Goat Students Attack Larry Noodles

Goat Students Attack Larry Noodles

Today was the festive Jewish holiday of Purim.  Jews from around the world dress up in costumes and celebrate.  Some Jews drink alcohol excessively.  Others drink in moderation.  The Goat always drank excessively, along with his two sons, who also imbibed heavily.  The Goat family usually got in big drunken arguments at the Goat homestead on West Park Avenue on Purim.  It was part of the Goat tradition. This year the goat sons drank heavily in other locations.  Nobody from the Goat family showed up for the annual Goat drinking fest, other than the Goat’s wife.

This year I heard there was a Purim costume competition at one of the local synagogues.  A local man dressed up as Larry Noodles.  He taped a box of noodles on his belly and wore a poor imitation of prison clothing.  The guys in the medium wore tan, the guys in the low, like me, wore green.  He got the noodles wrong.  I stole spiral noodles, not spaghetti, that gave me the nickname Larry Noodles.  His prison uniform was not authentic.  But he came in third place in the costume contest, as he stood next to a tray of cooked pasta.  I heard that this same synagogue posted a picture of me behind bars on the first Purim I was locked up.  I am not sure whether I should be flattered or humiliated by these people.  Either way, as I was driving to the costume contest today I drove past the Goat residence.  I was greeted by drunken teenagers who were under the supervision of the Goat.  This video will explain what happened next:

Here is a picture of the man who came in third place in the Purim costume contest dressed up as Larry Noodles:




7 thoughts on “Goat Students Attack Larry Noodles

  1. I’d file charges immediately. What a group a savages being led around by the goat as their mentor. I certainly hope they haven’t been molested while under his supervision.

  2. You add nothing of value to the story at this point, but can’t stop obsessing about it. Almost no one is defending Dan Greer, but you’ve become the joke in this sad story. Let the system work and Greer will pay for his deeds.

  3. I want to see Larry Noodles expand his horizons and cover new stories. His style of blending humor and Gonzo journalism reminds me of Hunter S Thompson. I imagine he can use his talents to bring life to many stories, but focusing on Greer is getting stale.

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