Goat Reported to the Authorities

Goat Reported to the Authorities

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At this point in time many outraged citizens have reported the Goat and Rabbi Notis to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office, the Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney’s Office, the Connecticut Department of Education, and the Connecticut Department of Children and Family Services.

I have heard from many individuals enraged that the Goat continues to operate a boarding school in Goat controlled buildings.  In the wake of scandals all over this country of child rape at elite private boarding schools, and the Catholic Church, it is unfathomable that a child molester is allowed continue to operate a school for teenage wayward boys.

Individuals are outraged that the Goat child rapist rabbi walks around the compound with impunity.  The silence of established Jewish organizations is deafening.  Not a word from the Jewish Federation or leaders in the field of Jewish education.   The very people who regularly publicly excoriate controversial speakers at universities are silent when it comes to a Goat rabbi who likes to put his paws on Jewish children.  The very people who get worked up into a frenzy over guys like Mel Gibson are passive sheep when it comes to the Goat.  Religious Jews who have been caught trying to sell treif meat as kosher get tarred and feathered and kicked out of the country.  Yet the Goat gets honored with new students from Lakewood, New Jersey, who learn at his yeshiva.

Meanwhile, back at the compound, life goes on as normal.  I spotted many teenage boys walking around the compound getting ready for Shavuot.  The Goat put up pine branches in the shul.  You can see them hanging out the windows on the second floor.  The Goat will fill his house with complete strangers tonight.  These strangers will sing and drink wine with the Goat.  After the Goat stuffs his belly, he will proceed to stay up all night learning with these strangers at his shul.

If Daniel Greer were a broke goat nobody would humor him at the compound.  Ten million bucks buys the Goat many friends.  Raping Jewish children bought the Goat many enemies.  Hopefully the boys in blue who work for the Federal Government and the State of Connecticut will consider the Goat public enemy number one.

The Goat’s children are long gone.  The only family member who remains is the Goat’s loyal partner in crime Sarah Greer, who stood by when her own children were raped by the Goat.

9 thoughts on “Goat Reported to the Authorities

  1. Larry,
    I am 100% with you on all things related to Goat and his shitty wife. However, I have a very very difficult time envisioning his molesting his children. I have no problem envisioning him molesting countless others. I have seen the Goat his Ewe with their children many times, I knew his kids and saw them regularly. It doesn’t compute, based on behaviors, that they too fell victim of sexual abuse. Verbal and psychological abuse – absolutely. Physical abuse – less likely. Sexual abuse – you really need to provide serious proof of this. A psychiatrist stating she suspected sexual abuse without further is not fair to the kids, who are really good, kind people.

    1. you would need to know in what context the psychologist stated that there was a likelihood of greer having molested his own boys.
      but apart from this, i have a problem of you characterizing the greer sons as “really good, kind people”. i do not know about the older greer son, but ezi KNEW that mirlis was being molested and attempted to enter the locked chamber with hack. the key here is on “attempted”. he kept silent also. i would not characterize this as the behavior of good and kind adult to stand by silently while a kid is being raped. could he be characterized as warped, emotionally stunted, sick in a sense? yes, i guess so. but not good and kind. that is also the reason why i have major beef with hack.

      1. You make an excellent point, and I’d have to agree. I’ve been wracked since the trial by my feelings surrounding Avi. When the abused then becomes the abuser where does empathy end? This whole thing is terribly tragic.

  2. Just want to clarify my last line: a psychiatrist who is not working with any if the Goat’s children, though who suspects prior sexual abuse by him to his children should not be enough info to be writing that it occured. The kids are not going to come forward to either deny or confirm. They have been thru enough. Unless there is actual proof of the father-child abuse, it should not be written abt so assertively. Thank you.

  3. Larry thanks for the ongoing coverage and exposure. I do not think the Greer kids are good,kind people. Victims, yes, each one, in a different way. Ezi probably the most depraved- knew what was going on, did nothing. Probably sacrificed Merlis for some diversion of punishment that might be dolled out to him. And Hack- I mean is he the same as the jewish police enforcers in the Warsaw ghetto? A vitom to be sure. But an excuse? Not me to judge it. The energy of the world will judge him daily. If there is a god, he / she must have a sick sense of humor. Will god judge and punish? I guess god will get around to it one day. God sure did not provide one ounce of protection or tranquility to the young flock. THAT I can judge.

  4. i am glad that in this posting there have been longer answers, which gives rise to a dialogue. i personally DO judge hack and the young greer, who as adult men, studying talmud daily and being fully aware of what is right and wrong, failed to CHOOSE to do what was morally, legally, and jewishly imperative. i feel there comes a point where the reference to psychopathology, historical/familial factors cannot excuse an action or non-action. sometimes i am wondering what other rabbis in the school sort of knew or did not know. most certainly they were complicit in accepting disciplinary actions that at some point were investigated and none of them spoke up when the state investigated. i think i am becoming a conspiracy theorist! but seriously, i think there were over so many years more covering up, complicity, silent acceptance, decisions of not to investigate or even think about things, than we know of.

  5. The reaction to fraudsters selling treif as kosher is not uniform. You seem to be referring to Finkel. Finkel was quickly driven out because some zealous Hassidim who had personally eaten his non-kosher Puerto Rican chickens were on their way to beat him up. On the other hand your old pal Pinter from Otisville prison still has plenty of corrupt community leaders covering up for him including the publishers of his silly, farcical book at Artscroll.


    Speaking of Otisville, did you ever cross paths with this creep who is there on chemical weapons charges?

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