Goat Girls School Offers “Yale Trained Faculty”

Goat Girls School Offers “Yale Trained Faculty”

This is an old advertisement for the long defunct Goat school for girls.  The Ewe was the principal and ran the school.  “Doctor” Mordechai Biser was also involved.  I do not know why Mordechai Biser always referred to himself as “doctor.”  He is a Yale Law school graduate.  Technically he is a Juris Doctor, or “a doctor of law.”  But lawyers don’t refer to themselves as doctors.  Only at the Goat school do lawyers want to play doctor.

It is also puzzling why Mordechai Biser chose to work at the Goat school after he graduated Yale Law School.  Most Yale law graduates make a goat line to Wall Street to secure high paying jobs at prestigious law firms, or clerk for Supreme Court Justices. Why would a Yale Law School graduate work for the Goat?

Goat graduate Aaron Zelinsky went to clerk for United States Supreme Court Justices John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy after he graduated Yale Law School.  Zelinsky’s father and former Goat confidant Ed Zelinsky probably helped young Aaron land that clerkship.  Ed went to Yale Law School with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Ed is currently embroiled in a lawsuit which accuses him of stealing a million bucks from an estate.

Usually the Department of Justice bring indictments against guys who steal a million bucks.  Ed’s son Aaron is an assistant United States Attorney.  I wonder if Aaron would ever indict his father Ed?  It took Avi Hack over twenty years before he “indicted” his adopted father, the Goat, and testified against him in the Mirlis trial.  To this day the Goat’s children refuse to expose the secrets of their depraved father, even after the $20 million Mirlis verdict.  Ezi, Dov, Batsheva, Esther and Chana need to do complete teshuva, repentance, for remaining silent while Mirlis and others got raped, and contact Detective Kris Cuddy at 203-946-6304 X 1313, and tell her EVERYTHING.

The Goat made sure to mention in his advertisements that the Goat school had “Yale-trained faculty.”  Is this the reason why the Goat sent two of his children to Yale, along with many other kids from the compound, such as three Zelinskys, one Siev, and two Hacks.

The Goat grandchildren were never encouraged to go to college, let alone Yale.  The Goat disdained college.  The Goat, of all people, referred to Yale as “Sodom and Gomorrah” when he sued Yale in the infamous Yale Five case.  The Goat case went down in flames, just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Goat’s boys, and Avi Hack for that matter, didn’t use their Ivy League degrees for anything useful other than working for the Goat at the Goat school.  Working for the Goat did not require an Ivy League degree.  The only requirements one needed were:  1. to look the other way while the Goat raped children and 2. help the Goat pillage the City of New Haven and the State of Connecticut with non-profit scams.

The Goat referred to his three family houses, all painted maroon and forest green, with eight foot high fences, as “beautiful dormitories.”  The girls dorms were constantly being searched by henchmen of the Goat for such contraband as fashion magazines and secular reading material.  The Tikva girls were terrified of the Goat.  They called their parents every day begging to come home.  Unfortunately, their parents were too trusting of the Goat and his “Yale-trained faculty.”

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  1. “They called their parents every day begging to come home.”

    Except when they would take away the phones and instructed us not to tell our parents about what was going on in school.

    1. I tried overdosing on Tylenol to get out of that hell hole. Those evil people left a 14 yr old kid alone in the hospital until her out of state parents could get there – just pulled up to the ER and left me there alone for days. Then when my parents came – never let them on campus – not even to discuss the incident or to pack up my belongings. Then… to top it all off… they sent letters bashing my character to the Jewish girl’s school I interviewed at next. Thank god their crazy cooky ways were known already and I got in anyway. AND the only way they would’ve known I wanted to go to that school… I wrote it in my diary – my wish to go there. Evil vindictive people who ruined MANY young peoples’ lives. My father was approached about being apart of a group lawsuit and declined because of how he felt facing it all again would be super negative for me. Looking back now… we would’ve never gotten anywhere with it… but it would’ve felt good if they had been punished for all the horrible things they did.

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