Goat Sues Avi Hack in Rabbinical Court

Goat Sues Avi Hack in Rabbinical Court

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Pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer recently hauled his victim Avi Hack into a three dayan (judge) Rabbinical Court, ie., the Beit Din, headed by Rabbi Landesman of Monsey NY. Rabbi Notis was the dayan chosen by the Goat and Rabbi Grauz was the Dayan chosen by Avi Hack. Rabbi Notis moved his Yeshiva for wayward boys into the compound after the Goat was sued by EM for molestation back in 2016. Notis has supported the Goat ever since, even testifying at the Goat’s criminal trial as an “expert” witness. Notis has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, by the Goat during his tenure in New Haven. Notis eventually left the Goat’s compound after the Goat was found guilty of child molestation and had to wear an ankle bracelet and get registered as a sex offender. The Goat is not allowed to be around children under 18 years of age so Notis had to move his Yeshiva to Lancaster PA. The Goat moved his residence to the State of Connecticut Correctional Institution in the town of Cheshire where he has been provided with a spacious 100 square foot room equipped with nothing but a steel bed, a steel toilet and a steel sink. The room is equipped with high security steel bars along with armed guards for extra protection. A BF Goater box.

The Goat is suing Avi Hack in the Landesman Beit din on the grounds that Avi Hack’s videotaped deposition, which was used in the civil case, caused the jury to award EM $20 million, which caused the Goat to suffer a large financial loss. Ironically the Goat was able to haul Avi Hack into Rabbinical court while the Goat’s lawyers as well as the State’s attorneys Office were unable to haul Avi into the civil court and the criminal court. Avi ran from the marshal every time he was approached to be served with a subpoena. Avi submitted to the Goat’s jurisdiction, no pun intended. The Beit Din has yet to issue a decision. The Kangaroo court is still chewing its cud.

Avi Hack submitted an affidavit to the Beit Din, signed by his attorney Steven Errante, in which Errante stated that he negotiated a deal whereby he got Avi Hack dropped as a defendant in the EM v. Daniel Greer case in exchange for Avi’s testimony against Daniel Greer. Avi Hack was originally sued with the Goat by EM because Avi Hack was the assistant principal of the Yeshiva of New Haven, and Avi, as an administrator, knew that Daniel Greer was raping EM and yet did nothing to stop it. Ezi and Dov Greer also knew that their father was molesting EM and yet did nothing to stop it. EM should have sued Ezi and Dov as well.

The Goat submitted Avi’s affidavit of attorney Steven Errante in support of his motion in the Federal court to reopen the $20 million civil judgment. The Goat argued in his motion to open the $20 million civil judgment that the trial was unfair because the Goat was unable to put Avi Hack on the witness stand and ask him about the agreement with EM to drop Avi from the civil case. The Goat argued that if the jury knew that Avi Hack was dropped from the civil case in exchange for his testimony against the Goat, the jury would have concluded that Avi lied in order to avoid getting sued by EM. According to Goat logic the jury would have realized that there was a vast conspiracy against the Goat to cash in on the Goat’s gold. The jury did hear testimony in the civil case that the Goat’s children Dov and Ezi abandoned the Goat. The jury couldn’t help but notice that none of the Goat’s many children and numerous grandchildren failed to show up to testify in support of the Goat. The only family member who testified in support of the Goat was his loyal Ewe, Sarah Greer. The Federal court still has not ruled on the Goat’s motion to open the $20 million verdict.

Avi testified that he was first molested by the pedophile Goat when he was a teenager. Avi testified that the molestation continued until Avi got married at 28. Avi told the Goat that he couldn’t be married and have an affair with the Goat at the same time. This response angered the Goat. The Goat retorted that the Goat was married and had an affair with Avi Hack for at least 12 years. Avi testified that he stood up to the Goat and told the Goat that he would not continue the relationship.

If the Goat is successful in the Rabbinical Court he can claim victory, and vindication, in the heavenly spires, in the eyes of Hashem. Secular courts are not imbued with the same kedusha, ie., holiness. The Goat can publicly claim that all his troubles were caused by a conspiracy perpetrated by the evil Avi Hack, the evil Dr. No, and the evil Dr. Evil.

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