Goat Spends Pesach With Rental Mentshn

Goat Spends Pesach With Rental Mentshn

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Rabbi Daniel Greer, ie., the Goat, enjoyed his Passover seders with young men the Goat is renting to spend the next three weeks in the compound.  You can rent just about anything these days.  You can rent-a-husband to do household repairs.  You can rent a security guard to watch your house.  You can rent a clown for your kid’s birthday party.  And now you can rent a mentsh to sit at your seder table and listen to you read the entire Maxwell House Hagaddah.  The Goat will throw in a few Obama jokes here and there, which the mentshn will be forced to laugh at.  The mentshn will not find the Goat’s jokes funny.  Only the Ewe’s laugh will be genuine.  The Ewe still loves her Goat.  Every Friday night you will find the anorexic Ewe shivering at the Shabbos table while the Goat bellows.  The Goat is too miserly to turn up the heat, yet not too cheap to pay Rabbi Notis $20K to recruit teenage boys to the compound.  The Ewe suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome.

The Goat didn’t rent any ordinary mentshn.  The Goat recruited mentshn in their late teens.  The goat is paying these young men to stay in the compound for three weeks.  The Goat is paying an army of attorneys, who each bill the Goat $500 an hour:  Criminal defense attorney Willie the Dow, eviction attorney Stuart Margolis, civil attorneys David Grudberg, William Ward and Amanda Nugent, bankruptcy attorneys Jeffrey Sklarz and Lauren McNair.

The Goat’s army of attorneys has been stymied by suspended lawyer and criminal convict Larry Noodles.  David vs. Goatlieth.  The Goat lawyers are still bothering me.  I had to produce a bunch of documents for Attorney Grudberg in the defamation case filed against me.  Had the Goat filed his defamation suit this year, rather than in 2016, I could have got it dismissed as a SLAPP suit under a new anti-SLAPP suit law that recently took effect.  SLAPP suits are defamation lawsuits filed by goat types who want to quash citizens who draw public attention to abuse and corruption by exercising their right to free speech under the First Amendment.

The Goat has the right to conduct discovery in the frivolous SLAPP suit he filed against me.  Last night I emailed my tax returns going back to 2013, and all written communications I had with the most honest rabbi in America, ie., Muroff, the man who returned $98K in cash that he found in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist.  I assume Muroff was also threatened with a SLAPP suit, but the Goat chickened out.  Muroff is beyond the jurisdiction of the State of Connecticut, he lives in the Deep South.  Muroff probably carries a gun too by now, to protect himself against the Goat.  Muroff has nothing to fear from the Goat.  The Goat is too old to jump over the eight foot fence that surrounds the compound.

In the civil rape lawsuit the Goat tried to accuse Eli Mirlis, Avi Hack, Dov Greer, Ezi Greer and Rabbi Muroff of conspiring to take over the compound.  Muroff was close with Avi Hack just before the Goat’s Empire came crashing down.  The Goat is asking me to produce documentation showing a conspiracy between Muroff and myself to take the Goat down.  I don’t have any such documentation.  When I secretly met with Muroff under the bridge at Edgewood Park to discuss our master plan we made sure to burn the evidence.  Avi Hack used to give us a tape recorder with top secret messages that would self destruct in ten seconds.  I also made sure to destroy my wingtip shoe phone.

The Goat may want to use the insanity defense.  The Goat clearly is insane.  The State would lock up the Goat in a State mental institution until such time that the Goat regained his mental faculties.  Only an insane goat would pay Rabbi Notis $20 K a month and pay an army of attorneys another $20 K a month.

The Goat still hasn’t paid Mirlis one shekel.  Attorney Beatman recently filed a response to the Goat’s motion to push off the bank executions against Goat property and Yeshiva of New Haven property.  Beatman argued:  “On June 6, 2017, following a jury verdict in Plaintiff’s favor, the Court entered a judgment against the Defendants in the amount of $21,749,041.00. To date, the Judgment remains unsatisfied in full and the Defendants have paid nothing on same.”

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