  Neighborhood Mitch threatened to kill me and my family because Sonny told Mitch that I had called Mitch a rat.  I never called Mitch a rat, but it didn’t matter, Mitch wanted everyone to know he was a big time mobster and he could have people killed at any time.  I can attest that Mitch never killed me or any member of my family.  I eventually befriended Mitch.  I got to meet Mitch’s girlfriend Bunny.  I used to steal some eggs for Mitch at the warehouse.  Mitch said he needed his protein.

The Goat owes Mirlis close to $22 million in the Federal civil judgment in which the Goat was found liable for child rape.  The Goat, Goat Copy, the Goy Goat, and Ed Zelinsky are proud members of the Multi Million Dollar Deadbeat Debtor’s Club.  They should all file bankruptcy.  The only person who filed bankruptcy in the compound was Rabbi Notis, who owed $45K in credit card bills, chicken scratch.  Notis will never make it to the Million Dollar Deadbeat Debtor’s Club.

Cordozo Law School is the same school where Goat buddy and current member of the Goat’s Board of Directors of the Goat Shul, ie.,  Rabbi J. David Bleich teaches law and ethics.  You can ask Rabbi Bleich why he still is a member of the Yeshiva of New Haven, why the Yeshiva of New Haven hasn’t paid rape victim Mirlis one shekel on the $22 million dollar verdict and why the Goat still receives paychecks from the Yeshiva of New Haven.  Simply email Rabbi Bleich at bleich@yu.edu.  I already tried to contact Rabbi Bleich but he has ignored me.  He only speaks with Goats, Ewes and child molesters.  Because I am not a goat or a child molester or a Ewe, he will not give me the time of day, or the time of night for that matter.

The above picture is of the Goat standing next to the giant window in the front of his Goat shul, where the Goat gets to leer at every teenage boy in the shul.  The prayer book the Goat is holding is just a prop, the Goat doesn’t respect one word in the entire prayer book.  The Goat doesn’t have a religious bone in his entire body.  The prayer shawl and yarmukle are just part of the costume, the Goat has no fear of G-d, Obama, the New Haven Police Department, Larry Noodles, or anyone else for that matter.  The above photo of the Goat is a Larry Noodles exclusive.  It was very difficult for me to find a photographer from National Geographic who was able to snap a picture of the Goat in his natural habitat.

If the Goat extended his left hand he would practically touch the head of his long time buddy of 30 plus years Doctor and Rabbi Harold Hack.  Harold sat right in front of the Goat, to the Goat’s immediate left when the Goat faced the teenage boys in his shul.  The titles “Doctor of Greek history” and “Rabbi” are props for Harold Hack.  If Harold never met the Goat he would still be a nobody with no money.  Harold would be teaching a few classes for chicken scratch at Southern Connecticut State University. The Yale Mathematician PhD, who got evicted by the Goat, teaches at Southern for chicken scratch, but at least he has his self respect, as well as Natalie Portman’s couch and bookcase, which he bought from Natalie when he attended Harvard.  No joke.  I have personally sat on Natalie Portman’s couch.  It has seen better days.

To the left of Harold Hack, in the next row of tables, was Harold’s son Avi Hack, who started to get raped by the Goat when he was a young teenager.  This relationship continued for 13 years until Avi Hack got married. Avi Hack testified that he told the Goat that he couldn’t have two wives, so he had to dump the Goat before he got married, much to the Goat’s disappointment.  It was probably about this point, or some time shortly thereafter, that the Goat testified that he refused to hand over signed blank checks to the Hack family.  The Goat never admitted that he carried on a sexual relationship with Avi Hack for 13 years.  The Goat never admitted that he repeatedly raped Mirlis all over the compound.  The Goat took the Fifth Amendment.  By the Goat’s own testimony it was obvious that he raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis.

The Goat submitted his own appraisal to the Court, which was attached to his objection to the Mirlis motion to foreclose.  The Goat submitted pictures of the interior of his Goat residence.  No pictures of the inside of the Goat Garage showing the goats running around bales of hay.  In the picture of the Goat’s sitting room there is a picture of a man wearing a red tie. The face of this man is cut off.  Could this be a picture of the depraved Goat himself?

As you can see from the photos, the Ewe’s kitchen hasn’t been updated in 50 years.  The Goat was always fond of telling the story about how he acquired the Goat house on 133 West Park Avenue.  The Goat said the house was rundown and occupied by numerous hippies, with a few young children running around.  The Goat said that a former Bankruptcy Trustee named Richard Belford was living in the house, as a hippie, long before Belford became a serious attorney.   The Goat bellowed and laughed about how these hippies lived alternative lifestyles.  These hippies didn’t live up to the high standards of the depraved child molester the Goat.


4 thoughts on “Goat Gets His Own Appraisal Of The Goat House

  1. You should leave the Goldbergs and Hacks out of your summary judgement of Greer. You lump them all together, holding them to guilt by association. Most people in the New Haven Community – the nice ones, who don’t know how to hate – were victims of guilt by association – We all were duped.

    1. Goat Copy continued to support the Goat long after the child rape lawsuit was filed, long after Avi Hack, a lifelong friend of Goat copy, revealed that he had been raped by the Goat. Goat Copy knew rape victim Mirlis very well. Goat Copy stopped supporting the Goat after I blogged about him. For many years the golden Goat, who is worth upwards of $10M, gave the Hacks blank checks. The Goat gave the Hacks real estate, lucrative jobs, free food, free rents, and other amenities. Hack was the Goat’s enforcer, he attacked the Chabad community for many years, ask the old timers about Hack’s history as a local Judenrat. A Hack girl married a Goat boy. This is the way cults operate. There is much, MUCH, more to this story than Larry Noodles has reported. You should stick to writing rifs for Cheerios commercials, you are not an investigative reporter. Cheerio, from Larry Noodles, no pun intended.

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