Goat Trying to Hide Assets

Goat Trying to Hide Assets

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The attorney who is attempting to collect on the $21 million child rape judgment against the Goat filed a Motion to register the judgment in out of State Districts.  Attorney Beatman asked Judge Shea for permission to attach out of State properties owned by the Goat.

Attorney Beatman argued that the Goat properties attached in Connecticut do not add up to $21 million.  The judgment against the Goat can only attach the Goat’s personal properties and the properties of the Yeshiva of New Haven AKA the Gan School.  The Goat owns his residence on Edgewood Park and owns a summer home in Newport, Rhode Island.  The Yeshiva of New Haven owns the school building on Elm Street, known by locals as The Nightmare on Elm Street.  The Yeshiva also owns a couple of building lots in Bethany, CT.  That’s where the Goat took rape victim Mirlis on a picnic with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  Fortunately for Milris it started to rain.  Mirlis used this as an excuse to cancel the picnic.  The Goat didn’t care about the rain, the Goat has fur to protect himself against the elements.

The Goat controls 40 properties in New Haven under the names of his many shady non-profit organizations.  These properties cannot be attached.  The non-profits were initially named in the lawsuit as defendants, but subsequently dropped just before trial.  The Goat has many tenants in these properties.  Recently the Goat has been evicting Jewish tenants, in his attempt to make the compound Judenrein, or at least free of Jews who do not honor this depraved monster.  He drove his own children and grandchildren out of the compound almost two years ago, who have not returned for even for a visit.

After the $21 million verdict, Attorney Beatman served the Goat with post judgment interrogatories.  These are questions asking the Goat to provide a list of assets, verified under oath and under penalty of perjury, by his attorney.  The Goat provided such a document, but failed to list his lot in Wareham, Massachusetts.  Beatman wrote in his motion:  “Good Cause Is demonstrated by the Defendants’ Efforts to Thwart the Judgment.  Greer executed the responses to his post-judgment interrogatories under penalty of false statement on August 28, 2017. Plaintiff served these post-judgment interrogatories on June 27, 2017. Thus, Greer had just over two months to complete these interrogatories. Yet he failed to disclose, either intentionally or otherwise, his interest in the Wareham, Massachusetts property. Surely he received a real property tax bill for this property during the period that he was working on these interrogatories or in the months leading up to it, so its material omission strongly suggests that he intentionally failed to disclose it.”

I can add to Beatman’s argument.  I blogged back in April and May of 2017 that the Goat owned a lot in Wareham, MA.  Surely the Goat, and his attorneys, have been reading my blogs prior to August 28, 2017, the date in which the Goat signed under penalty of perjury that he did not own a lot in Wareham, MA.  I do not know the name of the attorney who took the Goat’s oath under penalty of perjury when he signed his list of assets.  Many of the documents filed in this case concerning the Goat’s assets have been redacted to black out financial information.  The Goat’s attorneys, especially William Ward, have resorted to all kinds of sleezy tactics to defend the Goat.  William Ward handed Judge Shea a bogus restraining order in an attempt to get me thrown out of the courthouse during the Goat trial.  Judge Shea admonished and scolded Ward.  Judge Shea should have held Ward in contempt and locked him up.

I am surprised that the Goat’s criminal defense attorney Willie the Dow has been unable to control the Goat.  Dow has a good reputation for defending reprobates and trying to get them to clean up their acts before they face a jury or a sentencing judge.  Dow has defended rapists, murderers, psychopaths and parking ticket scofflaws. In New Haven you can get locked up for not paying your parking ticket, or at least your car gets locked up if you fail to pay your ticket within 2 weeks.  Bridgeport is worse.  The parking meters in Bridgeport have video cameras that take a picture of your license plate if you are one minute past the meter, and automatically mails you a ticket.  For the last 50 years Willie the Dow has defended the lowest of the low, from New Haven to Bridgeport, yet even Willie the Dow has never defended anyone as low as the Goat.





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  1. His non-profits are all one big scam. What the heck is his non-profit purpose? Molesting boys. Maybe he sends a big check to Nambla every year.

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