Goat Looking to Evict Prominent Yale Mathematician

Goat Looking to Evict Prominent Yale Mathematician

The King Goat has evicted a number of people from the compound since the Mirlis child rape case was filed.  I wrote about how he kicked out a family of poor and elderly Jews.  I wrote about how the Goat was kicking out other Jews in the compound, including a Jewish Undertaker.  The Goat has now decided it was time to kick out a prominent Jewish mathematician who holds degrees from both Harvard and Yale.  I will never understand why the Goat harbors such hatred towards Jewish people.

This young mathematician rents a goat apartment located at 799 Elm Street.  This man is the son of a famous Jewish mathematician who discovered the Floyd-Warshall Algorithm.

This young man also created his own website about the history of the State of Connecticut.  I would highly recommend this blog, even if you don’t live in the State of Connecticut.  The podcast about the Pequot War is riveting.  The Pequot Indians would have scalped the goat if they were still around.

This young mathematical genius was once rumored to be the smartest man in America when he studied at Harvard.  The Goat already drove the most honest man of America out of the compound, ie., Rabbi Muroff.   If the Goat drives out the smartest and most honest men the only people left will be the schmucks and gonifs.

The Goat sent this mathematical wizard a threatening letter from Goat attorney Stuart Margolis.  Margolis handles all of the Goat’s evictions in the compound.  The Goat then had his marshal Mark Winik serve this scholar with a notice to quit.  Winik is the same marshal who threatened me with physical violence because I wrote about his dealings with the goat on this blog.

At Harvard this mathematician was featured in the Harvard Crimson magazine.  Here is an excerpt from the Harvard Crimson article:

‘Warshall deftly slides into one of the Science Center cubicles sporting a full, bushy beard and a well-worn Phillips Andover cap. He fidgets in his chair, intensely concentrating on the desk’s surface as he formulates his responses. He muses upon his dichotomous role as math concentrator and Jew, navigating between the Science Center and Hillel. “Both groups think I belong to the other group,” he explains while anxiously fingering his Andover ring. “But it’s good for no one to say they own you.”  Someone attempted to discover Warshall’s true place for him his freshman year, when a rumor circulated that Fortune had ranked him the smartest kid in America. Warshall, perplexed, researched the claim, but didn’t find any evidence to support it. “People were taking me seriously enough to make up rumors,” he concludes.’

The Floyd-Warshall algorithm:

Floyd-Warshall example.svg

The Goat’s brain:


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    I thought Floyd Warshall was the name of the guy who owned the General Store on Green Acres. Or maybe he just had a pig named Floyd.

    Moshiach NOW!

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