Goat Undergoes Medical Procedure

Goat Undergoes Medical Procedure

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The Goat’s criminal case was once again postponed until August 23, 2018.  The Goat was supposed to appear in court before Judge Clifford this past week.  The Goat never appeared yet his case got rescheduled.  All the other defendants had to show up for their court dates but the Goat is special.  Even guys with lesser crimes than child rape. The Goat didn’t have to appear.  It’s called Goat privilege.

The Goat also got a delay in the case in which Eli Mirlis is attempting to foreclose on his $21 million judgment lien against the Goat’s personal residence located at 133 West Park Avenue in New Haven.  The Goat owns this property with his wife Sarah Greer, AKA the Ewe.

The Goat’s attorneys filed a motion to delay the foreclosure case.  In the motion for continuance the attorneys from the Sklarz Law Firm indicated that the Goat recently underwent a medical procedure.  The medical procedure may have been for a very serious condition, such as the removal of the gnarly mole located on the Goat’s upper back.

The New Haven Police Department filed a search warrant application, which was signed by Judge Brian Fischer, requesting that they search the Goat’s body parts, in particular the Goat’s four inch shmeckle, the Goat’s orange fur, and the Goat’s gnarly mole located on his upper back.  The Goat may have had his gnarly mole removed in order to prepare for his upcoming criminal trial.  The Goat may want to physically appear more human when he faces a jury of his peers.  Not really a jury of his peers, as the jurors are human and the Goat is a farm animal.  It is rarely done, but a Judge could force the Goat to remove his clothing and have his gnarly mole examined by jury members.

The Sklarz attorneys, who are big machers and donors in the New Haven Jewish community and the Jewish Federation, continue to defend the Goat against Mirlis’ efforts to collect on his $21 million judgment.  Would the Sklarz attorneys vigorously defend a Jew who was accused of raping children pro bono, for no legal fee?  I don’t think so.

The Sklarz Law Firm recently constructed a giant electronic billboard in the front lobby of the New Haven Jewish Community Center, where Larry Noodles is a member.  I frequently go to the JCC to jog, exercise, sit in the hot tub, sauna, steam room and relax in order to take my mind off of the depraved, disgusting Goat.  But now, every time I go into the JCC building, I must pass by that Skarz billboard and get reminded of the Goat monster. I plan on suing the Sklarz Law Firm to force them to remove that billboard.  I also plan on suing the Goat for causing me emotional distress.  I also have to walk by old framed pictures of Sklarz attorneys hanging on the walls of the JCC hallways, as well as pictures of relatives of lawyers who were connected with the Feds who got me locked up in Federal prison.  I may have to file additional lawsuits.

The Goat has three major defenders in the Jewish community at the present time:  Rabbi J. David Bleich, the Sklarz Law Firm and Rabbi Notis.  The Goat’s friends and family, ie., the Goat’s brother, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, the Goat’s daughters, the Goat’s in-laws, the Goat’s out-laws, Avi Hack, Harold Hack, Bleema Rubin, Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw, the Lounge Singer, Mayor Toni Harp, Dick Blumenthal, Judge Keyes, Ed Zelinsky, Judge Frechette, Paul Bass, Marshal Winik, the Cowboy, Rabbi Feldman, Jerry Brown, Attorney William Gallagher, the Gracks (half Goat / half Hack grandchildren), and the rabbi and members at the famous Touro Synagogue have all abandoned the Goat.  Attorney William Gallagher died a few years ago but I heard from reliable sources that he no longer supports the Goat.

You know you have reached rock bottom when you are abandoned by Marshal Winik, a man who wrote a best selling book about his love for a domesticated animal, ie., his pet dog.  The Goat is a wild animal and was never domesticated, but still…

Marshal Winik hasn’t served eviction paperwork in a Goat case in several months, yet Winik is still serving paperwork in other cases for Goat eviction attorney Stuart Margolis. A young marshal named Brian Mezick, a gentile, has been serving the Goat’s legal paperwork.  The Goat’s eviction attorney Stuart Margolis is married to Federal Magistrate Judge Joan Margolis.  Joan just retired from the bench but still gets hired per diem to do some work for the Federal courts.  Joan Margolis was replaced by United States Attorney Robert Spector, who was just appointed Magistrate Judge.

The Federal government will be paying Judge Spector $158K a year, with full benefits, to sit around all day and listen to cut and dry criminal proceedings, along with a variety of not so complicated civil cases.  Its a great salary for an easy job, yet the only lawyers qualified for these position in the Republic are members of the Communist Party, ie., Federal prosecutors and Yale graduates.  Welcome to China.

Judge Spector graduated from Yale Law School.  Spector is well entrenched in the legal establishment, having worked for the Federal government, the Connecticut State’s Attorney’s Office and clerked for a Federal Judge.  The Federal Judiciary doesn’t want anyone in these high paying powerful positions to rock the boat and bring shame to the Federal government.  More importantly, the Feds don’t want  the public to question why they are earning almost $200K a year with full benefits while most lawyers don’t make half that kind of salary.  Federal Judges don’t work long hours.  They have a staff of Yale law clerks to do all the work, Yalies who eventually get appointed judges themselves.

The State of Connecticut used to waste a lot of money having highly paid judges preside over small claims cases. I remember those days.  Today small claims cases are handled by per diem private attorneys who make about $100 a day.

The Feds waste a lot of money having judges hear habeas corpus petitions and civil rights cases.  Most of these cases get dismissed anyway.  Federal Judges also preside over criminal sentencing proceedings.  Not much work goes into sentencing a criminal defendant.  I should know.  A Federal judge has little to no restrictions on the amount of jail time she can give to a defendant.  I got 18 months for a nickel and dime crime in which I made no money.  Former United States Attorney Harold James Pickerstein, who stole $600K from his client over a number of years, got 30 days incarceration.  I was told by one of his former clients that he also stole money from other clients that was not reported to the Feds.

At sentencing Pickerstein had the benefit of a lengthy hand written character letter that was signed by Judge Holly Fitzsimmons.  I filed a judicial complaint against Fitzsimmons with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals because such a character letter violated the Judicial Canon of Ethics.  Judge Fitzsimmons filed an apology with the Second Circuit.  Judge Fitzsimmons, who has been practicing law since 1978, and who worked in the US Attorney’s Office was well as the most prestigious of law firms, claimed she wasn’t aware of this rule.  The Second Circuit accepted her apology, and ignorance of the law, and dismissed my complaint.

The Federal Judiciary can appoint Magistrates without any prior approval from Congress.  Every time someone is nominated to a Federal judgeship members of the opposing party in Congress engage in a civil war to Bork the nomination.  Hence, sitting Presidents are hesitant to appoint Federal Judges, and leave it to the local judiciary to appoint magistrates, who do the same work as a federal judge.

The Goat used to boast that if his Yale roommate Jerry Brown was ever elected President, the Goat would be appointed to the United States Supreme Court.  Jerry Brown once passed through New Haven back in the 1980s when he was running for President and paid a visit to the Goat.  The New Haven Jewish Ledger published a picture of the Goat and Jerry Brown surrounded by Dov Greer, Attorney Mordechai and other Goat family members.  Those happy times came to an end when the Larry Noodles blog was launched, exposing the Goat for the monster that he is.

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