Goat Offers To Pay Rape Victim Mirlis With Funny Money

Goat Offers To Pay Rape Victim Mirlis With Funny Money

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“Rabbi” Daniel Greer has recently offered to pay rape victim Eli Mirlis millions of dollars.  It sounds like the old Greer goat is a generous man.  Far from the truth.  Mirlis obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $21,749,041.10 against the Goat last summer.  Mirlis has hired an attorney who specializes in collecting from deadbeat goats.  Attorney Beatman has had to file multiple foreclosure cases against the Goat’s real estate in order to force the Goat to sell his properties in order to pay the $21 million to Mirlis.

The Goat hired prominent attorneys in the New Haven Jewish community to defend him against these lawsuits.  The Goat hired the Sklarz boyz to delay and stonewall Beatman.  Mark Sklarz is the past president of the New Haven Jewish Federation.  Mr. Sklarz sits on many Jewish boards and non-profit Jewish organizations whose stated purpose is to help individual Jews in distress.  Mr. Sklarz’s vigorous defense of a wealthy depraved goat apparently serves this purpose.  Why doesn’t Attorney Sklarz volunteer to represent rape victim Mirlis, and other victims of the goat, for free?  On the Rabbi Daniel Greer website, the Goat boasts that he volunteered to help a Jewish family escape Communist Russia.  The Goat recently stated on his website:  “The Rigermans stated in a recent telephone conversation with Daniel Greer, their volunteer attorney, that they were overjoyed at the prospect of reaching America at last.”  If the Goat, a depraved pedophile, volunteered to represent Jewish victims of Communist Russia for free, why can’t the Sklarz boyz do the same?  Sklarz would rather represent a wealthy goat, who will pay him bars and bars of goat gold, than represent a child rape victim for free.  It’s guys like Sklarz who give the good Jews a bad name.

Sklarz didn’t file a defense to the foreclosure cases brought by Attorney Beatman.  Foreclosure Judge Walter Spader ordered judgments of foreclosure against the depraved goat.  Spader was recently appointed Judge by Governor Malloy.  Spader used to work at the Ed Marcus Law Firm and is a former Connecticut Police Commissioner.  The Goat isn’t going to catch a break from Judge Spader.  Strongman Ed Marcus, a Jew, is one of the most powerful men in Democratic politics in the entire State of Connecticut.  The Goat must be a huge embarrassment for Connecticut Jews in power.  They probably cannot wait to see the Goat locked up behind bars.

In response to the judgments of foreclosure, Attorney Sklarz filed a motion asking Judge Spader to allow the Goat to post a cash bond as security, while the Goat pursues his appeal of the $21 million verdict.  The Goat proposed to offer cash as collateral in the event he loses his appeal.  If the Goat loses his appeal the cash would go to Mirlis.

Attorney Beatman filed an objection to the Goat’s motion to post a cash bond.  Beatman has objected on the grounds that the Goat has offered no details about this “cash bond.”  Beatman stated that the Goat school is valued by the City of New Haven at over $6 million.  Does the Goat propose to offer $6 million as collateral?  Where is the Goat going to come up with $6 million in cash?  The Goat has fought Beatman in Federal court every time Beatman tried to get information about the Goat’s assets.

Federal Judge Shea has held numerous hearings on Beatman’s attempts to get the Goat’s financial information.  In the last hearing before Judge Shea it was revealed that the Goat’s wife, the Ewe, had withdrawn $200k from a joint bank account at the time of the jury verdict and deposited it into an individual retirement account that cannot be touched by creditors.  Sklarz boldly, and shamelessly, told Judge Shea that what the Ewe did was perfectly legal:

Hon. Shea:  “Let’s put aside whether legally it qualified as a transfer, it is nonetheless suspicious conduct, under all the circumstances, wouldn’t you agree?”

Shameless Sklarz: “I completely disagree, your Honor. Sarah Greer is allowed to take her money.”

Hon. Shea:  “But why isn’t it suspicious conduct? Is the defendant, through a close relative, taking steps to deplete his ability to satisfy the judgment? It seems like some small evidence that, without any other explanation, suggests that he might be.”

Shameless Sklarz:  “Respectfully, your Honor, doing something entirely legal in the confines of the law is not suspicious.  I would request that all documents be marked as confidential to ensure no confidential information is ‘accidentally’ leaked to the public.”

It is obvious to anyone with two brain cells that what the Ewe did with her money was brazen, brash, outrageous, immoral, and “suspicious,” as noted by Judge Shea.  Rather than agree with Judge Shea and argue to Judge Shea that he didn’t advise the Ewe to hide the Goat’s money, Sklarz “respectfully” told Judge Shea that anything done within the “confines of the law” is by definition not “suspicious.”  Whenever an attorney prefaces his sentence with the word “respectfully” you know he is about to say something disrespectful.  Sklarz could have argued to Judge Shea that he didn’t write the law, the State Legislature allowed a loophole in the law to benefit the Goat and his Ewe.  Nope.  Sklarz chose to argue that the Goat and the Ewe were perfectly within their legal rights to hide their money from child rape victims.  Sklarz further argued, with Larry Noodles in mind, that the the Goat’s financial documents should be sealed lest they be “accidentally leaked to the public.”  Sklarz would not want any accidents to happen to the Goat, lest the Goat money machine gets turned off.

The hearing on the Goat’s offer to post a cash bond will be scheduled soon.  In the meantime the Goat’s criminal case is scheduled for the end of next month, just before Purim, on the Fast of Esther.

The above picture of the Goat wearing a crown with money taped all over his fur has not been photo shopped.  That is an original picture of the Goat during a past Purim party.  The Goat’s costume was an attempt to mock President Obama, whom the Goat despised.  The Goat used to laugh at Obama “the Messiah,” hence the Goat gold crown.  I am not sure why the Goat taped money all over his fur, or what the money represented.  I assume that the Goat thought that Obama was corrupted by money.  The Goat and Obama have a lot in common.

I am always open to input from readers of this blog to offer greater insight into the depraved mind of the Goat.  I know you are out there, I don’t know who you are, but my web host keeps track of how many people are reading.  Without revealing my sources, I know that many of the Goat’s family members, and extended family members, are avid readers.  Stop hiding in the barn.  Come out and share your thoughts about your experiences with the Goat.  All the cool people are posting the #metoo hashtag.  Don’t be a Nimrod.  Don’t be left out.

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