Goat Recruits Jews For Pesach

Goat Recruits Jews For Pesach

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Yesterday I went shopping at the Dollar Store.  New Haven doesn’t have an Amazing Savings, so I must settle for the Dollar Store.   I am not a millionaire’s goat born with a silver spoon, I can only afford to purchase items that cost a dollar or less.

While shopping at the Dollar Store I bumped into a young man in his late teens, with tzitzis, a yarmulke, and a cropped beard.  He was looking for plastic table coverings.  He asked me if I knew where they were.  We found some plastic drop clothes that would do the job.  The Dollar Store doesn’t carry as many frum supplies as Amazing Savings.

I asked the young man if he was affiliated with the local Chabad yeshiva.  The man said no, he was just in town for Pesach and was staying at the Yeshiva of New Haven on Elm Street for three weeks.  I asked the man whether he was familiar with Rabbi Daniel Greer the Goat.  He said he didn’t know of Mr. Greer.

I asked this young man whether he regularly reads the news.  The man said he reads the news.  I asked the man whether he read in the headlines that the Goat was hit with a $20 million Federal jury verdict for child rape and that the Goat has a criminal case pending in which he was charged with rape of a child.  The man was shocked.  He said he knew nothing of those things and that he was getting paid to stay in the compound for three weeks, as the boys from the Goat Yeshiva went home for Pesach.  I asked him whether Rabbi Notis was paying him.  The man declined to answer.  I told the young man he should cash his goat check and leave town before Pesach.  Why would anyone want to spend Pesach with the depraved Goat?

The Goat is hiring young men to join him for his Passover seder.  The Goat is hoping that one of these men will do more than just drink the goat milk.  The Goat is hoping that one of these young man will serve as the new Avi Hack of the compound.  Rabbi Notis doesn’t have any qualms about recruiting men into the compound for the Goat’s sick pleasures.  What kind of Orthodox rabbi actively encourages sodomy?

Avi Hack is no doubt leading Pesach services as the Rabbi at Congregation Ohawe Shalom, at 671 East Avenue, Pawtucket, RI.  Avi will have no problem getting a minyan, unlike the Goat.  Avi has maintained his reputation as a “victim” of the Goat, although Avi victimized children at the Goat school, which most people are not fully aware of.  The only reason Avi is the rabbi of this shul is because his father in law is the President of the shul.  Avi shares the Goat’s lust for power, as does Dov Greer.  Dov Greer tried to secure the job of rabbi at Young Israel in Queens.  Dov was voted down.

Back in the old days Ezi Greer would have his annual bull slaughter, just before Pesach, in his back yard on Ellsworth Avenue.  Rivers of blood flowed through the compound.  This past Sunday would have been the date that Ezi would have slaughtered the bull, along with a dozen or more unlucky chickens.  It was an event for the whole family to enjoy.  Young children were encouraged to attend.  The Goat wasn’t much into the slaughter.  The Goat didn’t like blood getting onto his wingtips.  The Goat, along with the Goat boyz, always dressed in suits and ties, even when they were slaughtering behemoths.

The Ewe, on the other hand, reveled in the slaughter.  The Ewe was proud that the knife used for the slaughter was an heirloom passed down to her from her father or grandfather, who was a schochet in the Catskills.  The Ewe made sure to have a front row seat while Ezi chopped up the bull.  I had never seen the Ewe so happy.  I think that the Ewe’s grandfather was able to foresee the future, and that’s why he gave the Ewe the knife.  The Ewe was supposed to use the knife on the goat, Lorena Bobbitt style.

This morning I went shopping at Edge of the Hood.  New Haven doesn’t have a Pomegranate so I had to settle for the local New Haven ghetto supermarket located next to the liquor store and across the street from the Goat’s office building on Whalley Avenue.   The Goat referred to Edge of the Hood in his application for restraining order as “my supermarket.”  The Goat wanted a restraining order entered against me because the Goat saw me in his supermarket.  Edge of the Hood is actually owned by a guy named Peter Dodge, not the Goat.  I believe Mr. Dodge was honored by the Goat one year at the annual Gan School Gathering fundraising dinner.

As I was looking for a cashier to check out of Edge of the Hood I turned the corner and found myself face to face with the depraved Goat himself.  When he saw me the Goat looked as if he was going to hurl.  The Goat was wearing a dark suit and a maroon tie.  The Goat looked sickly.  The Goat was hunched over.  The Goat’s hair and beard were wild and unkept.  The Goat’s face was pale.  The Goat’s eyes were glassy.  The Goat is not healthy.  The Goat had five packages of romaine lettuce in his hands, no doubt for his Passover seder.  The Goat is going to have to examine every leaf of romaine lettuce for bugs with a blue light.  The Goat has to be careful because bugs could jump off his Goat fur and land on the romaine lettuce, treifing up the Goat’s Passover seder.  I would suggest that Rabbi Notis check the Goat’s fur for bugs before the seder.  The Goat should enjoy one last kosher seder before he goes to jail.





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