Goat Shul Should Be Auctioned To Highest Bidder

Goat Shul Should Be Auctioned To Highest Bidder

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Eli Mirlis obtained a $21 million judgment against Daniel Greer, the Goat, who repeatedly raped him at the Goat Rape School for teenage boys located at 765 Elm Street, New Haven.  Mirlis filed a foreclosure case against the Goat Rape School last summer.  That case is still pending. Nothing much is going on other than Mirlis trying to get appraisers into the Goat Rape School for an inspection.

The Goat’s Attorneys at the Sklarz Law Firm have stonewalled the attorneys for Mirlis from getting an appraisal of the Rape School.  Mark Sklarz is a big macher in the New Haven Jewish community, actively involved in the Jewish Federation, Mishkan Israel, and the Jewish Community Center.  Sklarz actually received an award from the Anti Defamation League for his involvement in community activities and civil rights.  If you donate to any of these organizations you should insist that all past awards to Mark Sklarz be immediately revoked, returned, and / or suspended until such time as Sklarz dumps the Goat as a client.  Sklarz should take on human clients, not farm animals.

The Attorney for Mirlis, ie., Matt Beatman, was forced to file a Motion to compel the Goat to open up the Goat Rape School for an inspection.  Beatman wrote in his motion: “Despite numerous requests, the defendant, Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc. f/k/a the Gan, Inc. f/k/a the Gan School, Tikvah High School and Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc. (“Defendant”), has not provided access to the Property so that Plaintiff can conduct his appraisal. Inspection of the Property is necessary to determine the fair market value of the Property.”

According to a recent status report filed in Federal Court, the Goat’s attorneys indicated that the Goat was allowing an appraiser into the compound this past week to inspect the Goat Rape School.  The appraiser had to walk through the entire building, even the basement where the Goat and Avi had their first kiss.  The Goat told Avi, as well as Mirlis, that he does this with his children all the time.  The appraiser will also inspect the third floor attic where Mirlis said the Goat stored his porno magazines.  The Goat wouldn’t let the girls in the girls high school possess trashy teen magazines but the Goat was allowed to possess pornography and rape his male students.

The foreclosure cases against the Goat are at a standstill.  Mirlis is reviewing proposals the Goat has made in an attempt to settle the foreclosure cases against the Goat’s properties.  Mirlis has liens against the Goat’s residence, a few building lots owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven and the Goat Rape School building.  The Goat wants to either pay a lump sum or a monthly sum for Mirlis to drop all these foreclosure cases.

I discussed the Goat’s proposals with a local rabbi in New Haven this morning, the former rabbi of a local shtiebel on Norton Street.  We brainstormed and came up our own proposal to resolve the Goat rape case.  This proposal is totally kosher, and has rabbinical approval from a prominent New Haven rabbi.

Mirlis should force the sale of the Goat Rape School.  There is nothing more valuable to the Goat than the school.  This is where the Goat’s lackey Rabbi Notis currently runs a school, where teenage boys come from all over the world to live and learn.  The boys sleep right next door to the school in the dorm building.  If the Goat didn’t have his school the Goat Rape School would be out of business. The goat loves the school more than he loves his own children, who long fled the compound, who refuse to talk with the Goat or even acknowledge that he is their father.

Mirlis will maximize the amount of money he will get out of the sale if he forces an auction.  The Goat will no doubt enlist a straw party to put bids on the school.  There will be a bidding war. The highest bidder will pay Mirlis millions more than he would ever get from any stingy Goat proposal.

The Goat told his attorney Willie the Dow to drag out his criminal case as long as possible.  Even if the Goat loses his criminal trial, there are always criminal appeals, which could take years to resolve.  The Goat wants to spend as much time as possible in the Goat Rape School before he is hauled off to prison.  A public auction would threaten the Goat’s golden years.  The Goat will spend his last shekel to stop Mirlis from taking away his prized possession.  Mirlis needs to tell Beatman to schedule a public auction as soon as possible.  I know of a few deep pockets who would be interested in buying the Goat building and get pleasure from evicting the depraved Goat out of his stable.

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