Goat Loses Two Properties Worth $400 K

Goat Loses Two Properties Worth $400 K

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Up until this past Monday, the first day of Sukkot, Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” owned two building lots in the rural town of Bethany.  The Goat lost these lots on Monday when law dates entered against in the foreclosure case filed by rape victim Eli Mirlis.  Title automatically transferred to Eli Mirlis on Sukkot.

Eli Mirlis will have to sell these lots in order to pay his attorneys.  The lots are valued at about $200K each.  It may take many months to sell these lots.  It’s not easy to sell building lots.

These lots were the scene of a Goat crime.  Back in 2005 the Goat took Eli Mirlis to these lots for a picnic.  The Goat wanted to have sex with Eli in the woods.  The Goat’s house was probably occupied by the Ewe at the time.  The school dorms were probably occupied by other potential rape victims, ie., the goat’s students.  The sleezy Branford Motel had no vacancy. The lots were the perfect location to rape a child.

Eli testified in his rape trial that he was relieved that it started to rain when they arrived at the building lots.  Eli said he told the Goat he did not wish to have sex in the rain.  The Goat took Eli back to the compound.  The Goat may have attempted to rape Eli back at the compound, but that was never brought up in the trial.  Eli was stuck in the compound.  Eli couldn’t go home to New Jersey, as his family was extremely unstable at the time.  If Eli refused to submit to the Goat the Goat threatened to kick him out of school and send him back to New Jersey.

Over Sukkot I spoke with a man who spent Shabbos with his family at the compound about a year before the child rape case was filed against Daniel Greer the Goat.  He had known the Goat for almost thirty years, although he rarely came to New Haven.  This man, who requested that I do not reveal his identity, was a student at a Yeshiva, ie., the Torah Academy, that was located at 330 Blake Street, which closed in the 1980’s.  The Goat prayed at this Yeshiva and knew many of the teenage male students.  This man told me that the Goat and the Hack family had many boys from the Torah Academy sleep over their houses for Shabbos.  The Torah Academy closed at about the same time that the Goat opened his yeshiva back in the early to mid 1980s.  Both Yeshiva’s catered to the same crowd.

This man told me that the Goat came to New Haven with a lot of money to start his cult and buy buildings for the compound.  This man wasn’t sure if the money came from the Goat’s side of the family or the Ewe’s side of the family.  My impression is that the money came from the Goat’s side of the family.  I heard the Goat speak about how his mother came from a very wealthy family in Egypt, with jewels, servants, fancy clothing, Egyptian cotton bedding, etc…  Daniel Greer the Goat used to say that his mother fled the country with just the clothing on her back after Israel declared independence.

The Goat lied about his mother fleeing the country with only the clothing on her back.  Many Jews left Egypt in the 1940s before and after the establishment of the State of Israel, along with many Europeans because of Egyptian nationalism.  Egypt did not start to confiscate property of Jews or Europeans until the Suez Canal crisis of 1956.  The Goat was born in America in the late 1930s, long before Jewish property was getting confiscated in Egypt.  The Goat’s mother must have left Egypt with all her money.  She ended up marrying an Ashkenazi Jew, which was unheard of in those days.  He must have married her for the money.  The Goat’s preference for men may be related to his experience with his own parents.  The Goat may have resented his mother because she was the big macher in the Greer family.  A powerful Sephardi Jewish matriarch living in an patriarchal Ashkenaz world.  It must have been humiliating for the Goat growing up on Riverside Drive of the Upper West Side.  The Goat’s Ashkenaz friends probably teased him about his mother with her French accent and dark skin.  They probably also teased him because he was the only goat living on the Upper West Side.  I almost feel bad for the Goat.

Back in the 1980s the Goat had visions of starting a cult in the compound.  The Goat hired a Yale Law school graduate to run the compound.  Avi Hack was still a teenager at the time.  Avi was being groomed by the Goat for molestation.  Mordecai ran the compound.  There are old photos from the Jewish Ledger with pictures of the Goat and Mordecai and Presidential candidate Jerry Brown.  The Goat was a major player back in those days.  The Goat was connected with local political power broker and Yale law professor Ed Zelinsky.

Mordecai called me recently in order to clear up some of the facts that I had written about him in earlier blogs.  He wants to set the record straight.  He told me that his experience in New Haven was miserable.  He said the Goat was abusive.  The Goat told Mordecai that he was having cash flow problems and would have to raise some money for his salary.  The Goat told Mordecai that he would pay him in a lump sum at some future point in time.  Mordecai worked for free.  Mordecai said that the Goat ended up owing him fifty thousand dollars in salary.  Mordecai had to take a mortgage out on a Goat property.  Eventually Mordecai had enough of the Goat’s abuse.  Mordy confided in a local rabbi who ran Bikur Cholem.  The local Rabbi advised Mordecai to leave New Haven and get as far away from the Goat as possible.  Mordecai took his $50K from the Goat and left town, never to return.  Avi Hack was ready to take over as the Goat’s partner in crime.

Avi’s father Harold Hack was already deeply involved with the Goat at the time Mordy left the compound.  Harold already proved himself to be a loyal servant of the Goat.  The Goat got Harold an easy job with the City of New Haven that paid well.  The Goat would score big time, no pun intended, when he recruited Avi as his underling.  The Goat would now control the purse strings of the entire Hack family, which also included the Goat’s own son Ezi, who was married to a Hack daughter.  The Goat was happy as a pig in goat feces.

The man I met over Sukkos told me that he spent Shabbos at the compound about a year before the rape case broke.  He said that he hadn’t been in the compound in many years.  He said that he mentioned to the Goat that the plaques of the old days of the Lindsay Administration were missing, along with other mementos.  He said he also noticed that a bureau was missing from the Goat house.  He said that the Goat and his Ewe looked at each other in a strange way, as if they were having a private telepathic conversation.  He said after a few minutes the Goat bellowed to his teenage male students, who were in the room, that this man was a “dangerous individual.”   The Goat told them to avoid anyone with a good memory.  A good memory is a dangerous thing.  This man told me that it was the most bizarre experience he has ever had with the Goat.

At the time this man spent Shabbos with the Goat I was getting ready to turn myself in to Federal prison in a mortgage conspiracy involving fifty New Haven properties that were in foreclosure.  I only closed a handful of deals, but that was enough for the Feds to drag me into a multi-million dollar conspiracy.  This man told me that the Goat brought up my name that Shabbos.  The Goat and his sons told this man that I was about to go to jail and that they were interested in buying up some of “my properties” that were in foreclosure.  I didn’t own any properties that were in foreclosure.  I just acted as the closing attorney in a few deals.  The Goat didn’t mention to this man that he had known me for years.  The Goat didn’t mention that Dov Greer wrote letters on my behalf to my sentencing judge.  The Goat and his sons didn’t mention that Dov Greer spoke at my sentencing and told Judge Hall that I was an upstanding member of the Goat community.  All they told this man was that they were looking to scoop up some of “my properties” on the cheap.

Rabbi Daniel Greer the Goat has two court dates coming up in his criminal matters.  On October 3, the day after Shemini Atzeres, the Goat must appear at the criminal court house at 235 Church Street, New Haven, on his child rape case.  So far this case has been pushed off for over a year.  Eventually the Goat will have to face trial.  It could be another year before the Goat will be judged by jurors of his peers.  Actually, the jurors will not be his peers, as the jurors will be human and the Goat is a farm animal.  The Goat may have grounds to appeal if he is convicted by jurors who are not his peers.

On October 16, the Goat will have to appear at the Housing Court located at 121 Elm Street, New Haven in his criminal matter in which he is alleged to have purposely ignored requests by the Housing inspector to comply with lead abatement orders after a child got lead poisoning after living in one of the Goat’s apartment building.  The Housing Code enforcer rarely makes arrests of slumlords for intentional violations of lead abatement orders.  Rabbi Daniel Greer is the only goat who has been arrested in recent history, at least according to the Communist publication known as the New Haven Independent, see link.

The Goat was almost busted in 2008 by the Feds, ie., the Department of Environmental Protection, see link.   One of the Goat’s apartment buildings was occupied by Yale professor of Environmental Engineering Paul Van Tassel and his wife, a blond shiksa and professional photographer Karissa Van Tassel.  At the time the compound was being run by the Goat’s right hand job man Avi Hack.  The Goat settled the case with the Feds for almost $200K.  Pocket change for the Goat.  The Goat didn’t get arrested.  Avi Hack, was quoted by the Hartford Courant:  “We are pleased that this issue has been resolved for the good of the community,” said Avi Hack, vice president of Edgewood Village. “Now we can devote our full attention to rehabilitating homes in Edgewood Park and developing affordable housing in New Haven.”  Karissa Van Tassel was also quoted by the Hartford Courant: “It means they’ve been forced to change their practices, other families will not have to go through this.  I give the EPA credit for seeing this through, it took great determination on their part to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”  Karissa didn’t realize at the time that the settlement did not force the Goat to change his “practices.” You can’t change the moles on a goat.  The Van Tassels have since moved to the Yale hipster neighborhood known as East Rock.

What was the Goat thinking when he rented a lead contaminated building to a Yale Professor of Environmental Engineering?  Van Tassel is currently the Chairman of the Yale Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.  The Goat never let anyone intimidate him. It was always the Goat who engaged in threats, intimidation, abuse and molestation.  The Goat had a loyal cult following he could rely on.  Rabbi Daniel Greer had Dov Greer, Avi Hack, Ezi Greer and Harold Hack to protect him.

The above picture shows the Goat, Ezi Greer and Pat Dillon, a State Representative from the Goat’s district, scarfing cocktails at some political event.  Pat Dillon is an Irish shiksa.  She has been in office since the Ice Age, long before St. Patrick led the goats out of Ireland.  Josh is Rose running against Dillon.  Josh Rose is a Jew who had some bad experiences with the Goat.  Josh hates the Goat.  Josh Rose will never seek the support of the Goat, unlike Pat Dillon.  Politically I am anti-establishment.  I believe that all politicians are crooks and liars.  But if you are going to cast an anti-Goat vote, please vote for Josh the Jew.  See link.


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