Goat Shul Filled With Hot Air Balloons

Goat Shul Filled With Hot Air Balloons

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If you walk past the Goat shul you will notice that the shul is filled with red, yellow and pink hot air balloons.  The balloons have been up since Rosh Chodesh Adar.  This is the first time that the Goat has ever had hot air balloons fill up his shul, in such bright colors no less.  There was always the hot putrid air that came out of the Goat’s furry mouth permeating the shul, but never any hot air balloons. Is the Goat trying to turn his shul into the Hindenburg and float away with his new followers?  The Hindenburg went down in a giant fireball, causing death and destruction.  The Goat was a human fireball, leaving victims of his abuse scarred for life.

The Goat used to encourage levity in his shul on the first of the month of Adar, the month of simcha / joy, the month of the holiday of Purim.  But there was never any joy in the compound. The Goat was the master.  The Goat’s children were his slaves.  The children put on happy faces and entertained the Goat in their clown costumes.  Avi Hack took off his clown outfit in order to better please the Goat.  Nobody was happy with the arrangement, other than the Goat, who lived like a chazar in drek.

Goat clowns Ezi, Dov, Avi and Harold Hack all knew that serving and protecting the depraved Goat was nothing to laugh about.  These clowns knew that their actions were immoral, unscrupulous, dishonest, and unconscionable. These clowns had children of their own.  Avi Hack was initially sued by Mirlis as part of the Goat lawsuit, for failing to protect Mirlis from the Goat.  Had Avi supported Mirlis in the very beginning, Avi would never have been sued.  Mirlis dropped the lawsuit against Avi after Avi decided to switch sides and rat out the Goat, whom he referred to in his videotape deposition as his “religious guidepost, superlative in every way.”

For some reason Goat clowns Ezi, Dov, Avi and Harold woke up every morning, at 6:45 AM for Shacharis, put on their dark suits, starched white shirts, ties, black hats, black shoes, tzitzit, and entered the Goat shul with their children.  They served the Goat with pride.  They pretended to be happy and important clowns. Everyone else in the shul was made to feel like an outsider.  The clowns looked down on everyone else in the shul.  The clowns wanted to know everything about every Jew in New Haven.  They were gossip mongers.  Yentas.  Yet if you asked the clowns any questions about the Greer family you were rebuked.  How dare you ask the Goat whether he had any siblings or extended family other than the clowns running around the shul?  I remember when the Goat’s brother once came to New Haven.  The brother wasn’t introduced to anyone, nor did he speak with anyone, in a shul that consisted of about ten people.  I was told by the old timers that the Goat’s brother resided in New Haven for awhile many years ago, but was so repulsed by the Goat that he had to move to Chicago. Nobody knew anything about the Ewe’s family.  Nobody even knew her birth name.  It wasn’t until after the lawsuit was filed that I learned that the Ewe actually has siblings.

The Goat’s clowns dragged unwitting New Haven co-conspirators into their party, forcing Larry Noodles to blog about them.  I got no pleasure from writing blogs about Quick Draw McGraw, the Undertaker, the Mathematician, Dark Matter, Salty Ballz, the Cowboy, Otis, Goat Copy and Mr. Robot.

It’s amazing how the Goat clowns were able to keep the Goat’s secret under wraps for 30 years.  There were even a few highly intelligent New Haven locals who were fooled by the goat and his coterie of clowns.  A pediatrician and a Yale child psychologist supported the Goat til the very end.  If a pediatrician and a Yale child psychologist could not figure out that the Goat was raping children for the last thirty years, either these two doctors were complete idiots or the Goat is a master con artist.

There are a number of Jewish victims out there who blog and write about other goat rabbi rapists out there.  What most surprised me about their blogs is that they have more contempt for the enabler clowns than the actual rapists.  The rapists are mentally deranged.  The clowns had free choice.  They could choose to take the side of the rapist or choose to take the side of the victim.

Its easy for people to attack a guy who was already exposed, such as Harvey Weinstein.  But why did it take thirty years to expose a guy like Weinstein, or the Goat for that matter?  People must have an irrational fear of goats.  When I first started to blog about the Goat I got threatening emails, threatening telephone calls, and my car got physically attacked.  My Toyota never blogged about anyone. But what I suffered was nothing compared to what the Goat victims suffered.

Why did it take the authorities 30 years to figure out that the Goat was a serial rapist?  It took the Feds only three months after the Presidential election to indict a gaggle of 12 Russians for posting incoherent political blog postings on Facebook.  These Russians won’t even stand trial.  Why did the Feds waste valuable time and manpower indicting people who live in a country that won’t extradite them?  According to the indictment, the 12 Russians engaged in “information warfare against the United States of America.”  The indictment, signed by the Grand Exalted Mueller himself, listed examples of the information warfare waged by Enemy:  “I’m a member of Being Patriotic online community. Listen, we’ve got an idea.  Florida is still a purple state and we need to paint it red. What about organizing a YUGE pro-Trump flash mob in every Florida town? We clearly understand that the elections winner will be predestined by purple states. You know, simple yelling on the Internet is not enough.”

Rather than focus on real crimes, the Feds focus on the headlines.  The Feds were warned about numerous school shooters long before these psychopaths went on their rampage.  Rather than take on tough investigations of elusive violent criminals, the Feds focus on white collar conspiracies, such as medicare fraud, mortgage fraud, and election fraud.  The Feds don’t want to get their hands dirty.  Half the guys I was locked up with were either doctors or lawyers.  Federal agents put themselves in grave danger when they are on the hot pursuit of doctors and lawyers.  They could easily get a paper cut.  The Feds are still devoting scarce government resources to my case.  I am still on probation for a crime that occurred over ten years ago.  My case still gets reviewed.  Federal agents still sit around in meetings talking about whether I still pose a danger to the housing market, while the big banks that caused the mess in the first place are laughing all the way to the bank.  Meanwhile, the peasants are arming themselves for Armageddon.

People warned me about the Goat after I started to blog about him.  They said he was a very powerful man.  Who knows what he was capable of doing.  I was locked up in Federal prison long enough to know the difference between a real criminal and mental patients Rabbi Goat and Avi Hack.  Rabbi Goat is only capable of attacking helpless children, his adult children, and the Ewe.  Rabbi Goat never had to confront a real criminal in his entire life.  A real criminal would have nothing to do with the Goat.  Real criminals hate chomos.

The Goat tried to intimidate Rabbi Muroff just before Muroff left for Georgia.  The Goat was tipped off that Muroff knew all about the Goat’s crimes.  The Goat yelled at Muroff and ordered him to report to his office.  Muroff refused to go into the Goat’s lair, and told the Goat to his face.  The entire room went silent.  The Goat backed off, and scurried away.

The only reason guys like the Goat are able to get away with crime is because they are able to create an image that they are men to be feared. Filing lawsuits, raping children, and yelling at people may scare some people, but not everyone.  It took the Goat’s children many years to realize that the goat was a paper tiger.  Eventually they all left.  The Goat’s wife, on the other hand, is still being victimized by the Goat.  The Ewe still serves as the Goat’s whipping post, jailed inside the compound.

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