Goat Returns Security Deposit

Goat Returns Security Deposit

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In most cases the return of a renter’s security deposit is not big news.  But in most cases the landlord is not a miserly, depraved child molester named Rabbi Daniel Greer also known as the Goat.

Jewish renter Andrea was evicted by the Goat back in 2016 because she was late with a rent check.  Andrea was living with her elderly Jewish mother.  Andrea’s mother eventually went to a rehab facility.  The mother’s social security checks were always deposited into Andrea’s account, as power of attorney.

After Andrea’s mother went to a rehab facility, social security checks started to go to the rehab center, unbeknown to Andrea. When Andrea went to pay the Goat his rent she had no money in her account.  Andrea contacted Abby Road.  Abby Road runs the Goat’s properties and also manages Gary Lynes record company.  Abby told Andrea to pay what she could and they would try to work something out.  Abby also told Andrea to notify Attorney Margolis, the Goat’s eviction attorney.  Andrea contacted Margolis and explained the situation.  Margolis said it would be ok for Andrea to enter into a new agreement to catch up on the rent.  No big deal.  But nobody had spoken with the Goat.

The Goat ordered Margolis to immediately file an eviction against Andrea and her elderly Jewish mother.  Margolis told Andrea he had no choice, he was getting orders from the Goat himself.  You don’t refuse the Goat, or you end up getting bad grades in school.  Eli Mirlis learned this the hard way.  So did Avi Hack.  When you follow the Goat’s orders you get good grades in the Goat rape school.  When you follow the Goat’s orders and efficiently run the Goat rape school, like Avi Hack did, then not only do you get goat gold but you get access to young boys whom you can molest yourself.  The compound, with it’s high walls, and boys from dysfunctional families, was a pedophiles wet dream come true.

Andrea eventually left the compound.  But before she left she used to sit on her porch every day and watch the Goat park his black Mercury in the driveway located between the school and the boys dorm, ie., a three family house.  Andrea told me that she used to see the Goat go into the school, then go into the dorm house, then back into the school many times during the day.  She actually thought that the Goat lived in the dorm house.  I told andrea that the Goat lived down the street on Edgewood Park with the Ewe.  She said, “Who is the Ewe?”  Andrea had never seen the Ewe before.  The Ewe never went to the school.  The Ewe was locked up in the Goat farm.  The Ewe used to teach the lower grades in the Goat school before it closed down.  The only school there now is the school for teenage boys, run by Rabbi Notis, and closely monitored by the Goat.

Andrea told me that she used to shout at the Goat as he walked into the school or the boys dorm from her porch.  She used to call him a pedophile, a hypocrite, a fake rabbi, a scumbag, and various other profanities.

The Ewe usually showed up to the Goat rape school on Saturday mornings for Shabbos services.  The Ewe’s seat was the entire front row of the women’s section.  Nobody was allowed to sit in the front row other than the Ewe.  The Ewe used to teach classes to the lower grades in the Goat school.  She taught her own grandchildren in those classes.  Her grandchildren long fled the compound, leaving the Ewe all alone with her prized possession, the ornery Goat.  The Ewe has the Goat all to herself now.  Nobody else wants him, other than Rabbi Notis. The only reason Notis likes the Goat is because the Goat is giving Notis goat gold.

After Andrea got kicked out of her house she filed a lawsuit against the Goat for the return of her security deposit.  Attorney Margolis filed a counterclaim against Andrea alleging that Andrea owed the Goat money for attorneys fees.  Andrea filed a reply to the counterclaim.  The case got scheduled for trial.  Margolis contacted Andrea’s attorney and said that the Goat was anxious to pay her the security deposit without a fight.  Margolis said that the Goat didn’t want to go to court.  The Goat doesn’t like leaving his stable.

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