Goat Transferring Assets to the Ewe

Goat Transferring Assets to the Ewe

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Eli Mirlis won a $21 million dollar civil jury verdict against the Goat back in May.  It has been almost six months since the verdict and I don’t think that Mirlis has collected one shekel from the Goat.  Mirlis hired an attorney who specializes in collections, ie., Attorney Beatman, in order to beat money out of the old beater called the Goat.  Beatman has been filing motion after motion requesting that Judge Shea issue orders to compel the Goat to hand over his Goat gold.  Beatman filed foreclosure lawsuits against the Goat’s personal residence located on Edgewood Park, against two land lots in Bethany owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven, and against the Goat’s school building located at 765 Elm Street, in New Haven, also known as the Nightmare on Elm Street.

The Goat hired big macher attorneys in the New Haven Jewish community to defend him in all these cases, ie., the Sklarz Boyz Law Firm.  The Sklarz boyz have engaged in dilatory tactics in order to delay, hinder, forestall, and otherwise frustrate Beatman’s attempt to collect from this depraved monster.  Mark Sklarz is the former president of the New Haven Jewish Federation, the former President of the Jewish Community Center, and a current member of prominent Jewish boards and non-profit organizations. The Goat had to pay Sklarz huge sums of money in order to get this Jewish community leader to represent a pedophile and career criminal whose entire life has been dedicated to destroying Jewish lives.

Beatman recently filed court documents in Federal court asking Judge Shea to force the Goat to comply with the law.  Beatman stated:  “The financial activity gleaned to date strongly suggests conscious efforts by Greer and his wife to evade this Court and the Judgment, including significant transfers to Greer’s wife around the time of the Judgment.”

If the Goat transferred significant assets to the Ewe at the time of the jury verdict, Beatman is going to have to bring a lawsuit against the Ewe for fraudulent conveyance.  Another lawsuit will force Mirlis to incur additional costs and attorneys fees.  The Goat is now in his glory.  This is all just a game for the Goat.  The Goat is using the Sklarz Boyz in order to manipulate, obfuscate, delay, and frustrate the payment of civil damages to his rape victim. The Goat is using his wet dream team of attorneys in the same way he used the numerous children he raped for 40 years. At least the children had an excuse, they were young and mentally unstable.  The wet dream team of civil attorneys has no excuse.  The civil attorneys are just a bunch of money grubbers billing their files.  Willie the Dow is the only lawyer who has a valid excuse to defend the Goat.  The Constitution guarantees that the Goat is provided with an attorney to defend him in a criminal case.  Even Adolf Eichmann was provided with an attorney.

The civil legal system allows anyone with a lot of money to pay lawyers to create mountains of paperwork that must be reviewed by an already overwhelmed Federal Judge.  When a lawyer is admitted to practice law, he takes an oath to keep the system honest and fair.  Unfortunately the streets are flooded with unregistered guns, opiates, street gangs and unscrupulous lawyers.  The Goat himself is an unscrupulous lawyer who knows how to manipulate the system.

I have recently been contacted by a number of people from Newport, Rhode Island, where the Goat owns two condos with his Ewe.  My spies have reported that the Goat has been spending a lot of time on the weekends in Newport lately, attending the historic Newport Synagogue and walking the streets as if he owns the town.  The Goat is expected to return to Newport this coming Shabbat.

The citizens of Newport are not happy about sharing their little hamlet with the Goat.  I know how they feel.  I was told that a number of people at the Newport synagogue wanted to ban the Goat from the building.  Apparently the Goat cannot be banned from public buildings.  The sooner the Goat is locked up in jail, the sooner the public will not have to suffer from the Goat’s presence.  The Goat’s slimy lawyers will miss the Goat’s regular annuity of gold payments.  They will have to find other Goats to represent.

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