Goat Losing His Land in Bethany On Sukkos

Goat Losing His Land in Bethany On Sukkos

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Approximately one year ago Eli Mirlis filed foreclosure cases against Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat.”  Mirlis filed cases against every property owned by the Goat.  The case against the Goat’s school building is still pending, but two of the other cases are almost finalized.

The Goat owns two building lots in Bethany worth about $200K each.  Mirlis hired Attorney Matt Beatman to beat the Goat until he coughed up the properties.  The Goat hired the prominent Sklarz Law Firm to defend him in a case with no defense.  The Sklarz boys are prominent leaders in the local New Haven Jewish community, they are big machers in the Jewish Federation.

The Sklarz boys are also defending Goat copy.  The owner of Goat Copy, ie., Lou Goldberg supported the Goat til the very end, even after the child rape lawsuit was filed.   The Feds raided Goat Copy because Lou and his nephew were playing games with the IRS. They failed to pay taxes on about a million dollars in income.  The Federal court has scheduled the sentencing of Goat Copy’s nephew for August.  For whatever reason the Feds chose not to indict Goldberg. He may have paid them off civilly.  The Feds only care about money. If you have enough money you can buy your way to freedom.  You can read about the Goat Copy case by clicking this link.

The Sklarz boys defended the Goat in the foreclosure of the Bethany property by filing Motions for Continuances and a Motion for Appraisal.  These motions were completely frivolous.  The Goat owes Mirlis $22 million and the lots are worth $200K each.  The only way an appraisal would be relevant is if the appraisal came in over $22 million.  Housing Judge Walter Spader smacked the Sklarz boys and overruled their frivolous motions.  Judge Spader ordered that the Goat lots be transferred to Mirlis on the first day of Sukkos, ie., September 24, 2018.

Mirlis testified that the Goat once took him to these wooded lots for a picnic.  Mirlis stated that he was relieved when it started to rain one time and he told the Goat he would not agree to get raped by the Goat in the woods in the rain.  The Goat used to take Mirlis, as well as Avi Hack to the sleezy Branford Motel, which is rated 2.7 stars on google.  Avi testified that the Goat wore a baseball hat and checked in as “Mr. Green.”  Ironically the Goat had employed a Mr. Green as a secular studies teacher for many years at the compound.  Was the Goat trying to set up Mr. Green if the Goat ever got caught?

The Goat used to take Avi Hack to Providence, RI, when Avi was in high school, with the permission of Avi’s father Harold Hack.  I can only imagine the conversation between Harold Hack and the Goat at the time:

The Goat:  “I would like to take your son across State lines to Provincetown, RI, for a romantic weekend getaway, and rape him in a nice hotel, do I have your permission?  We also plan on going bicycling.”  Harold Hack:  “No problem, just make sure Avi is home by 8 PM Sunday evening.”

You can read a copy of Judge Spader’s order smacking down the Sklarz boys motions by clicking this link

Mirlis reached some kind of agreement with the Goat with regard to the foreclosure of the Goat’s personal residence.  The Goat owns his house at 133 West Park Avenue with his wife the Ewe.  Mirlis would only be entitled to half the property. The Goat also has a homestead exemption of $75K, which means the Goat gets to keep $75K in equity.  The agreement hasn’t been filed with the Court yet.

The case against the Goat’s school building is still pending.  It is not clear what is going on.  The last motion that was filed was by Mirlis seeking to get into the Nightmare on Elm Street in order to conduct an appraisal.  The Goat first kissed Avi in the boiler room of 765 Elm Street.  The boiler room contained a side room that had a cot for the custodian to sleep.  The Goat saved about $45 by having sex with Avi in the boiler room rather than taking him to the Branford Motel.

The Goat seduced his victims with a bag of peanuts and a bottle of wine.  The Goat never changed his minhag.  But the Goat took his victims to different places.  The Goat took Rafi to Edgewood Park and tried to French kiss 13 year old Rafi.  You can read about my interview with Rafi by clicking this link.

The Goat will try paying off Mirlis in order to keep his school building and shul.  The Goat has a school building filled with young men, who are being recruited by Rabbi Avroham Notis.  Someone should pay Mirlis for the rights to his foreclosure case and pursue the foreclosure until the very end and kick the Goat, and the Goat’s joke Rabbi Notis, out of his child rape center.

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