Goat Loses Eviction Trial Against The Undertaker

Goat Loses Eviction Trial Against The Undertaker

Yesterday the Goat went to housing court to try to evict the Undertaker.  The Undertaker has been a tenant of the Goat for close to 30 years.  The Undertaker even took care of the Goat’s father, Moses Greer, by learning Torah with him to keep his mind sharp, as he suffered from Alzheimer’s.  After Moses Greer passed away the Goat wrote a letter to the Undertaker thanking him.

Over the last several months the Goat stopped talking to the Undertaker.  The Goat thought that the Undertaker was leaking secrets of the compound to Larry Noodles.  The Goat clearly is suffering from dementia and paranoia.

The Goat proceeded to start an eviction case against the Undertaker.  The Goat didn’t even wait for the Undertaker’s lease to expire.  The Goat claimed that the Undertaker was running a business from the basement and thus violated the lease.  The Undertaker has been storing items in his basement for years, without a word from the Goat.  The eviction was filed by the Goat’s eviction attorney Stuart Margolis.

I showed up at court yesterday to observe the proceedings.  The cowardly Goat refused to show up.  He was hiding in the compound.  He sent his underlings to do his bidding.  Everyone except the Goat’s marshal Mark Winik was there.  Mark was at home plotting to attack Larry Noodles.  The Goat’s marshal threatened to beat me up this past Sunday in a room filled with 100 people.  I am not sure why this man dislikes me.  He may be friends with the Goat.

I haven’t been threatened since I got out of jail.  Actually after I got out Neighborhood Mitch had some messages sent to me from prison saying he was going to send a few boys over to beat me up.  I am not sure why he was mad at me.  In prison he threatened to kill me, but when I got out he only threatened serious bodily injury.  I am thinking about hiring a full time bodyguard.  If anyone out there wants to apply for the job I will offer full benefits and health care through Obama Care or Trump Care.

The Judge ruled against the Goat in the eviction trial.  The Goat cannot evict the Undertaker.  During negotiations the Goat tried to extort additional rental money from the Undertaker in order to settle the case.  The Undertaker was not bullied.  The Judge set the case down for another date in early April, as the Judge required the Undertaker to clean the basement.  The Judge is going to keep the case open for some time until the basement is cleaned out.  The Goat must be paying his attorney a lot of money while this case drags out.



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