Goat Recruits Young Israelis For Simchas Torah

Goat Recruits Young Israelis For Simchas Torah

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Daniel Greer, AKA Rabbi Goat, recruited a group of young Israeli men to fill his stable for Sukkot and Simchas Torah.  My spies ran into these Israelis walking around New Haven.  They live in Israel so they didn’t read the news about the Goat.  They didn’t know much about the Goat other than that the Goat was going to send them a check in the mail in one week after the holidays.  The Goat is paying each young man a couple of hundred dollars for each holiday.  I am not sure if the Goat paid for their air fare.

These young men are mostly Americans who are studying in Israel. You could see them through the window on the second floor dancing with the Torah on Simchas Torah.  I saw them dancing and singing in a circle around the Goat, who was standing in front of the bimah / lecturn, which is located in front of the ark.  It was a circle of 10 young men dancing around the jerk in the middle.  It was sickening.

The Goat’s son Ezi Greer did not visit his father Rabbi Daniel Greer the Goat over the holidays.  Rape victim Eli Mirlis testified that Ezi banged on the locked door of the dorm room while the Goat was inside raping Eli.  The Goat told his son to “go away, don’t baaa-ther me while I am raping a student.”  Ezi didn’t go to the police.  Ezi didn’t rat out his old man.  It’s ok to rat out a chomo. The criminal world gives you a heter to rat out a chomo or diddler.  Chomo’s is what they call child molesters in Federal prisons.  Diddlers is what they call child molesters in State prison.

Ezi was the co-chairman of Mayor Toni Harp’s Community and Police Relations Task Force.  This Police Task Force chairman allowed his father, a serial rapist, to operate a school for boys for years after Mirlis graduated.  Ezi believed that the criminal laws should be enforced against everyone except the Goat.    During the trial evidence was presented that Ezi’s father Daniel Greer may have raped Ezi as a teen.  You would think that Ezi would harbor anger towards this madman.  How many rapes does you father have to commit before you decide it is time to call the cops?

The Goat’s friend of thirty years, ie., Harold Hack, was not at the compound celebrating the holidays.  Harold lives in Waterbury with his wife.  Harold’s daughter is married to Ezi Greer, who also lives in Waterbury.  They live a bit of distance from the main shul in Waterbury.  My spies in Waterbury told me that they were looking to start their own minyan in their own home.  It never materialized.  Waterbury Jews are too smart for the Goat.

Avi Hack was not in New Haven to spend time with the man who groomed him as a young child for years of rape and abuse.  Avi moved to Providence, Rhode Island.  Avi spoke highly of Rabbi Daniel Greer during his deposition.  He said that Rabbi Greer was his “religious guidepost.”  The Goat as more than just a religious guidepost to Avi.  Avi molested a teenage boy at the Goat school back in the mid 2000s.  Avi probably tried to molest others.  When Avi left the compound he got a job as a teacher of a public high school where he would be around teenage boys all day.  Avi spends a lot of his free time at the local yeshiva in Rhode Island, where many young men live.

I would be curious to know what Avi thinks of his mentor Rabbi Daniel Greer, the Goat, at this point in time.  I saw Avi testify on the videotape in Federal Court during the rape trial.   The video was taken about a year after Avi left the compound.  Avi seemed torn.  He still felt loyalty to the man who financially supported the Hack family for the last thirty years.  Avi was originally named in the child rape lawsuit for his failure to stop Mirlis from getting raped.  Avi was dropped from the case after Avi decided to flip and rat out his mentor Daniel Greer.  Avi spoke seriously and calmly during his deposition. Avi spoke as if he was in front of a classroom giving a lecture.  At some points Avi looked extremely upset.  It looked as though he had to control his anger.

Avi was raised by the Goat.  Avi took on many of the personality traits of the Goat.  Avi was cruel towards his students. He locked them up in rooms for days on end if they misbehaved.  He even allowed them to bully the weakest student in the class with daily beatings.  Many years later I spoke with former students about how Avi encouraged the daily beatings.  At the time I observed the bullying but I didn’t realize that Avi had sanctioned it.  If Avi was behind it, you know that Daniel Greer also knew what was going on.  This was Avi’s way of breaking down the students to make them easier targets for sexual molestation.

Avi testified that he tried to convince the Daniel Greer that Mirlis “wasn’t going away.”  This was not something that the Goat could quash.  Avi was the Goat’s fixer.  Over the years the Goat had many scandals.  Usually the scandal was settled quietly either with money or threats from attorneys. Avi was always involved in the discussions with the Goat’s attorneys.

Avi was angry during the deposition. Avi was angry at the Goat for not listening to him.  The Goat could have quashed the Mirlis scandal with enough money.  After everything Avi did for the Goat.  Avi would take a bullet for the Goat.  How could the Goat expose Avi’s wife and children to this public humiliation?  The Goat threatened to destroy the lives of Avi, Ezi, Dov, Harold, their families, their siblings, and even the grandchildren.  How could the Goat be so cruel?

Avi, Dov, Ezi and Harold never expected to live to see the day that the compound would implode.  For 20 years they worked hard to keep the Goat under control.  But the Goat’s depravity rubbed off on them.  They became mini goats themselves. Harold was constantly engaged in battles with neighboring Jewish communities, threatening them with City housing prosecution. Harold only attacked synagogues.  Harold never ratted out a New Haven church or mosque to the Building Department.  Harold is now a rabbi himself, just like Rabbi Goat.

Ezi Greer was constantly engaged in attacking politicians whom the Goat didn’t like.  At one point a politician threatened to call the police on Ezi for harassment, see link.  Avi was the sadistic school master at the Rabbi Greer rape school, and the Goat’s right hand job man.

Dov Greer was a chip off the old block.  Dov Greer threatened the Kollel guys who the Goat drove out of town and refused to pay.  These guys were from Lakewood, NJ.  Dov recruited them to the compound, only to have the old Goat drive them out.  Instead of standing up to his Goat father Daniel Greer, Dov Greer threatened the Kollel guys will legal action.  The kollel guys couldn’t afford a lawyer.

This is how the Greer family operated for the last thirty years in New Haven.  The Greers recruited people who were either down and out, clueless, or who were rich and stupid.  If you were down and out you didn’t have the financial means to fight the Greers.  If you were clueless you don’t ask questions.  You hang around the compound and think everything is normal.  If you were rich and stupid you eventually realized that the compound is a sick cult.  You left without saying anything because you were too embarrassed to admit that you were stupid.

Criminal defendant Daniel Greer was supposed to have a court date today in the New Haven criminal court.  The Goat pushed off his court date once again.  The Goat’s lead paint criminal case is down for 10/16 and the Goat’s child rape case is down for 10/25.

8 thoughts on “Goat Recruits Young Israelis For Simchas Torah

  1. “The Greers recruited people who were either down and out, clueless, or who were rich and stupid.”
    Which were you Larry? You might not be smart enough qualify among the rich, but as for the rest looks like you must be speaking from experience.

  2. You’re a truly sick human being. First of all, either you’re desperate enough for this information to pay for your “spies”, or your “spies” have nothing better to do with their time. You are trashing someone who enjoyed Simchas Torah with their family, yet you are sitting around worrying what he’s doing. Pathetic. Not to mention how much loshon hora you are posting…for someone with so many morals, you really lack a conscience. Find something productive to do.

    1. Dear Hater:
      Loshen Hora? Is it the work of an Evil Tongue to chastise a perpetrator who escapes the consequences of his crimes by banking on community members like you who do not have the courage to stand up for what’s right? Over the years Many of us in New Haven Were uncomfortable with the severe and almost creepy nature of the esteemed Leader whom you are protecting- but held back, precisely to not violate the laws of Loshen Hora. Cloaking your crimes with religion is just plain bad. Don’t blame the messenger. Larry is only a fringe noodle who sacrifices his social standing with “do – gooders” like you in order to stand up for what’s right. Many of us squirm inside when we read this brazen commentary along with it’s shocking details, because, it seems vulgar. But In truth, what is the vulgarity? That today one man speaks a painful truth or a that for decades an entire community acted as mute accomplices to tragic crimes for their refusal to allow “loshen Hora” cross their lips?
      Shame on you hater for your hateful hypocrisy!

  3. bsd

    Mr. Noodles,

    You are not as low as you like to make yourself out to be. For instance, none of the rabbis in New Haven have ever questioned you about graduating from medical school, did they?

    Your whole woe-is-me persona is a trap for unsuspecting alternate criminal trial jurors to be sucked into the nihilistic vortex of your maniacal personality.

    You rule the universe actually, don’t pretend otherwise.

    Moshiach NOW!

    1. Only Hashem rules the universe. I am merely a grain of sand. I have never seen a nihilistic vortex. As far as you mentioning my maniacal personality, thank you for the compliment.

    1. ORDER as to Jonathan Braun re 145 Letter. Sentencing reset for 1/24/2019 at 11:00a.m. in Courtroom 6C South before Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto. Ordered by Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto on 8/30/2018. (Williams-Jackson, Sandra) (Entered: 08/30/2018)

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