Goat Purchased 783 Elm Street From Prison

Goat Purchased 783 Elm Street From Prison

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Daniel Greer aka “The Goat” was sentenced on December 2, 2019 to serve 20 years in jail, suspended after 12, which means the Goat has to do close to 12 years, unless he gets out early for good behavior. In Connecticut most inmates serve 85% of their jail sentence. I expect the Goat to do close to 10 years in solitary confinement. The Warden locked up the Goat in solitary for his own protection. Inmates are not fond of pedophiles, let alone a White pedophile Jew. If you think Anti-Semitic physical attacks have become a problem on the outside, try surviving as a Jew on the inside.

On New Year’s Eve the Goat closed on a three family property located at 783-785 Elm Street. The Goat’s non profit Edgewood Village paid $190K for the property. There was no mortgage filed. Where did Edgewood Village come up with 190K? The property is appraised at about $300K. The Goat purchased this property from a woman named Sally Ann Katz Dattilo. Who is Sally Ann Katz Dattilo?

783-785 Elm Street was transferred from Marion Dattilo to Sally Ann Katz Dattilo and Keith Dattilo in 1998 by way of a quit claim deed in the amount of $120K. Marion took back a $120K mortgage. Keith died in 2009, at which time Sally Ann became the sole owner. The only other filings on the land records related to someone named Sally Ann Katz involve 126 Kohary Drive, New Haven. Sally Ann Dattillo Katz purchased 126 Kohary with her husband David J. Katz in 1977.

At the time of the closing the Goat’s non profit was represented by attorney Jonathan Einhorn. Einhorn currently is defending the Goat’s wife, ie., Sarah Greer, aka “the Ewe” in a fraudulent conveyance case brought by rape victim Eli Mirlis. The Goat transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Ewe at the time the $15 million jury verdict entered against the Goat. Sally Ann Katz Dattilo was represented by attorney Lawrence J. Greenberg.

Edgewood Village is currently being sued by Eli Mirlis in Federal Court. Mirlis is trying to pierce the corporate veil in order to collect on his $15 million jury verdict. The Goat’s attorneys at the giant corporate law firm Day Pitney are currently trying to get the Mirlis case dismissed. The lawyers at Day Pitney make Attorney Willie the Dow look cheap. Day Pitney has 300 lawyers with offices located all over the country.

The Ewe recently filed an annual report for Edgewood Village. The Ewe is on the board of Directors, along with George Bussman and Matthew Reinecke. The Ewe’s report listed the Goat as a Board member residing at 133 West Park Avenue with a business office located at 765 Elm Street, the location of the Nightmare on Elm Street. The Ewe lied to the Secretary of State. The Goat is currently residing in the Cheshire Correctional Institution, in the basement where the solitary confinement cells are located. The Warden will not let the Goat out in order to work at his business office.

I hope this blog posting will motivate Goat insiders to contact me and explain to me why the Goat’s non profit purchased a property while he is in jail for $100K below market value, while the non-profit is being sued by Mirlis. Even Larry Noodles’ noodle cannot figure this one out.

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

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7 thoughts on “Goat Purchased 783 Elm Street From Prison

    1. The inmates all know the details of new inmates’ convictions. They either have someone look it up for them on the outside or the guards tell them. No secrets in prison.

  1. It’s a Festivus miracle that only an ewe and a goat could have performed. Almost as impressive as making the oil last a few days more in order to compete with Saint Nick.

  2. All his calls are monitored in jail. Where is he getting the money to conduct business instead of paying Mirlis? Maybe they need to drag him out of the basement and into court to answer some questions.

    1. meetings with his attorneys are not monitored. I have no idea where he is getting his money. The lawyers for Mirlis are trying to determine that in court, but not all the information is publicly available

  3. Dude you are getting redundant on this. Please move on to another topic. Bronx HH is closed. Do your investigating there.

    1. I heard about the Bronx halfway house getting closed, but nothing has been reported in the media and I can’t find anything on the Dept of Justice press reports

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