Goat Non-Profits Approved For Special NH Tax Credits

Goat Non-Profits Approved For Special NH Tax Credits

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In the City of New Haven there exists two branches of the governmental regime, ie., the executive and the legislative.  There are no checks and balances.  Both chambers are controlled by employees of the City of New Haven and employees of Yale University, ie., the Unions.  In the last election the Mayor of New Haven, the Grand High Exalted Toni Harp, boasted that she balanced the budget during her reelection campaign.  She never mentioned that she borrowed $250 million in bonds in order to pay current employees and former employee pensions.  One former employee who is still getting paid by the City is Harold Hack, who resides in Waterbury in his new house.  The Goat got Harold Hack his job with the City of New Haven.

The Grand High Exalted Toni Harp ran her re-election campaign boasting that her experience as a State legislator in Hartford for the past 30 years would benefit the City of New Haven.  Part of her job as Mayor is to beg for money from the State Capital to balance the bankrupted budget.  On election night the Jews in New Haven overwhelmingly voted for Toni Harp while Larry Noodles was quaffing a few root beers with a local World War II veteran and defeated Mayoral candidate Marcus Paca at Abeetz.

Last week New Haven voted to raise property taxes by 11%.  Her Excellency Toni Harp failed to get a red cent out of the State Capital.  Nobody listened to Larry Noodles when they voted for Harp.  They will pay the price when they get their tax bills this month.  The voters of New Haven are stupider than a herd of ewes, and dumber than a herd of goats, if goats could be herded.

It’s easier to get money out of the depraved Goat than it is to get the Capital of the State of Connecticut to bail out the City of New Haven, which can never collect enough tax dollars from the locals.  The City doesn’t get a dime in tax money from the cigar chomping old men in their blue blazers who work out of the offices of the multi-billion dollar “non profit” Yale Corporation.  The City doesn’t get tax money from the depraved Goat’s 40 properties controlled by non-profit entities.

Yesterday it was reported in the New Haven Independent, a news site controlled by Harp supporter Paul Bass, that the New Haven regime voted to approve a special tax benefit to 36 non profit entities.  The regime voted to approve the special tax benefit to six Goat non-profit entities, ie.,  Edgewood Corners, Edgewood Elm Housing, Edgewood Village, FOH, Yedidei Hagan, Yeshiva of New Haven.  These entities are all controlled by Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA “the Goat” and Sarah Greer, AKA “the Ewe.”   The Yeshiva of New Haven is also controlled by Board of Director member Rabbi J. David Bleich, whom you can contact at Cordozo Law School, at bleich@yu.edu.

The Yeshiva of New Haven owes rape victim Eli Mirlis $22 million.  Yet the expert on journalism and halacha, Rabbi Bleich, has taken a vow of silence when it comes to the Goat.  Rabbi Bleich recently gave an extensive interview on the topic of loshen hora in the Jewish Action magazine.  Bleich never mentioned the elephant in the room, ie., the Goat or the Larry Noodles blog, when it was obvious this was the reason the magazine interviewed him in the first place.  Bleich has no excuse for not figuring this out.  Only Yale graduates, such as the Goat, lack common sense.  Bleich never graduated from Yale.  Bleich graduated from lowly Brooklyn College in 1960.  I am surprised the Goat even talks to Bleich, let alone put him on the Board of Directors of the Yeshiva of New Haven.

The Goat is still out on the streets.  The Goat is paying top lawyers to drag out his criminal case. The Goat’s next court date is June 20th.  Every day the Goat exposes himself to teenage boys who “learn” at the Goat yeshiva, which is run by Rabbi Notis.  The Goat and the Joke.

2 thoughts on “Goat Non-Profits Approved For Special NH Tax Credits

  1. harsh words for a harsh situation. but most people in new haven why you capitalize on this shameful event in New Haven history to make the Jews look bad. You do know of course, that onlookers are likely to assume all Jews are bad….

    1. Do you really think that I have the power to turn intelligent “onlookers” into ignoramus Anti-Semites? I think you must be hallucinating. You should write songs for marijuana and LSD commercials.

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