Goat Non Profits Approved by New Haven Board Of Alderman

Goat Non Profits Approved by New Haven Board Of Alderman

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The New Haven Board of Alderman held a meeting last night and approved 6 of “Rabbi” Daniel Greer’s non profits for State tax credits. Businesses that donate to the Goat’s non profits get special State tax credits. 30 New Haven non profits were approved for this tax credit. Twenty percent of the approved non profits were controlled by the Goat. One such approved non profit was the Yeshiva of New Haven AKA The Gan School. There is a $20 million outstanding child rape judgment against the Yeshiva of New Haven.

Why would the Board of Alderman approve the Goat’s non profits for State tax credit status? This happened last year. I wrote about it. The New Haven Independent reported it. The New Haven Independent reported the Goat’s approval this year, see link.

The Board of Alderman approved many mundane items on their agenda, such as the expansion of absentee ballots, budgetary amendments, tax levies, etc… I doubt that members of the Board spent any time reading the list of non profits listed for approval. The Alderman who introduced the matter to the Board was a guy from Westville named Darryl Brackeen, Jr. I would assume that Brackeen read the list, or he should have read the list. I sent an email to Brackeen asking him why the Goat’s non profits were approved for the State tax credits. I also sent an email to the President of the Alders, ie., Tyisha Walker-Myers asking her the same question. I have yet to receive a response. They could be sleeping or watching Nexflix specials right now. If you wish to contact Brackeen directly click this link. If you wish to contact Tyisha Walker Myers click this link.

Alder Darryl Brackeen Jr. delivering 2,500 pounds of donated food to a Community Center in his car. Brackeen lives in a Jewish neighborhood in Westville a few blocks from the Westville Shul. Most Jews are Yankees fans. Brackeen may want to ditch his Red Sox hat if he wants to win the next election.

When the Goat’s non profits were approved last year I didn’t notify the Board of Alderman of their mistake. This year they are on notice. Hopefully Alderman Brackeen will introduce an amendment to remove the Goat’s non profits from the list of non profits.

The Goat hasn’t been spotted around town since he was released from prison by Judge Alander. The Goat has had a taste of prison. The Goat doesn’t want to go back. The Goat seems to be behaving himself. Usually the Goat marches up and down Elm Street in his suit and tie every morning inspecting his real estate empire and looking for children to rape. There has been no reported sightings of the “Mayor of Edgewood” strutting up and down Elm Street.

The Goat can easily remove his ankle bracelet and be out of the State of Connecticut within an hour. It would take the State more than an hour to realize that the Goat is long gone.

Judge Alander may have released the Goat because he was concerned that if the Goat died in prison from COVID19 it would look bad for the State of Connecticut as well as the Judiciary. The State wasn’t able to keep a high profile inmate safe in jail. After Jeffrey Epstein died in prison the public was outraged by the incompetence of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Nobody shed a tear after Epstein died. The public wanted Epstein alive so that his enablers would be exposed. If the Goat died in jail nobody would shed a tear. The Goat also had many enablers, which included his own children. The State of New York didn’t seem to care that the unhealthy inmate Harvey Weinstein was locked up in jail. No New York Judge would let Harvey out in the middle of a pandemic. Nobody would shed a tear if Weinstein died of COVID19 in a New York jail cell.

There have only been 5 inmate deaths in Connecticut from COVID19, out of 12,000 inmates. The odds of dying from COVID19 on the outside are much higher. The odds of dying from COVID19 in a nursing home are the highest. The Goat had his own private cell in Cheshire prison. The Goat has his own sink and toilet. If the Goat had a fever, which he could get just as easily at home, he would be sent to the hospital and treated.

If the Goat flees from his barn and goes on the lam, this would also make the State of Connecticut and the Judiciary look bad. The Goat used his high powered army of attorneys to file motions before Judge Alander as well as the Appellate Court in order to win his freedom, while most inmates, poor minorities, still languish in jail. If the Goat flees it will look like a conspiracy. The Judge released a wealthy man. The State can’t find him. Where’s Waldo?

The fact that the Goat had money, and could afford a home, weighed heavily in Judge Alander’s decision to release the Goat to home confinement. If the Goat was poor and lived in a cramped apartment in a housing project there was no way Judge Alander would have released the Goat into such an environment. Justice is blind, ie., color blind. Judge Alander probably doesn’t realize that the Goat’s fortune was acquired through illegal means. Crime pays.

The Goat took teenager Eli Mirlis, as well as teenager Avi Hack, to the Branford Motel and checked in as “Mr. Green.” The Goat wore a disguise, consisting of a baseball hat and a tweed jacket. The Goat could easily live out his life in motels throughout the country as “Mr. Green.”

The Goat’s hearing is coming up next month in order to determine whether the Goat should continue to stay in his home or be sent back to his prison cell. Hopefully Judge Alander will send the Goat back to where he belongs, in jail, where he should have been 30 years ago.

The reason I refer to “Rabbi” Daniel Greer as the “Goat” is because Daniel Greer turned his garage into a barn, complete with bales of hay, ducks, goats, and chickens. I have been in this garage and have seen the animals. I gave Mr. Greer the nickname “The Goat” because he thinks he is the Greatest Of All Time, and because this blog is about Jews, jail and crime. Everyone in prison has a nickname. Now that the Goat has actually done some time in jail, his nickname is now official. He will forever be known as “The Goat.”

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Rav Elyashiv rules that if a wicked man, or wicked goat, dies on Shabbos and his corpse is lying in the sun in shame, one should move the corpse by placing a child or loaf of bread on the corpse. Although one is permitted to agitate a wicked person while the wicked person is alive, now that the wicked person is dead and his nefarious activities have ceased, one should offer the wicked dead person a respectable burial. Larry Noodles is very machmir in the mitzvah of agitating a living wicked person or a wicked goat, as the case may be.

Rav Ula once said, “if you did something evil, making you a little wicked, you should not do more evil and become very wicked, just as one who got bad breath from eating garlic should not then continue to eat garlic and make his breath worse.” Shabbos 31

Rav Abele, the famous dayan of Vilna, as a seven-year-old, was once ill and in bed. The doctor saw that his mouth was full of blisters. Turning to the boy’s parents, the doctor explained that if the tongue isn’t clean, it’s a sure sign of a malfunctioning stomach. “Is there anyone who can truly say his mouth is clean?” retorted the sick child. “Chazal tell us in the gemara Bava Basra that most people are guilty of theft and everyone of loshon hora!

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the crooks, the politicians, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

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