Goat Supporter Rabbi Knopfler BUSTED In Lakewood

Goat Supporter Rabbi Knopfler BUSTED In Lakewood

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The Lakewood Police busted Rabbi Knopfler on Lag B’Omer for violating New Jersey stay at home orders after he had a Lag B’Omer party. Knopfler filed a motion in the “Rabbi” Daniel Greer’s criminal appeal as a “friend of the court” seeking to convince the high court to release the Goat. The Appellate Court was not convinced that the Goat should be released because of COVID19. The Appellate Court kicked the Goat case back down to the trial court where Superior Court Judge Jon Alander decided to release the Goat for 45 days to home confinement. Judge Alander will soon decide whether to extend his home confinement order for an additional period of time. See Knopfler’s letter to the Appellate Court below:

Rabbi Yisrael Knopfler was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing the law, and violating the New Jersey governor’s executive order banning meetings. There are a few You Tube videos of Knopfler getting busted by the New Jersey cops. See link below:

Knopfler is related to rock musician Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, the son of a Hungarian Jew who emigrated to England. Someone contacted me and told me that Alan Dershowitz reached out to Knopfler and asked Knopfler to intervene in the Goat case. I can’t imagine that Dershowitz had any kind of relationship with the crazy Knopfler, but you never know. Dershowitz has many connections in the Jewish world. Dershowitz grew up Orthodox but fried out at some point in time, probably before law school. Dershowitz wrote a letter supporting the Goat.

You could hear Knopfler’s followers yelling at the New Jersey cops as Knopfler was taken away in cuffs: “How does it feel to beat the hell out of a Rabbi??!!” “When I grow up I am going to be just like you and put on a blue shirt and beat the hell out of a Rabbi!” “Does it feel good to beat up a Rabbi!! Gestapo!! Nazis!! Anti-Semites!!” Knopfler had to be shoved into the back of the police car. You can see Knopfler’s foot sticking out of the police car in the picture above.

Two weeks before Knopfler’s arrest on Lag B Omer, Knopfler, along with co-Plaintiff Reverend Kevin Robinson, a Catholic priest, sued the Governor of New Jersey in Federal Court in New Jersey, alleging that the New Jersey directives limiting religious services was unconstitutional. Knopfler alleged in his lawsuit that he is an Orthodox Rabbi with a congregation of 40-50 members located in Lakewood. Knopfler also alleged that he runs the Beis Din Tzedek of Lakewood, which has eleven members. This is the same Beis Din, ie., Rabbinical Court, in which he stated he ran in the letter to the Connecticut Appellate Court in the Goat case.

In his Federal lawsuit Rabbi Knopfler alleged that the New Jersey police have been harassing his backyard minyans, which he claims to keep under 20 people. The NJ law forbids gatherings of over 50 people, so Knopfler alleged he is not violating the law. He alleged that the police show up with lights flashing in order to scare off his cult followers. Knopfler stated that he has to keep changing the times of his minyans in order to fool the police. Knopfler’s lawyer alleged the following in his lawsuit: “On April 13, plaintiff Knopfler and his congregation were holding morning services in the backyard around 9:30 a.m. Approximately 20 congregants were present, and the distance between each was about ten feet. During the service, as required by the Jewish religion, four of the congregants gathered around the Torah to read from it. Suddenly, two police officers arrived and the congregants began running in all directions. The two officers entered the backyard and walked around while talking on their radios. Knopfler demanded that the police officers leave the property because they were trespassing, and one replied: ‘Well, this is an illegal gathering.’ The officers then retreated to the street and were observed attempting to count how many people had remained from the congregation.The remaining congregants, nine in number, went into a back room of the synagogue in fear of being arrested. They taped garbage bags on the windows and locked the door. Plaintiff Knopfler and the remnants of his congregation finished reading from the Torah and finished the required prayers, while the young children were sent into the main sanctuary to peek out from the now blacked out windows to let plaintiff Knopfler and his congregation know when the police had left. A third police officer, apparently a supervisor, arrived and knocked on plaintiff Knopfler’s front door, opened the door, and stuck her head inside the house, terrifying plaintiff’s 12-year-old daughter. After the three officers finally left, the remaining congregants also left, checking their windshields for tickets. A 45-year old-congregant, who had been hiding in the boiler room, emerged from his hiding place quivering and quaking.”

Rabbi Knopfler and Rabbi Goat attract followers when they engage in ridiculous stunts thumbing their noses, and beards, at the authorities. Going to jail only garners them more respect from their cult followers. They have no fear of the goyisha police who persecute Jews. They are martyrs, willing to risk their lives, and freedom, for their religious beliefs, just like Natan Sharansky, The Alter Rebbe, Jonathan Pollard, and Mshulem Jacobowitz. Rabbi Goat didn’t really want Judge Alander to release him to home confinement. Rabbi Goat had plenty of opportunities to flee, yet he chose to stay in Connecticut and surrender himself to the authorities. No self respecting cult leader lives in his barn with an ankle bracelet and his Ewe cooking him dinner every night. Rabbi Knopfler and Rabbi Goat should be bunkies, they deserve each other.

The reason I refer to Daniel Greer as the “Goat” is because Daniel Greer turned his garage into a barn, complete with bales of hay, ducks, goats, and chickens. I have been in this garage and have seen the animals. I gave Mr. Greer the nickname “The Goat” because he thinks he is the Greatest Of All Time, and because this blog is about Jews, jail and crime. Everyone in prison has a nickname. Now that the Goat has actually done some time in jail, his nickname is now official. He will forever be known as “The Goat.”

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  2. I came across this site by accident while searching something else. The guy who writes this has a good sense of humor, a rare thing to be possessed by amateur writers on the web. I laughed in particular at the disclaimer that listed persons,e.g., Joey Buttafuco, are not claimed to be in support of the opinions expressed.

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