Goat Sightings in Newport, Rhode Island

Goat Sightings in Newport, Rhode Island

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I have been getting reports from the citizens of Rhode Island that the Goat has been spotted walking around town with his Ewe during week days.  If the Goat is not in New Haven, then who is running the compound?  Does Rabbi Greer the Goat trust Rabbi Notis to run the compound while the Goat is frolicking in the plantation State?

Eli Mirlis just filed court documents in the State of Rhode Island and the State of Massachusetts notifying these States that he has a $21 million judgment against the Goat, and that he will attempt to collect against the Goat.  The Goat owns a lot in Massachusetts and two condos in Newport, RI.  The Goat purchased two condos in the same building, and combined them.  The Goat needed space, as he is not domesticated, he is a free range, wild goat.

Avi Hack also lives in Rhode Island.  I wonder if Avi ever goes to visit the Goat in Rhode Island.  Last summer Avi got cited for speeding. Avi always had a lead foot.  I remember when he used to pack boys from the goat rape school in his beat up car and drive over 80 miles an hour.  Dov and Ezi were also very bad drivers.  I couldn’t find any speeding tickets for the Goat. The Goat doesn’t drive much, other than to Newport, RI, with his Ewe.  The Goat used to order Avi to get the Undertaker to pick up boys at the New Haven train station and drive them to the Goat in the compound.  The Undertaker never knew he was part of the Goat’s conspiracy.

I found Avi’s speeding ticket on line.  Avi violated section 31-14-2 of the Rhode Island penal code.  Here is a copy of the case of State of Rhode Island v. Aviad Hack that I pasted off the court web site:

SPEEDING 1 TO 10 MPH IN EXCESS OF POSTED SPEED LIMIT – 1ST OFFENSE 17001515888 31-14-2 Traffic Moving 06/05/2017

The Goat has been busy evicting more tenants from the compound.  In the case of F.O.H. v. Zachery Kaesmann, et al, the four tenants filed defenses that they were current with their rent, and offered rent to the Goat before the Goat’s marshal Mark Winik served them with eviction papers.  Why would the Goat evict tenants who were current with rent payments?  Did the tenants refuse the Goat’s offer to share a bag of peanuts and a bottle of wine?

In another recent Goat eviction case, Edgewood Village v. Alexandra Duncan, the Goat’s attorney Margolis filed a motion for extension of time and checked off the box, “counsel not available” and wrote in the motion, “March 1, 2018 is the Jewish holiday of Purim.  Plaintiffs will be unable to provide a witness or proceed on March 1 for religious reasons.”

Judge Spader granted the Goat’s motion for continuance, even though the Goat’s motion bent the truth.  The Goat’s star witness in his eviction cases is his secretary Jean Ledbury.  Jean was also the star witness in the Goat child rape case.  Jean Ledbury doesn’t celebrate Purim.  Ledbury was available to go to trial on March 1.  The Goat’s attorney Margolis checked off the box that says, “counsel not available.”  Margolis is Jewish but he is also a workaholic.  I  doubt Margolis will be celebrating Purim dressed up like Obama, like the Goat did in the picture above.  The Goat was mocking Obama at the time, with the king Moschiach crown.  I often wonder what the Goat thinks of the Donald.  Will the Goat wear a red “Make America Great Again” hat this year on Purim?

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