Goat Recruits Minor Boys For Shavuot

Goat Recruits Minor Boys For Shavuot

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After the Goat was arrested for molesting children he agreed with the State of Connecticut Department of Education not to have any minors living on the compound.  Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA “the Goat” and his sidekick Rabbi Avrohom Notis, “The Joke”, who is running the compound, have violated their agreement with the State of Connecticut.

Do the teenage boys being recruited to the compound have parents?  Do their parents know that they are living in buildings owned and controlled by a pedophile who is facing jail time with a pending criminal case?  What kind of irresponsible parents send their children to a school controlled by a depraved Goat?  Rabbi Notis is a parent, yet he doesn’t have any of his ten children enrolled in the Goat school.

Rabbi Muroff, the man who became famous for returning $98K that he found in a desk on Craigslist, once told me that Avi Hack told him that he stayed at the compound all those years in order to protect the children from the Goat.  If Avi left the compound the kids would be exposed to the Goat. Who is protecting the children now?

The Goat’s next court date on his criminal felony case of child rape is scheduled for May 24, 2018 at 235 Church Street, New Haven.  The Goat’s case has been dragging on for many months.  The Goat Rabbi has been excused from appearing before the judge during each court date, unlike the many Black and Hispanic defendants who have to sit around all morning waiting for their cases to be called.  These defendants, who are charged with felonies, and who are represented by pubic defenders, must appear before Judge Clifford for the ten seconds that it takes for their cases to get continued to another date.  Yet the Rabbi Goat gets to sit around the compound leering at teenage boys when his case is called.  The Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow, one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the State of Connecticut, who has been paid many thousands of dollars by the Goat, appears in court instead of the Goat.

If you are a parent and feel that there is something wrong with teenage boys living in a compound owned by a pedophile, or you believe there is something wrong with the parents of teenage boys who are being exposed to a child rapist every day, this is who you can contact:

Hon. Joette Katz, Commissioner of CT Dept of Children & Families  860-550-6300  Katz was born in Brooklyn, NY and is a former Public Defender, a former trial judge and a former Supreme Court Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Connecticut.  Joette graduated from Brandeis University and UCONN Law School.  Joette was appointed by Governor Malloy.  Joette resides in Fairfield, CT, the hometown of Larry Noodles.  I never ran into Joette on the streets in Fairfield, but I did appear before her over the years when she was a trial judge, when I represented criminal defendants, long before I became a criminal defendant.  Joette is a parent and teaches ethics at Yale Law School on the side, the alma mater of the depraved Goat.

Ellen Cohn, Deputy Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Education 860-713-6550  Ellen has a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado and an MSW in social work.  I assume Ellen is a good skier, having attended the University of Colorado.  I believe that Cohn is also a Hebrew, just like Katz, but I am still waiting for confirmation from the Mormons in Salt Lake City, they have the largest database of Jewish names in the world.  They’ve been converting Jews for years, without anyone’s consent.

Patrick Griffin, Chief State’s Attorney of New Haven County  203-503-6823   Attorney Griffin took over the post that was held for many years by the legendary State’s Attorney Michael Dearington.  I never dealt with Griffin, but I once had a case with Dearington. My client was accused of stabbing and killing his ex-wife in her mansion on the water of Madison, cleaning up the mess, and then driving to court, where he appeared for a post judgment family hearing.  I was at the courthouse the day he appeared.  His ex-wife never showed up. His ex-wife was involved in a shoreline women’s support group, which was really a ponzi scheme, that got her sister in law locked up by the Feds.

Dearington impounded my former client’s car but couldn’t find a trace of DNA.  I believe it was a 1997 Toyota Camry with a bumper hanging off.  I heard some rumors that the local Madison police may have messed up the crime scene.  The cops never arrested my former client, but they drove all the way up to Otisville prison, where I was locked up, and tried to get me to snitch on my client.  I told them I would gladly rat him out in exchange for a full Presidential pardon, a restoration of my law license and a beer summit with Obama where Obama would apologize to me in front of 300 million Americans.  The Madison cops said they would get back to me.  I never heard from them again.  I hope they are still working on my pardon.  Actually I did run into a few of them during the recent Yale rape trial of Saifullah Khan in the court elevator.  They said they were big fans of my blog.  I didn’t have time to ask them about getting me that pardon.  Fellow Yids Scooter Libby and Sholom Rubashkin got pardons.  Where’s my pardon?  At this point I will drop my demand for a beer summit with Obama.  I don’t want to meet with President Trump either.  I don’t want to go back to Federal prison, I know how easy it is for the Feds to prove a conspiracy.  As Alan Dershowitz once said, “The Feds can indict a ham sandwich.”

Prison life got easier for me after the Madison police showed up to visit me.  The guards and inmates feared me after they learned I may have been an accessory to a murder. I don’t know how I ever got involved in such insanity.  It must be the Goat’s fault.

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